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Fixing Expert is the leading brand known for providing the best interior improvement products and services. We offer PVC skirting in Dubai with different designs, colors, thicknesses, and height options. 

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How Our PVC Skirting Elevates the Aesthetics of Your Space?

Our skirting boards have a uniform style and height to create a streamlined appearance. In addition, you can cover the cables and wires behind these boards for a clean and organized interior space.

Modern Look

Our PVC skirting is available in an endless design range for all decors.

Seamless Transition

These skirting boards will conceal the empty spaces between your floors and walls.

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Our PVC and UPVC Skirting Samples

Key Features of Our PVC Skirting

Skirting boards made of PVC are in demand because of their non-porous nature. It limits the growth of mold inside them. Besides, there are many more useful features of our affordable wall skirting.



We provide premium quality skirting at highly affordable prices. They have the strength to withstand the hitting of objects and furniture movements without getting damaged.



Your flooring is likely to get moisture-prone while mopping or washing. Our PVC skirting in Dubai comes with complete water resistance to last many years.



It is very easy to keep our skirting boards in good condition. And they do not fade over time. You will not see any difference in the luxurious finishing even after years.

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Where Can You Install Our PVC Skirting in Dubai?

Our PVC floor skirting collection features different heights and thicknesses to match the requirements of every kind of space. Our durable skirting lets you make your walls free from water and impact damage.

  • Apartments
  • Kitchen
  • Hospitals
  • Offices

You can get help from our interior designers to choose the right texture of wall skirting to complement your floor pattern and wall paint.

Best PVC Floor Skirting

We offer fast and reliable outdoor floor treatments in Dubai with durability assurance.

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How To Get Our PVC Skirting?

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Explore Our PVC Skirting Designs Collection

  • Classic Elegance
  • Modern Look
  • Rustic Charm
  • Artistic Patterns
  • Nature-Inspired Textures
  • Customizable Options

Feedback From Our Clients

Patience Apache

Client ★★★★★

My office cabin had so many wires attached to the walls. It was ruining the look of my office interior. I hired their services to cover those cables behind black PVC wall skirting. Best Services!

Gilbert Roy

Client ★★★★★

My showroom needed durable flooring in the entrance area. They ensure extra durability using quality adhesives for their premium rubber outdoor floors. Best Services!

Ella John

Client ★★★★★

Maggie Ruell

I bought an apartment in Downtown Dubai a week ago. There were some gaps between the wall and floor. This company has generated a really fine and luxurious finishing of my apartment floor. 

Wood Colored PVC Skirting

Why Choose Us for PVC Wall Skirting in Dubai?

Our company is renowned for providing Dubai’s most stylish and durable skirting. You can buy our PVC skirting boards at affordable pricing.

Professional Installation Services

We use high-quality adhesives and screws during PVC skirting installations in residential and commercial places.

Different Design Options

You will explore the most attractive textures in our collection. Our wall skirting boards can also be painted to pair with the wall paint.

Timely Project Completion

Our team follows the pre-planned working procedure to ensure the fastest project completion with 100% perfect finishing.

Excellent Customer Service

We provide free assistance online regarding our skirting products and services to our valuable customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our customer care support is always online to help our clients. You can contact us anytime for flexible scheduling of the installation dates, price quotations, or general queries about PVC skirting in Dubai. Some most commonly asked queries are mentioned here.

They are made to enhance the interior beauty of a room by covering the gaps between the floor and wall. They ensure a seamless transition and luxurious finishing. This way, your flooring looks more attractive, enhancing the overall interior decor.

Our skirting boards are made to cover uneven flooring and wall imperfections. It is most likely that your wall paint gets damaged from the bottom. We provide the best PVC skirting boards to cover unpleasant sights of your interior and give a clean appearance.

Yes, PVC wall skirting has some amazing features, making it a versatile option. It can be installed in commercial and residential spaces, as there are different thicknesses and height options available in our store. You can order the skirting with the required height to cover your floor's imperfection and any other lying elements behind it.

As we mentioned before, PVC material is free from moisture damage. Our wall skirting is made of polyvinyl chloride and is fully waterproof, which makes it the perfect option to install in areas like kitchens and bathrooms as it will not fade or crack due to exposure to water.

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