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12 Ways To Stop A Cat From Climbing The Curtains

Cats and kittens are pets having an adorable, fun-loving, and high-spirited nature. These seemingly cute animals can turn mischievous instantly and up to great extents.

Sometimes, your pet cat or kitten climbs curtains and scratches surfaces. This leads to damaging the overall neat appearance of your window treatment and many other disadvantages.

And, if you’re looking for ways to prevent your pet cat from climbing the curtains, In this article by Fixing Expert, we’re going to illustrate 12 different ways that can help you stop a cat from climbing the curtain panel and creating disturbance and damage.

12 Useful Ideas To Prevent Your Cat From Damaging Curtains

The root cause behind this roguish behavior of cats can be coupled under the instinct behavior category alongside the exception of a medical illness.

Adding further, cats love to play and explore out of boredom and this is their way of persuading the owner for affection and love. Not to mention that it’s always the other way around and owners have to go through a lot of trouble afterward.

There can be a lot of solutions for dealing with this problem like Choosing The Best Cat Proof Fabric Curtains. However, we’re going to disclose only the cheapest and most effective ideas in this article. So, let’s move on to explaining the first idea on our list.

1. Apply Curtain Tiebacks

One of the most easiest and inexpensive ways to prevent your cat or kitten from climbing the curtain panel is to keep your curtains under wraps. That’s because a free-moving window curtain panel can be easily grabbed and climbed on rather than one tied back using a truss.

2. Buy Cat Trees & Towers

The most obvious reason your cat climbs the curtain or scratches the sofa is the natural instinct to play with something. You can divert your cat’s attention from the curtain panel by placing a cat tower, shelf, or tree nearby the window curtains. All these items provide your cat with an area to play and explore the surroundings.

Besides, it’s pretty much safer than curtains in case your cat falls from above i.e. almost no chance of injury. This trick works best in multi-cat households because cats follow one another for all sorts of actions.

3. Spume Citrus Spray On Curtains

A mist of mandarin spray is enough to keep your cat away from the curtain panel. That’s because cats don’t like citrus scents and try to avoid them. For this purpose, any scent or oil containing orange or lemon fragrance will work. You’ll need to spray your curtains over a couple of days until your pet cat decides on its own to stay away from the window curtains.

4. Make The Window Accessible To Your Cat

Well, there may be a reason that your cat is trying to climb the curtains for reaching the window. If that’s the case, then you can prevent that from happening by making your window accessible to the cat. For this purpose, you can either place a chair in front of the window or something similar to climb on for your cat.

5. Understanding The Cat’s Behavior

Another great way to prevent your cat from damaging the curtains by climbing onto them is to spend some time with your cat on a routine basis. Doing so won’t only let you understand more about a cat’s instinct behavior but also solves various behavioral pet issues.

Additionally, sparing some time to play with your cats fulfills the purpose of having a pet cat in the first place. On top of that, playtime won’t let your cat be lethargic and therefore, your pet cat will be more energetic and high-spirited than ever.

6. Keeping Your Cat Engaged In Fun Activities

You can train your cat or kitten to play with toys and keep themselves engaged and amused all the time. For this purpose, the best option is to purchase cat tree towers, shelves, tunnels, and boxes to let your cat climb and hide in different fun activities all day long.

Similarly, activity feeders are great for household (indoor) cats to improve their natural food-hunting skills when on the outside. Having that said, your cat won’t climb the window curtains i.e. most commonly done out of boredom and vice versa.

7. Replace Window Curtains With Blinds

If you’re looking for a window treatment upgrade, then making use of this idea can prove to be the most effective and practical solution. Because when there won’t any curtains, the issue itself will be resolved.

8. Cover Curtains With Aluminum Foil

Much similar to citrus scents, many cats and kittens won’t go near curtains that are covered with aluminum foil at the bottom. And the same goes for curtains that are covered with double-sided tape on the bottom part. The idea is to make the curtains less appealing to the cats and thus, to prevent the cats from climbing onto them.

9. Make Use Of A Tension Rod

Most commonly when cats try to climb the curtains, the weight of the cat pulls the curtain pole downwards. And, that will obviously create additional problems for you. To cope with this issue, tension rods can be a great alternative to normal curtain rods. These rods won’t allow the cat to climb the curtains as they’ll fall in a heap when the curtains are pulled downwards.

10. Utilize Motion Detector Alarms

A motion detector alarm is one of the best ways to prevent your cat from climbing the curtains. That’s because the alarm will automatically set off when the curtains are pulled by the cat. The corresponding noise will make your cat scare off. And, when it’s done a few times afterward, the cat will understand and not try to climb the curtain panel again.

11. Train Your Cat Over Time

Yes, you can train your cat in this particular manner by providing them with a more convenient alternative designed specifically for this purpose i.e. cat trees, towers, shelves, etc. The best way is to discourage the act when you see your cat trying to climb the curtains and place the cat on a cat tree tower.

12. Visit The Veterinarian (Medical Issues)

A sudden shift to destructive cat behavior like chewing fabric, knocking over items, scratching and climbing curtains, etc may be due to some medical condition that you’re unaware of. So, you should give your veterinarian a visit in this concern for your cat’s medical examination.

Other Suggestions

  1. Provide a Scratching Post: Offer your cat a sturdy scratching post or pad to satisfy their natural urge to scratch and climb. Place the post near the curtains to redirect their attention.
  2. Trim Their Nails Regularly: Regularly trimming your cat’s nails can help prevent them from climbing the curtains and causing damage. Trim the tips of their nails every two weeks to keep their claws blunt.
  3. Use Double-Sided Tape: Apply double-sided tape to the tops of the curtains to discourage your cat from climbing. The sticky texture will discourage them from jumping on the curtains.
  4. Install Window Perches: Provide a window perch for your cat to climb and sit on instead of the curtains. This will give them a safe and appropriate place to perch and enjoy the view.
  5. Move Furniture Away from the Curtains: Keep furniture away from the curtains so your cat has no jumping off point. This will make it harder for them to access the curtains.
  6. Use Deterrent Sprays: Try using a deterrent spray to discourage your cat from climbing the curtains. Choose a spray that’s safe for cats and won’t harm your curtains.
  7. Keep Curtains Closed: Keeping the curtains closed when you’re not home can prevent your cat from climbing them. This will also protect your curtains from the sun and other elements.
  8. Play with Your Cat: Regular playtime with your cat can help reduce their desire to climb the curtains. Offer interactive toys and games to keep them entertained.
  9. Give Them Attention: Pay attention to your cat and give them affection when they want it. This will help reduce their desire to climb the curtains in search of attention.
  10. Use a Cat Tree: Provide a cat tree or climbing structure for your cat to climb and play on. This will give them an appropriate place to climb and reduce their desire to climb the curtains.
  11. Place Citronella Candles: Place citronella candles near the curtains to discourage your cat from climbing. The scent of citronella is unpleasant to cats and will help keep them away.
  12. Consult a Veterinarian: If your cat’s climbing behavior is causing distress or causing damage, consider consulting a veterinarian. They can help identify any underlying health or behavioral issues that may be contributing to the problem.

To Summarize!

Cats climbing the curtains and scratching them is a part of their natural instinct. Also, there may be some other reasons associated with the phenomenon. In this article, we’ve explained 12 different ways to stop a cat from climbing the curtains. You can make any of these ideas practical to prevent your cat from climbing and damaging curtains and other interior essentials.

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