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How To Layer Sheer and Blackout Curtains?

Both the sheer and blackout curtains have amazing features and have various benefits from different perspectives. Sheer curtains are soft and lightweight while the blackout curtains comprise thicker material.

Sheer curtains for privacy cannot block the 100% light coming from outside. On the other hand, blackout curtains can give privacy and block the external light completely.

But what if we tie both of the curtains? You can layer blackout curtains with sheer for getting both the style and functionality. Choosing the right combination of layered curtains may be a tricky task for some people.

How To Layer Sheer & Blackout Curtains

If you didn’t match the perfect combination of double-layer curtains, then it would be a disaster and complete wastage of time and money. To tackle such a situation, we bought a helping guide for you.

In today’s article, we will tell you the different ways of how to layer sheer and Blackout Curtains from which you can make the best combination of both curtains.

Methods To Layer Sheer & Blackout Curtains

Layer Sheer & Blackout Curtains

We will guide you step by step on how to layer Sheer & Blackout Curtains. Read all the steps carefully to understand each and everything about layering the blackout curtains and sheers.

1. Choose the Order Of The Layers

Selecting the order of sheer black curtains layers is the most crucial step for you because which layer can be perfect for layering at the front or the back would be difficult to select. There are two orders in which you can layer the sheer and blackout curtains.

a) When Blackout Curtains As The Top Layer

When Blackout Curtains As The Top Layer

Install the blackout curtains at the front and keep the sheer curtains behind them. The sheer curtains will be visible to you only when you open the blackout curtains.

When you close the blackout curtains, the sheer curtains will become the centerpiece of the window treatment. You can get versatility and easy light control by making this arrangement. This will help you give a cool and aesthetic look to your home’s interior.

b). When Blackout Curtains As Base Layer

When Blackout Curtains As The Base Layer

In this arrangement, install the sheer curtains over the blackout curtains. This will give an interesting look at your windows. No matter which color of blackout curtains you are using, it will always show the sheer curtains as the top layer in this order of arrangement.

2. Select the Perfect Curtains

At this step, choose the right fabric and style for your curtains. The layers should be matched with the décor of your room, the color of the walls, and the overall look of the room.

a) Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

There are varieties of sheer curtains you can easily combine with blackout curtains. Sheer curtains didn’t come only in white and neutral colors, but these colors are most widely used and liked by many homeowners.

Whenever you are choosing sheer curtains to layer over the blackout curtains. Then always try to get patterned sheers with fantastic colors. So, sheer curtains can enhance the beauty of your room by making an eye-catching combination.

b) Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

Always try to get solid blackout curtains whenever you are layering the blackout curtains with sheers. You can also create a delightful contrast by keeping both layers colorful.

This will add a compliment to your home décor. You can easily get unlimited patterns, fabrics, and colors for making the best layers as per your choice.

3. Create a Perfect Curtains Head Style

Selecting the heading style can affect both the styles and functions of your curtains. So, choose the head style carefully on both sheer and blackout curtains.

a) Sheer Curtains

Create a Perfect Curtains Head Style Sheer Curtains

There are different heading styles based on the arrangement of the sheer curtains, whether they are used at the front or back of the blackout curtains.

  1. if you are installing the sheer curtains at the front and blackout behind them, then choose the heading style that matches the blackout heading style for making a uniform look.
  2. If you are going to install the sheer curtains behind the blackout curtains, then you have to give more flexibility to the sheer curtains. As the sheer curtains are only visible when you open the blackout curtains so you don’t need to create a uniform look for that.

b) Blackout Curtains

Create a Perfect Curtains Head Style Blackout Curtains

No matter the blackout curtains are placed at the top or base layer, it’s important to choose the perfect heading style. So, the curtains could block the external light completely. There are two styles of headings that can help in blocking the light.

These two heading styles are pencil pleat and pleat style. They are considered being the best heading styles because they allow minimum light to leak from edges. While the other styles can leak maximum light, can disturb you while sleeping.

4. Install Curtains At the Perfect Height

Installing the curtains at a proper height can make or break the entire décor of your room. So try to hang the curtains at the perfect height. This can help you cover the windows completely as well as adds beauty to the room’s interior.

a) Height

Install Curtains At Perfect Height

Try to hang the curtains rod about 10-12 inches above the window of your room. It will help you block the sunlight completely and the light didn’t get an entry point event from the top of your curtains.

b) Width

Install Curtains At Perfect Width

To cover the window from side to side, measure the width of your window. After taking this width, double it to cover the windows completely. This will block the light coming from the side of your windows.

5. Length The Curtains Layers

While analyzing the length of the layers, the first thing that comes to our mind is which layer of the curtain should be longer? There are two methods of getting an idea of the length of each layer.

a) When Blackout Curtains As Base Layer

When Blackout Curtains As Base Layer Length

When you want to install the sheer curtains over the blackout curtains, then the length of the sheer curtains would be longer than the blackout layer. It means the sheer curtains should touch the floor while the blackout curtains hover above the floor.

b) When Blackout Curtains As The Top Layer

When Blackout Curtains As The Top Layer Length

When layering blackout curtains over the sheer curtains, then the length of sheer curtains should be shorter than the blackout curtains. The sheer curtains hover above the floor while the long blackout curtains must touch the floor.

6. Apply Curtains Tiebacks

Apply Curtains Tiebacks

Curtain tiebacks are always considered an excellent addition while layering sheer and blackout curtains. It would give the best functionality when you want to keep the blackout curtains for a long period. You can use tiebacks and can get access to the sheer curtains easily.


This is all about how to layer sheer & Blackout Curtains. We have discussed all the tips and tricks for layering the sheer and blackout curtains together. If you still didn’t understand something or have any queries regarding this, then you can ask by posting a comment.

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