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How To Use Roller Blinds As A Projector Screen?

One can’t deny that all of us desire to enjoy luxuries in life. Take for example having a home theater is a dream for many people but you’re bound by economic restrictions. So, what else can be done in such circumstances? (You can always watch a movie in the actual theater, Of course!).
Or, you can take this advantage to watch movies in your home theater by using blinds as a projector screen. Yes, we’re talking real business here. So, we’re going to bring into view the method to makeshift your home’s roller luxury blinds as a projector screen. So, stay with us to enjoy the next Friday night with friends and family watching movies.

The Perquisites To Using Roller Blinds As A Screen Projector

No doubt, you’ll have to put a little effort into the task, however, the results will be promising as you’ll enjoy the benefits of watching movies at home but having a theater experience. Below, we’ve summoned all the advantages of using roller window blinds as a home screen projector.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

For an actual home theater, you need to invest in a top-quality visual system. The high-end digital projectors can cost anywhere from $65,000 to $70,000. However, having roller window blinds at home can save all that money and you can spend it on home necessities. In this way, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars by simply using automated blinds as a home screen projector.

2. Easy To Install

Another major benefit is that you’ll save your precious time and valuable effort from setting up an actual home screen projector. That, we can guarantee is not an easy task on the whole. Because the blinds are already in place framing the windows and you just need to make some simple arrangements for enjoying the benefits.

3. Screen Size Customization

Depending on the size of your roller window blinds, you can adjust the screen size of your projector for better vision. Depending on the distance between the window frame and your seating position, you can always make the right size adjustments.

4. Dual Functionality

Before, your roller window blinds were used as window coverings. Now, you’ll be making use of them as digital screen projectors for movies or favorite shows. Thus, this imparts your home blinds a dual-functionality and makes them purposeful in a somewhat different and beneficial approach.

5. Saving Yourself From All The Hassle

Buying premium first-row tickets to watch your favorite movie or show in the theater has been just put to an end. Additionally, the deductions in your payroll and making yourself available at a certain time demands a mindful approach both financially and time-wise.
All that and many more have just been laid off the book just by using your home window blinds as a screen projector.

Factors To Keep In View If Buying Roller Window Blinds For Home Screen Projections

There can be a complete chance that you are buying roller window Blinds just because you want to use them as home screen projections. If that is the case, then you need to keep on with the following factors when buying roller window blinds.

1. Material Opacity

The first thing to be looked at when buying roller window Blinds for screen projections is the material opacity. Material opacity means the amount of light that can pass through the blinds. For home screen projections, always choose blinds with the least opacity i.e. blackout blinds, dark-colored blinds, etc.

2. Material Quality

The second thing to be looked at is the fabric material quality of the blinds. That is because fabric with good quality won’t let creases or wrinkles appear on the surface. Thus, there will be no interruptions and the overall effectiveness of the projection will be improved.

3. Fabric Color

Blinds in white color are the best choices for home screen projections. That is because white-colored window blinds are light reflective and therefore, the projected images will be clearly visible.

4. Blinds Size

Speaking of the size selection, you need to always choose blinds that the window perfectly accommodates. Be careful about the blinds’ width selection as it should be 1 inch outside to completely cover the window frame.

The Best Tips & Tricks To Use Roller Blinds For Screen Projections

Follow the guidelines as explained for ideal home blinds conversions and use them as home screen projections.

  • Ideally, select the size of window blinds when chosen for screen projections by calculating the distance between the window frame and the opposite wall.
  • Opt for blackout fabric material for blinds so as to have a sight of the perfectly reflected images i.e. desired projections.
  • As far as the blinds’ color is concerned, white or grey color is the best of all for clear, bright projected visuals.
  • Don’t let creases, wrinkles, and spots on the blinds’ surface create any interruptions i.e. have properly cleaned and perfectly flat blinds for projections.
  • Make sure that the window blinds remain still and motionless throughout screen time for a seamless experience.
  • Make sure that the projector is placed on an even surface and has been properly distanced from the window blinds.
  • Turn off all the interior lights prior to switching on the projector for better visuals.

How To Position The Projector With Respect To Blinds For Better Visuals?

Think about making the ideal choice for each and every element just in accordance. But, all of that will be useless until you don’t know how to position the projector for better visuals. Follow the steps below for ideal projector placement and positioning.

  1. Irrespective of whether the window is smaller or large-sized, you need to always fit the projector at a height on the wall using a stand support.
  2. The ideal height is 1/3 times more than the height of the window top measured from the floor.
  3. The best projector screen size is determined on basis of seating distance and ambient lighting in the interior. Therefore, you can simply select what gives a better view.
  4. Obviously, the back end of the projector will be slightly lifted to throw visual graphics on the screen (roller blinds) downward.

How Are Roman Blinds Different From Roller Blinds? Which One To Choose?

Roman window blinds are designed to flounce when raised and therefore, can be distinctively identified from the rest of the options available on the market. On the other hand, roller window blinds are operated via a rolling-up mechanism for smooth functioning and can be controlled manually as well as automatically.
In concern of screen projections, roller luxury blinds is the ideal choice. That’s because roman blinds are pleated causing wrinkles and creases to appear on the surface over time of constant usage. And, that will cause interruptions when used for home screen projections.

How To DIY Install Roller Window Blinds?

Now that you’ve come so far reading the article, let’s add to your amusement by providing a brief yet all-inclusive explanation for the DIY installation of roller window blinds.

  1. Measure the window’s dimensions precisely and mark the areas on the wall for brackets installation.
  2. Make sure that you install the brackets properly i.e. for controlling the operation chain and pin end.
  3. Drill holes in the wall for brackets installation (screw the brackets in place).
  4. Fix the headrail (a rolling mechanism) by securing both end brackets respectively to the functioning cord and spring-loaded pin.
  5. Adjust the blinds onto the window frame for presentable appearances.
  6. Test the window blinds for smooth functioning and you’re all done with the process.


To wrap up all the discussion, you can easily use roller window blinds for home screen projections by precisely following the procedure explained. In this article, we’ve informed you about the right choice of roller luxury blinds, methods & advantages for screen conversions, and a comprehensive yet quick guide for DIY roller blind installations.

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