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Fixing Expert brings you the best opportunity to add comfort, style, and luxury to your living spaces with Floor Cushions Dubai offered in a wide variety of materials, colors, sizes, patterns, and amazing style options. Improve your lifestyle and home interior aesthetics with our trendy-design pillows and enjoy various health-related benefits of comfy floor seating.


We offer cushioned and padded seating options for a variety of usage aspects at budget-friendly prices. No need to mention that buying from us means investing in top-quality and lifelong materials for decorative as well as functional benefits.

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Material Used To Design Floor Cushions

floor cushions dubai

The most popular types of content used in floor cushions are:

  1. Cotton: It is durable, breathable, and easy to clean that offers provides a comfortable seating experience.

  2. Memory foam: High-density foam that provides excellent support and comfort

  3. Polyester: This synthetic material is commonly used as filling for floor cushions.

  4. Microfiber: Plush material that provides a luxurious seating experience. 

  5. Wool: Natural material that is commonly used in floor cushions due to its softness and insulation properties.

  6. Leather: Provide a sophisticated and stylish look.

  7. Faux fur: A synthetic material that provides a soft and plush seating experience.

Transform Your Space With Fitout Experts

We Manufacture Floor Seating Cushions From Robust Quality Materials

The aspect of quality material construction can never be overlooked when it comes to long-lasting benefits, similar to how the aesthetics factor is a must. Our padded and cushioned floor seating options are manufactured using the finest quality fabrics such as jute, hemp, cotton, polyester, nylon, and various others.


Similarly, you will find the best-quality filling materials used in our floor pillows namely foam, cotton, polyester, micro bead-filling, etc. So do get our cushions for floor seating purposes and enjoy lifelong purchase benefits.

floor cushions dubai
floor cushions dubai

Top-Quality Cushion Services By Fixing Expert

Just like the products, you can benefit greatly from our finest quality cushion-related services namely covers, cushion refill, cushion custom designing, and many more. You can keep up with all the interior decor trends for floor seating cushions with imprinted cover purchases.

Also, you can benefit from our custom cushion designs and delivery services for aesthetic interior upgrades with in-home product arrivals. Get in touch with our professionals to discuss  the most perfect floor seating arrangement.

Place Order To Buy Flooring Seatings From Us

Unlike various online stores and franchises selling cushion seating for floors, we opt for a distinct yet simple and easy purchase strategy to facilitate our potential buyers. For online purchases, you need to select the desired product and fill out the credentials for size, shape, design, color, etc. After that, you simply need to select the payment method from the given options to finalize your purchase. All your queries regarding the time span required until product arrival and similar causes get justified as well.

floor cushions dubai

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floor cushions dubai

Why Prefer Fixing Expert?

We’re right here to provide for this purpose. Manufactured using soft yet durable fabrics, we offer the finest quality floor pillows in a versatile collection of amazing options for Arabic style seating purposes.

Enjoy the benefits of added comfort and luxury with improved aesthetics, physical well-being, and cost reductions with Floor Cushions Dubai purchases at Fixing Expert.

How Floor Cushions Differ From Sofa Cushions?

While both types of cushions serve the same purpose of added seating comfort, there are certain differences in terms of size, shape, firmness, and placement. When it comes to size and shape, floor pillows are larger and flatter for a lounging experience.

Similarly, there’s the added benefit of back support and spine alignment with more firmness offered by our Floor Cushions Dubai. On the contrary, sofa seating cushions are smaller, thicker, and softer.

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Our Story

We began with a passion for interior design and a vision to transform the space of clients into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. We have worked on high-profile projects delivering outstanding results by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the interior fit-out industry.

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The Perks & Pros Of Having Quality Floor Pillows

  • Better posture is what alleviates body aches and spine-related problems while keeping you alert and active throughout the day.
  • Our Floor Cushions Dubai are the ideal alternative to chairs and sofas for confined interiors.
  • The versatile designs, patterns, colors, and sizes available at our platform let you make an ideal choice easily.
  • They are made with soft, plush materials, such as memory foam, which can provide a comfortable place to sit.

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Mohammad Sazid
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    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    You can consult a professional about the available space and suggestions to idealize the right size floor cushions for the interior.

    Usually, the cushion covers comprise fabric materials namely cotton, nylon, polyester, hemp, jute, etc while filling materials can be foam, micro-bead, polyester, etc.

    Traditional seating options like chairs and sofas look graceful and complete the interior design. On the other hand, floor seating is preferred when seating space limitations are to be solved.

    The ease of cleanliness and maintenance chiefly depends on the type of fabrics for floor seating cushions. However, regular cleaning practices will surely make the process easier and time-saving.

    Yes, outdoor floor cushions are a great idea to enjoy comfy and relaxing evenings in your garden, patio, etc

    Floor cushions are large and provide a comfortable seating area for chilling out. In contrast, poufs are stylish and ideal for decorative and storage additions to your home design.

    Yes because floor cushions serve the purpose of ergonomic seating with perfect spine alignment. Thus, making you sit in an upright position, without any slouching to alleviate back pain problems.