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If you want privacy and light blockage in your room, our 100% effective Blackout Curtains in Dubai are the perfect choice for you. Our top-quality curtains come with a blackout lining, stylish patterns, and thick fabrication to add style to and enhance the functionality of your room. 

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Blackout Curtains Dubai
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Improve Your Sleep with Our Light-Blocking Blackout Curtains Dubai

You might have big glass windows in your villa or apartment, which look so stylish but can be disturbing in the morning when the sun rises. At Fixing Expert, we offer the best Blackout Curtains Dubai, which are made to block the external sunlight. This way, you can have a peaceful sleep without any disturbance.

The careful craftsmanship and finest quality thick fabrics do not allow external light to enter your room, whether it’s sunlight or artificial light during nighttime. So, with our blackout window coverings, you can enjoy peaceful sleep even in the peak hours. In addition to light blocking, they help in noise reduction as well, which makes the room quieter to create a serene environment.

Blackout Curtains Collection 2024

We have showcased our high quality blackout curtains Fabrics, You can choose these different
 types of modern pattern and colors for your windows.

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Blackout Curtains Dubai


We Offer Blackout Curtains Dubai With Functionality Assurance

Our room-darkening curtains are known for adding comfort to your room. They are the perfect window coverings if you want to block the heat, noise, and light from outside of the window. Such an environment will help you stay relaxed and focused. We deliver every Blackout Curtains Dubai with these functionalities.

Noise Reduction

The perfect fitting and enhanced thickness of our acoustic blackout curtain fabric reduce noise.

Light Blockage

These blackout thermal curtains in Dubai block the external light entirely, even in the hot days of UAE.

Our Recent Blackout Curtain Projects in Dubai 2024

Blackout Curtains Dubai
Blackout Curtains Dubai
Blackout curtains in Dubai

Amazing Benefits of Using Blackout Curtains in Dubai

At Fixing Expert, you will find a range of super-functional window covering solutions. Our blackout drapes stand out among others because of the fantastic features they provide for every place.


Temperature Insulation

You can buy our energy-efficient curtains to regulate your room temperature. Our Blackout Curtains Dubai do not let external heat enter your space, reducing the load on air conditioners.


UV Protection

Our curtains are made to block all troublesome external factors, including harmful UV rays. Our light-blocking curtains in Dubai protect your expensive furniture finishing and costly appliances.


Enhanced Concentration

You can work more productively by hanging our highly functional blackout office curtains. They eliminate noise and glare from your room, enhancing your concentration on the laptop screen.



Buy Premium Grade Blackout Curtains Dubai At Low Price!

Everyone wants to enjoy curtains that come with maximum useful features. We have the right solution for your needs. Our modern blackout curtains in Dubai are very functional and provide many practical benefits that will add luxury to your lifestyle. To experience this luxury, you don’t have to spend much money because we offer these drapes at very cheap rates.


Providing highly effective light-blocking curtains at low prices is one of the reasons behind the happiness of our customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority; that is why our company never compromises on quality while selling these curtains in a budget-friendly price range. In addition, we offer a 10% additional discount on large-scale projects blackout curtains. Call now to get the most affordable price quote from us.

Avail Upto 15% Discount

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Our Versatile Blackout Curtains
Are Ideal For Every Place

We know that there is always confusion about what curtains will not perform well according to your area’s needs.
For your convenience, we have categorized our luxury Blackout Curtains Dubai for every place.
From residential to commercial places, our curtains are made to be installed at every place while ensuring 100% functionality.



Conference Room

Blackout Curtains Dubai

Choose From Our Wide Range Of Blackout Curtains in Dubai

At Fixing Expert, we offer blackout drapes in Dubai for every space and in every color. From light to dark shades, every color or room darkening curtains are available at our store. These are some of the best-selling curtains in the blackout category.

  • Thermal Blackout Curtains in Dubai
  • Blackout Acoustic Curtains
  • Blackout Motorized Curtains
  • Dual Layered Blackout Drapes
You can also get free consultation from our team. They will help you pick the right blackout curtain type that suits your needs. Our helpline is always available to answer your queries.
100% room darkening blackout curtains available

We Customize Every Blackout Curtain According to Your Needs

Fixing Expert is considered the best blackout curtain shop in Al Quoz, Dubai. People love us for our maximum customization options for our customers. In addition to our luxurious, ready-made blackout Curtains Dubai collection, we ask our clients about their interior decor and area needs.


It helps us to customize the perfect curtains with blackout lining that looks the best. From fabric, color, and design to header style, pattern, and thickness, everything can be customized when you buy blackout curtains online in Dubai from us. Our team is available for free home visits to give you the best suggestions.

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Fixing & Installation

Hire Our Team for Perfect Blackout Curtain Installation

Getting flawless fitting for room-darkening curtains is essential to ensure complete noise and light blockage. Our professional team provides double checks during curtain installation to ensure the maximum functionality of our blackout curtains in Dubai. Hiring us is very easy. 

You just have to call us at +971502136026 to book a free online appointment. Our team will be at your location for free measurements and consultation. Once we are done with that, you will experience the most professional and quick blackout curtain installation.

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Blackout Curtains in Dubai

Why Choose Us For Blackout Curtains in Dubai?

Fixing Expert is the most reliable curtain brand in the UAE. Our blackout window coverings are made with extra attention to ensure maximum quality of back lining, stitching, design, and finishes. Upgrade your room windows with our best blackout curtains Dubai.

Stylish Designs

We offer curtains in the most innovative patterns and modern designs. They can instantly enhance the interior beauty of your bedroom or office place.

Cordless Options

You can also get smart black out curtains from our store. They do not require cords as they are operated with a remote control for added convenience.

Cost Effective

Buy our cheap blackout window curtains made with the finest quality fabrics. Their high-end appearance and valuable features make these window coverings a cost-effective solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read these questions to learn more about our room darkening curtains.

You can order our curtains for any size or style of window. Our company also provides custom-made blackout window curtains for bay or corner windows with different styling options. Contact us now to discuss more about your requirements.

At Fixing Expert, you will get a wide range of fabrics to select from in our blackout curtain collection. Common fabrics for these curtains include cotton, velvet, silk, linen, and various others. All these fabrics are used with special back lining for room darkening purposes.

Our curtains are a multi-functional choice to cover windows. They provide many valuable features for your interior. During the day hours, they provide light blockage for a comfortable ambiance. While in the night hours, they reduce noise and provide privacy in your room.

These curtains are made with thick fabrics for improved acoustics. Our soundproof blackout curtains are the best choice in media rooms or home theaters. Hanging our window coverings will enhance the experience and comfort in your media rooms with glare reduction.

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