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Custom Made Curtains Dubai
Custom Made Curtains Dubai
Custom Made Curtains Dubai

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Mohammad Sazid
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Nikhil Stanly
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nihamathullah j
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Tech Graphics
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Nasir Mahmood
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Mohammad Akif
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    Comparison: Custom-Made Vs Ready-Made Curtains

    Customized Curtains

    ▶︎ Custom made curtains are designed specifically for your space, considering the dimensions, style, and color preferences of your room. They are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit and a polished look.

    ▶︎ They offer endless design possibilities. You can select various styles, such as pinch pleat, grommet, or rod pocket, and add embellishments like trims, tassels, or linings to enhance their appearance.

    ▶︎ Custom made curtains are usually more expensive compared to ready made curtains due to the personalized design, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship involved

    ▶︎ Custom made curtains typically have a longer lead time as they are made to order and require careful craftsmanship.

    Ready-Made or Bespoke Curtains

    ▶︎ Ready made curtains are mass produced in standard sizes and designs, often lacking the personalized touch that custom curtains provide. They may not fit your windows perfectly and may require alterations.

    ▶︎ Ready made curtains typically come in standard designs and may not offer as much flexibility in terms of style and customization.

    ▶︎ Ready made curtains are generally more affordable compared to custom made curtains since they are mass produced and made from lower-cost materials.

    ▶︎ Ready made curtains are readily available for purchase, either in-store or online, and can be installed immediately.

    We’re providing you, excellent Custom Made Curtains Dubai in the whole UAE. Curtains are more than covering the window, it simply adds color to your life and brings you an enchantment after the hectic day. Your room is your space so it shouldn’t decorate with boring colors that are undoubtedly dull for room space and make your vibe colorless.

    We bring beautiful color sheer curtains for your living room. These high-quality curtains at reasonable prices surely bring refinement to your space. We assure you that these high-quality Custom Made Curtains are long-lasting ad shine in every season. You can also get a sample from our website ( Simply click on your favorite Custom Made curtain Dubai and we’re at your doorstep. 

    Our Custom Made Curtains Make The Space That You Desire

    Everyone wants his/her room with a perfect interior and the Best Ready Made Curtains Dubai because your personal space is all you need. After the boring, chaotic day, you enter your room and all the dull colors and interior make you feel even more tired and exhausted. Right?? If yes, then you need a colorful and classic customize curtain.

    And if you’re hunting for best custom made curtain near you, then you’re at the right place. Our professional designers make your room from typical to classic. This surely adds charm to your life and makes you feel even less hectic. Seeing the pretty view from your gorgeous window frame, isn’t it relaxing? It naturally lifts up your mood and gives your space a relaxing vibe that you were demanding. Our Custom Made Curtain Dubai will surely help you in decorating your window. 

    Factors That Matters While Choosing Custom Made Curtains

    While choosing or deciding your curtain Dubai styles, keep in mind some factors. Because your interior’s look all depend on your choices. Here are our expert’s top tips, advice, and best solution for your home that surely helps you in choosing the right Customized Curtains Dubai. Let’s overview all the pro tips and factors:

    Block Sunlight and Secure Your Privacy

    Choose the customize curtain that assures you of the proper window covering. That reduces the glare of the sunlight in the day and gives you a dark room at night. Besides this, customize your curtain in such a way that it completely blackout your room when needed and gives you a perfect glam look.

    Should According To The Interior’s Space

    For the interior, go for the most engaged and reliable curtains. Customize them according to your furniture. If you have traditional or plain furniture, you can add glam to your space with customized silk curtains. Check enormous variety and styles of Custom Made Curtains Dubai at Fixing Expert.

    Matches The Trend 

    Everyone wants to decorate their room with unique trendy styles. Go with the elegant and trendy interior look. Plan your room according to your taste. But check out the popular curtains designs on our website. For further detail go through our curtains trends and styles guide.

    Choose Trim And Accessories

    After choosing your favorite Custom-made Curtains Dubai. Go with curtain accessories and belonging. These are magical tools of the curtains that surely add elegance to the window frame. Choose them according to your fabric and style. For expert advice, contact us because we have professional designers that definitely give you the right suggestion.

    Go With Perfect Measurement

    Your accurate measurement also plays a part in the perfect windowpane look. But it’s tricky for some people to measure the Curtains correctly. For this, consult a professional. And we’re offering you everything under one roof. Our professionals take your measurement according to your designs and customize them as you desire.

    Choose The Color 

    Selection of correct color for Custom Made Curtains Dubai is all matters in the end. For this, look at your interior and space and decide the relevant color for your curtains. Don’t go with the same color as the furniture. Contrast the color scheme that surely adds a glamorous effect to your space. For your ease we have added some tips about color schemes of walls with curtains. But if you’re confused about the color scheme, then consult with our designers.

    Print Of The Fabric

    The fabric’s print shouldn’t so full that it gives you a stuffing look. Choose your print wisely embedded in linen curtain fabric according to your furniture and room. Fixing Expert offers you fine-printed Ready Made Curtains at a reasonable rate. 

    Our Designers Customize The Curtains Expertly | Any Size | Any Length | Everything In Between

    Your choices are our priorities. Choose the curtain of your choices. Our experts even can customize your old curtain into a new one. We’ll take care of everything regarding measurement, color, fabrics, and accessories that give your curtain a professional finish. And you’ll surely love that. Our designers assure you of the perfect measurement, installation, fine quality fabric, seamless accessories, and perfection customization. 

    We know that you’re so excited about your new customized curtains so, our team puts the whole of their heart to satisfy your soul and give an attractive look to your window frame. Makes your house feel like a home with our Custom Made Curtains Dubai. Fixing Expert offers you an enduring variety of collections from casual to rustic, bright to bold, fashionable and unique.

    Why You Must Choose Custom Made Curtains?

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    Yes! There’s a price difference between ready-made curtains and custom-made curtains because made-to-measure curtains are of your choice, color, interior, and fabric that surely needs more attention, time, and cash.

    The capital letter W stands for width and it includes the measurement of curtain’s tops and tracks, while D stands for curtain drop, which covers the measurement of the curtain from top to the base of the ground.

    Fixing Experts professional can change your curtain from boring to bright with its excellent collection of Custom Made Curtains Dubai. By trimming and adding (depends on the changes you want), by adding colors, dye, and with the wonderful print, we can give them a dignified look.

    That totally depends on your space. Like white and pink mostly goes with kid’s room. Navy blue color gives you an illustrious look. Black and white go with every interior. Yellow and orange color gives a bright look to the space.

    Reason To Work With FixingExpert?

    Our mission is to stand out. We offer our splendid services at reasonable rates. For Ready Made Curtains, consult a safe and trustworthy website. And if you’re searching for Custom Made Curtains Dubai near me, then gives you its all services, from measurement to installation, under a roof. Our all services certainly add value to your house. We care for you and want to modernize your lifestyle. Our handypersons involve you in each step of the process to persuade you that each room is crossing your wild expectations. Our designers would love to help you and suggest the relevant design for your zone. Approach us because we’re easy to work with.