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Modern Motorized Curtains Dubai For Windows

We provide best quality Motorized Curtains Dubai for the convenience of our customers. You can instantly enhance the functionality of your home or office with our Remote Control Curtains. Buy our automatic curtains at a 20% discount today!

Motorized Curtains in Dubai

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Based on Customer Reviews

4.8 Review Rating

Based on Customer Reviews

4.8 Review Rating

Based on Customer Reviews

4.8 Review Rating

Based on Customer Reviews

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How Our Motorized Curtains Dubai Can Be Operated?

Electric Curtains in Dubai by our curtain shop can be operated in different ways such as remote control, smart app, and voice commands. The most common are listed below.

Remote Control Curtains

The most common way to control these automated curtains is via remote. You can also set the schedule to close or open these Motorized Curtains Dubai like an alarm.

Smartphone App

You can install a specific application on your iPhone or Android to control these electric or motorized window drapes.

Our Recently Installed Motorized Curtains For Dubai’s Clients

Motorized blackout curtains
Smart electric curtain
Blackout Motorized Curtains

Significant Features Of Our Electric Curtains Dubai

Our motorized Curtains integrated with battery-operated or electric are the best choice if you are looking for the most functional window curtains for your residential or commercial space. 


Increased Convenience

There is no need to move the curtain manually to check the view of Dubai Downtown or allow the light to enter. You can open them with a remote while sitting on your couch.


Energy Efficiency

Covering your windows with these energy-efficient Motorized Curtains Dubai will give you many benefits. These automatic blackout curtains are designed to fully block external heat and light, reducing electricity consumption.


Noiseless Operation

Our electric curtains come with somfy motors with a warranty. These motors allow the curtains to open or close without any disturbing sound. Furthermore soundproof fabric is used to completely make your room noise free.

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We Can Install Motorized Curtains Dubai in Every Space

At Fixing Expert, we have a team of experts who provide top-notch motorized curtain installation in Dubai. Our collection has extensive designs to help you use our Dubai Motorized Curtains versatile settings.

  • Home Cinemas Curtains
  • Conference Rooms Curtains 
  • Office Curtains
  • Villas Curtains

Call us anytime to book a convenient date for the curtain installation. You can also get free measurement services from us.

Buy Our Automatic Curtains At 20% OFF

Add comfort and functionality to your room windows with our curtains.

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How To Get Our Motorized Curtain Service?

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Diverse Fabric Options for Motorized Curtains in Dubai

Our interior fit out company stocks a wide range of quality fabrics for motorized curtains. You can get suggestions from our experts for the right fabric selection.

  • Cotton
  • Velvet
  • Silk
  • Wool

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What Makes You Buy Motorized Curtains Dubai From Us?

We have been Dubai’s leading curtain service provider for over 14 years. You can trust our quality products and professional installation team. Our electric curtains in Dubai come with the finest fabrics, the most advanced motors, and quality accessories. Call us today to upgrade your room widows.

Enhanced Interior Aesthetics

Besides being the automatic window covering solution, Our Motorized Curtains Dubai give a very stylish appearance to your room interior with the modern patterns on their fabric.

Customization Options

You can buy low-cost custom motorized window curtains from us. We offer customization services for the length, design, and fabric of curtains.

Innovative Solutions

Our curtains come with different control options. They can be operated with remote control, mobile applications, and voice commands.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team always ensures the smooth functionality of our smart curtains. They don't leave the space until our clients are fully familiar with the features of our curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few more things to know about our remote control curtains in Dubai. Reading this section will help you to better understand the benefits and working of our premium quality window coverings.

These curtains are often installed with lithium batteries for a cordless appearance. Also, we offer a rechargeable option for these curtains by placing a USB cord above the window frame to charge batteries when needed. You can also give power to these curtains with a solar system.

Our company understands the hype of trendy curtain choices. We help people to convert their ordinary curtains into automatic ones. This enhances the decor and value of the room with many useful features too. You can contact us anytime to share the details of your existing window treatment and get a free quote.

These automatic curtains are specifically made for high-ceiling areas, as manually controlling highly mounted curtains can be inconvenient. You can enjoy the smooth operation of our high-performance curtains in high-ceiling residential or commercial areas in Dubai.

Using these curtains is simple. Still, we give a manual to our clients to understand every feature of these curtains. Our experts offer proper guidance for using our motorized curtains with different control options. You can also call us anytime later to ask any usage-related questions.

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