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Custom Made Curtains Dubai
Blackout Curtains Dubai
Blackout Curtains Dubai
Blackout Curtains for Living room

Blackout Curtains For Living Room

The living room of the house needs special attention. Because it’s a sitting portion for you and your homies where you can have an excellent tea and gossip. So this space should be decorated with your favorite curtains. Choose our blackout curtains for your living area from our reliable collection.

Blackout Curtains for Study Room

Blackout Curtains For Study Room

Students need a space and environment to focus on their studies. For this, their interior plays a vital role in affecting their mind and body. Go for our blackout curtain because they block all the unnecessary light that interrupts them while studying and give you comfort. 

Blackout Curtains for Office

Blackout Curtains For Offices

Most people usually use blackout curtains in offices because of their light-blocking ability. Just choose the right color for your fabric and it’ll be the perfect look for your office space. 

Dark-colored curtains go with light walls and light-colored curtains go with dark paint walls.

Blackout Curtains for Hospital

Blackout Curtains For Hospitals

In hospitals, unnecessary sunlight irritates the patients. For their ease and comfort zone, most management uses blackout curtains in hospital that completely blocks the sunlight and UV rays.

Get Seamless Installation Of Blackout Curtains From Our Professional Handypersons

Curtain installation is a tricky task for an ordinary man. Because they’re heavy from other curtains. Managing the weight of the curtain and installing them perfectly is quite difficult for one person. Or this could be possible that he/she will create all the mess with walls and curtains. And if you’re searching for a curtain installation service near me, then you’re at the stated place. Fixing Experts presents you with professional handypersons that assure you of the seamless installation, and your wall and Blackout Curtains Dubai would also be safe. Our repairers serve you with the best tool that prevents your wall from extra holes and damage. Imagine a window treatment from us that enhances the enchantment of your space and serves as a functional window gadget.
Blinds Dubai


Blackout curtains Dubai could be white and it works the same as the other colors do. White doesn’t mean it can’t stoplight. It’s made of many layers of fabrics and their color doesn’t affect the blocking capacity of the light. White color just adds elegance to the space.


If you’re not an early bird and want to sleep more then try our grey blackout curtains. Grey color doesn’t mean that it’ll block more or less light. It’s just a color that doesn’t affect the blockage. Moreover Grey Curtains will provide more elegance to your room.


Everyone loves the black color. And this shade goes with every interior and space. Black Blackout Curtains and our accessories are deadly combinations for your interior. Black Curtains will provide you complete light blackout.


This color adds a slight genuine or solid look to the room. This color also has many shades. Like sky blue blackout curtains suit the boys’ best. Check our blue blackout curtains Dubai at Fixing Expert.

Reviews from Local Customers in Dubai

Reuben Shaw
October 18, 2022.
Like the way they said, their exceptional quality carpets didn’t fade out the color even after intense use. You guys can also order their carpets that are super functional and have classy look.
Ricky Prashad
October 18, 2022.
Really honest and professional interior service! They delivered the exact product with the same features shown in the samples. I recommend them for their amazing services and quality products!
Vimla Singh
October 18, 2022.
Their dedicated staff accompanied us from the start till the end and seamlessly installed the carpets at my home. They even visited my house for taking the fitting installation measurements.
Saun Sarkar
October 18, 2022.
I shopped for geometric patterned carpets online from their store. The texture and quality of the carpet fit my lifestyle and interior decor. They also offered discounts on their products and services.
October 18, 2022.
5. Outstanding service! Their traditional carpets gave the magnificent look to my living space. I find ultimate comfort in my foot while walking over them barefoot. Highly recommended!
Nazeer Ahmed
October 17, 2022.
I got their carpet fit out services for my living and bedroom. The quality is satisfactory, and the carpets are extremely comfy to walk on.
Pravaiz Sahani
October 17, 2022.
I am extremely delighted with the quality of the wool carpet that I purchased from their online shop in dubai. The color and size of the carpet are just according to my specified details.
Akshat Bhatnagar
October 17, 2022.
Fantastic experience! I hired their professionals in dubai for carpet installation. They were perfect at their job because they provided fitting & installation accurately at my home.
289 Anna Pratheesh
October 17, 2022.
Brilliant fit out services! Their customer support team made my day because they were polite to me and listened to my requirements keenly. They delivered the package on the exact date and time.

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    Role Of Beautiful Blackout Curtain In Our Everyday Life

    When we look at our everyday life, our surroundings and environment matter the most. In offices, homes, hospitals, malls, and everywhere, we face different curtains and their different styles. They are different in fabric and color according to the living space and area. Blackout curtains Dubai are adding their glam and glow to our life and make it even more beautiful.

    Blackout Curtains For Bedroom

    Some people work at night and have a rest in the daytime. But the light of the sun continuously enters your room and irritates you. This causes uncomfortable sleep. For this, our Light Blocking Velvet Curtains are best because they feel like a dark room where you can have a comfy sleep. 

    Best Blackout Curtains Dubai 2022 | Explore The Trendy Designs At Fixing Expert

    Blackout Curtains Dubai is an integral part of interior decoration. Their existence enhances the worth of wall paint, furniture, and window frame. People love to buy them and these are everything-go-to curtains. If you’re getting annoyed by sunlight, try blackout curtains, they completely block it and make your room feel dark.

    Now the question arises that where should you buy blackout curtains that are perfect in quality and texture? Explore the latest designs of Blackout Drapes at Fixing Expert. Our immense collection gives an unbelievable charismatic look to your space. We have blackout curtains in different styles and colors that surely bring elegance to your room.

    Give Glamorous Effect To Your Windowpane By Our Blackout Curtains Dubai

    An uncovered window seems so incomplete and boring and we love to add colors and curtains to your window frame. Blackout Curtains is our favorite collection because people love to buy them for ages. These are simply best for your homes, offices, hospitals, and anywhere where you want to block the light. 

    Blackout curtains are easily accessible in every store and website, but to add the perfect look to your room, figure out its location. What should be the ideal fabric, style, and color to add a chic look to your room? It wholly depends on your window frame, wall paint, and furniture. Or you can just turn to our designer. 

    Light Blocking Curtains Available In Endless Number Of Colors

    For those people who love their dark rooms, blackout curtains are best because they block 99% of the light. You check its quality and texture carefully but don’t forget about its color. In the end, its color enhances the whole look. Select your color wisely. Try to choose a contrasting color between your furniture and wall paint. This automatically gives a charismatic look to your window treatment. Let’s overview some colors on our website: 

    Fixing Expert Offers You The Versatile Variety Of Blackout Curtains

    Beyond colors, there is an enormous category of Curtains at Fixing Expert. You can grab any of the color and style from us that suits best for your space.

    But the question arises: how do you find the best suitable blackout curtain for your interior? Consult our professional designers that surely help you in figuring out the suitable style, fabric, and color for your space. Let’s take an overview of our versatile variety:

    Pencil Pleat Blackout Curtains

    Pencil Pleat blackout curtains have many pleats with a gap of 1 or 1.5 inches. They have been in fashion for ages. The fabric folds are tightly brought together to form a semi-cylindrical title that resembles a pencil line.

    Rod Pocket Blackout Curtains

    Rod pocket blackout curtains are a common and old method of hanging curtains. They are called rod pockets because tailors directly insert the back pocket of the fabric into the rod of the curtain. You can check our collection at fixingexpert.ae.

    Grommet Blackout Curtains

    Blackout window curtains with metal grommet fixed at the top of the fabric are known as grommet blackout curtains. These types of curtains are easy to slide. They are perfect for the plain interior.

    Tailored Pleat Blackout Curtain

    These are so-called tailored pleats because they have a stiff cotton cloth that stitches in such a way that it gives you a waterfall look. This looks extraordinarily gorgeous and provides extra elegancy.

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    The color scheme depends on your interior and space. But dark color schemes always go wild with your interior.

    No, it’s not. Blackout curtains darken the room even in the daytime and block the extra light and heat during summers. Hence, it gives you a comfy and long sleep.

    You should probably go with blackout curtains Dubai. They comprise fabric that completely blocks the extra heat and cold and gives you a warm room in winters and a cold room in summers.

    It’s because of some chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of the curtains. It usually fades after several minutes.


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    Choose our blackout curtains Dubai because we assure you of their quality and texture. You can also contact our expert designers. They definitely advise you of suitable light blocking curtains for your space. Our designers suggest the curtain that defines your interior even more accurately and naturally enhances the attraction of the space. Besides blocking the sunlight, our blackout curtains in Dubai help you in maintaining the temperature of the room of your choice and blocking unnecessary vexing noise. In short, they’re all in one curtain that gives you an attractive look and works as a functional unit. Our standards and quality of the fabrics are remarkable in the whole emirates of UAE.




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