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Fixing Expert is well known for selling the best curtain rods in Dubai. Our store stocks stylish curtain rods for every curtain style and window type. Hang your luxurious window coverings on our beautiful rods to elevate your window decor to the maximum level. 

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Based on Customer Reviews

4.8 Review Rating

Based on Customer Reviews

4.8 Review Rating

Based on Customer Reviews

4.8 Review Rating

Based on Customer Reviews

Curtain Rods Dubai


How Do Our Curtain Rods & Poles Improve The Serviceability Of Your Curtains?

With our sturdy curtain rods, you can make your window treatment long-lasting in terms of aesthetic appeal and performance. They are manufactured for up to 30 years, effectively preventing curtain sagging. Our Curtain Dubai Shop designs curtain rods for every need, such as heavy-weight, high, and layered curtains. 

Quality Materials

We ensure the usage of the finest quality steel, plastic, iron, and aluminium in making our curtain rods Dubai.

Rust-Resistant coatings

Our rods are coated with rust-resistant finishes. This feature makes them look beautiful and last longer for years.

View Our Curtain Rods Collection

Metal Curtain Rods
Metal Curtain Rod
Colored Wooden
Colored Wooden
Natural Wooden
Natural Wooden
Steel Curtain Rod
Steel & Silver
Chrome Curtain Rod
Chrome Curtain Rod
Antique Brass
Antique Brass
Gold and Polished Brass
Gold and Polished Brass
Matt Black
Matt Black
Bay Window Curtain Rod
Bay Window

Attractive Features of Our Curtain Rods Dubai

Quality accessories for curtains are as important as the sublime curtain fabric. They provide support to your window hangings and keep them functional. Here are some amazing reasons to buy our curtain rods in Dubai.


Secure Locking System

Our rods come with the best locking system that does not allow any slipping of the pinch pleat curtains or the rod itself. You can also shop for different styles of curtain brackets from our store.


Versatile Designs

We offer different shapes and styles of our modern curtain rods. You can buy curtain rails, double curtain rods, tensile curtain rod or transverse curtain rod as per your own choice.


High Load Capacity

You can choose rods with different weight capacities. We provide different thicknesses for our rods to ensure the best hardware selection according to your curtain fabric weight.

Curtain Rods Dubai

Style Your Windows with Our Versatile Curtain Rod Collection

We always develop the most innovative designs and shapes of curtain poles, offering various useful features. You can get the perfect curtain rods in Dubai for every window and curtain design and type at our store. All curtain accessories are made with the finest materials, not to compromise durability.

  • Decorative Curtain Rods
  • Double Curtain Rods
  • Swing Arm Curtain Rods
  • Bay Window Curtain Rods

You might not know the right curtain rod in Dubai for your unique windows and curtains. We invite everyone to get free suggestions from our team in order to understand the differences between various types of curtain rods.

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How to Get the Ideal Curtain Rod for Your Windows?

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Fixing & Installation

Hire Our Team for Reliable Curtain Rod Fixing

Installing curtain poles on the walls requires specific equipment and expertise. Our team has the most advanced tools to avoid wall or any other damage during curtain fixing in Dubai. Book your free appointment today!

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Curtain Rods Dubai

Why Choose Us For Curtain Rods in Dubai?

Fixing Expert is the most reputable curtain brand providing top-quality curtains and all related accessories. The most essential part of the curtain is its tracks or rods. We pay special attention to balancing the style and strength of our curtain rods Dubai. 

Stylish Designs

Buy the most attractive rods for every curtain style from us. We feature the best rod designs for both modern and traditional window decor in your places.

Quick & Efficient Delivery

Our workers deliver every parcel carefully. You can order the required curtain rod design online by contacting us through email or call.

Personalized Option

We stock a wide variety of curtain poles in our collection. It helps our valued customers to choose the most favorable rods for their curtains.

Low Prices

Our curtain accessories, including rods, tracks, and brackets, come with the finest quality materials and finishes at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curtain rods are one of the essential elements of every window treatment. We encourage customers to read these questions and answers before buying any.

You need to know the window type to order the right curtain rod. At our company, we provide top-quality rods for bay, corner, sliding and multiple other windows. You can get expert advice from our team to know the right curtain rod type for your unique windows.

Curtain rods need to be strong in order to handle the weight of curtains. Mostly, they are made from iron and steel or aluminium. At the same time, some rods are also made of plastic to hang lightweight curtains. We use the finest grade materials to make our curtain rods maximally durable.

If you plan to hang heavy curtains like blackouts, you will need thick curtain rods made of stainless steel. Such curtains are heavier because of their layered structures. Make sure you buy the perfect heavy-duty rods from us to ensure the perfect hanging of your curtains.

We provide curtain rods in different colors and finishes to complement your curtain fabric. Choosing contrasting rods can also enhance the overall decor of your place. Choices such as silver or black curtain rods look great with every curtain style.

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