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Top 10 Best Blackout Curtains 2024

Looking for trendy blackout curtains to dress your home windows? Each coming year style and decor preferences shift and one has to upgrade for keeping up with the masses. For window dressing, you’ve decided to have blackout window curtains but are confused about the best option among all the varieties.

In this post by Fixing Expert, we’re going to recommend the top 10 best dim-out window treatments that you can have a selection without worrying about 2023 trends.

The Best Blackout Curtains Of 2023: A Comprehensive Review

Let’s begin our topic of discussion by listing and explaining the 10 best blackout window curtains for residential spaces.

  1. Best Overall Blackout Curtain
  2. Blackout Cheap Curtain
  3. Blackout Luxury Curtain
  4. Blackout Thermal Insulated Curtain
  5. Blackout Noise-Reducing Curtain
  6. Blackout Printed Curtain
  7. Blackout Curtain for Kids’ Room
  8. Blackout Extra Wide Curtain
  9. Blackout Curtain for Sliding Glass Door
  10. Blackout Curtain with Grommets

1. Best Overall: Blackout Triple-Weave Curtains

best overall blackout curtains

These curtains are designed with a triple-weave technology in which three fabric layers are tightly interwoven. The middle layer is a blackout yarn fabric that’s thick compared to traditional fabrics. 


It’s the fabric layer that imparts properties of a blackout, thermal insulation, noise absorption, and other benefits. These triple-weave design curtains are in high demand all over the world due to their durability, affordability, washability, and aesthetics.


You can find a versatile collection of amazing varieties for blackout triple-weave curtains in terms of fabric material, color, style, and pattern.


Speaking of the cost, it depends on various factors but can be described in the range of 200-500 AED.

2. Best Budget: Blackout Cheap Curtains

cheap blackout curtain

These are the most affordable window treatments that can help you enjoy the benefits of a complete interior blackout within your budget limit.


These curtains create completely dark interiors and therefore, are recommended for day sleepers or night shift workers. They also provide thermal insulation and noise reduction benefits.


You can get blackout cheap curtains at discounted prices starting from 50 AED and onwards depending on your preferences.

3. Best Appearance: Blackout Luxury Curtains

luxury blackout curtain

Do you want to capitalize on the interior decor? You can add to the window aesthetics greatly and make a decor highlight with the purchase of blackout luxury curtains. These window curtains are made from luxury velvet fabrics for plush appearances.


Just as the name indicates, the most highlighted feature of luxury dimout curtains is their plush-textured and shimmering appearance. These window coverings add royalty and carve a delightful impression on the viewer’s mind.


To buy these curtains, you need to spend around 800-1000 AED.

4. Energy-Efficient: Blackout Thermal-Insulated Curtains

thermal insulated blackout curtain

Do you want to make your home interior more energy efficient? Take one step further to energy-efficient home interiors with the purchase of blackout thermal-insulated curtains.


These curtains are lined with a thick, insulating fabric lining for keeping the indoors cool during summer and warm during winter. They can easily block out 99% of the light and can reduce noise levels by up to 60%.


The pricing starts from around 140 AED and goes up with the choice of fabric material quality.

5. Acoustic Alleviation: Blackout Noise-Reducing Curtains

noise reducing curtain

They are typically made of thick, heavy materials that absorb sound and prevent it from entering a room. These curtains are customized often have multiple layers, including a blackout layer that blocks out light and a sound-absorbing layer that reduces noise.

Noise-reducing dimout curtains are ideal for use in bedrooms, nurseries, home theaters, and other areas where noise and light can be a distraction.


They can help to create a peaceful and comfortable environment by minimizing outside noise and light, which can improve sleep quality and overall well-being.


The pricing factor varies and is dependent on the quality of the fabric lining, curtain panel size, etc. However, you can find these curtains in the range of 50-100 AED per panel. For designer fabrics and additional benefits, you may have to pay up to 500 AED or more.

6. Best Design: Blackout Printed Curtains

printed blackout curtains

These curtain panels come with design patterns imprinted on their surfaces. The printed designs or patterns range from simple geometric shapes to elaborate floral or abstract designs for adding a decorative touch to the interior.

They’re available in a variety of sizes, colors, prints, and designs to suit individual style preferences.


Alongside creating a blackout effect, these curtains add a decorative flair and make a style statement in the interior. Thus, you get to enjoy interior aesthetic elevations.


At Amazon, you can find blackout printed/patterned curtains priced at around 300-400 AED.

7. Blackout Curtains For Kids’ Room

kids room blackout curtains

Looking to dress your children’s room windows to create a blackout effect? Get Blackout Kids Room Curtains manufactured usually from polyester fabrics for adding to the style, elegance, and practicality of your kid’s room design.

You can have a selection from a broad spectrum of amazing options in terms of designs, patterns, prints, styles, colors, fabrics, etc.


Blackout window curtains create complete darkness in your kids’ room and let them enjoy a well-rested sleep.


You can buy dimout curtains for your kids’ room for 50-150 AED per panel. The price increases if you demand to have cartoon characters or any other design imprinted curtains for your kid’s room.

8. Best Coverage: Blackout Extra-Wide Curtains

extra wide blackout curtains

Don’t want any glare distractions or outside interruptions to disturb your quality sleep? Shop for extra-wide blackout curtains for dressing your home windows. These curtain panels extend wide outside the window frame and therefore, provide complete coverage.


The added width of the curtain panels offers the benefit of complete coverage and therefore, prevents light interruptions from disturbing your sleep. In other words, these curtains create pitch-black darkness in the interior.


Excluding the delivery charges, there are various stores online such as Amazon that offer blackout extra-wide curtains at a price ranging between 100 AED to 300 AED.

9. Blackout Curtains For Patio Sliding Doors

sliding door curtains

Apart from the windows, blackout curtains can be mounted onto sliding glass doors. For this purpose, the best recommendation is to buy linen-textured dimout curtains, however, you can also have the fabric material of your choice.


These curtains block unwanted sunlight coming in from the glass sliding doors at different times of the day. Also, you can use them for protecting your home privacy.


Depending on the material quality, style, and design, the pricing varies greatly for blackout glass door curtains. On average, you can find good-quality dimout curtains for sliding doors in the price range starting from 100 AED to 300 AED.

10. Blackout Curtains With Grommet

grommets blackout curtains

These blackout window curtains are equipped with metallic grommets built-in for easy hangings on a standard curtain rod. The curtain panel functions to block incoming light and absorb sound to reduce the noise level in the interior while metal built-in grommets offer ease of curtain fixing.


These blackout window curtains can be easily mounted and removed from the curtain rod for washing, cleaning, and maintenance purposes. Not to mention that you’ll enjoy all the benefits of blackout window treatments i.e. light blockage, noise reduction, thermal insulation, etc.


Starting from just under 50 AED, these window curtains can be purchased for up to 200 AED depending on your personal choice preferences for imprinted designs, material quality, size, etc.

Where To Buy?

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Why Should You Choose Blackout Curtains For Dressing The Windows?

best blackout curtains

There are plenty of reasons or benefits of having blackout window curtains for dressing your home windows. We’ve enlisted and explained a few of them below.

1. Fabric Material & Texture

Dimout window curtains comprise multiple layers of thick fabrics tightly interwoven creating a smooth-textured surface. The middle layer is a blackout yarn fabric lining that imparts the window treatment qualities of creating a blackout effect by reflecting and absorbing incoming light.

As far as the fabric texture is concerned, it depends on the choice of fabric material and there’s a wide range of options such as polyester, linen, microfiber, etc.

2. Style & Design

You can have a selection from an immeasurable extent of design and style possibilities for blackout window curtains. You can either choose printed/patterned surfaces for adding interest, uniqueness, and attractiveness to the interior design or opt for plain, simple, uni-colored versions to counterbalance the design effect.

3. Durability & Quality

Blackout window curtains comprise the best quality thick fabric materials and therefore, promise to last a lifetime. They can stand up to the damaging effects of wear and tear, damaging UV rays of the sun, dust, dirt, and other elements.

4. Energy Efficiency & Acoustic Benefits

As mentioned, there are thick fabric layers tightly interwoven for manufacturing dimout curtains. Therefore, you get to enjoy the benefits of thermal insulation and noise reduction. Thus, blackout curtains transform the interior of your home into a more energy-efficient, peaceful, and calm ambiance.

How To Choose The Best Blackout Window Curtains?

How To Choose The Best Blackout Window Curtains

Choosing the best blackout window curtains can seem overwhelming with so many options available. Here are some factors to consider for making an informed decision:

  • Material: Look for curtains made of thick and heavy materials such as velvet, suede, or polyester. These materials block out more light and provide better insulation.
  • Color: Choose a color that complements your room’s decor. Darker colors such as navy blue or black provide better light blocking than lighter colors.
  • Size: Measure the width and length of your window and choose curtains that are slightly wider and longer than your window to ensure full coverage.
  • Type of Curtain: Blackout window curtains come in different types such as rod pocket, grommet, back tab, etc. Choose your preferred curtain style.
  • Quality: Look for curtains with good quality stitching and durable fabrics to ensure they stand up to damage factors and last longer.
  • Additional Features: You can also benefit from additional features such as thermal insulation, noise reduction, or energy efficiency. However, these features may come at an additional cost.

How To Install & Care For Blackout Window Curtains?

How To Install & Care For Blackout Window Curtains

To ensure your curtains last longer and function properly, you must install window treatment correctly and care for them regularly.


  • Measure the width and length of your window to ensure the curtains fit properly.
  • Decide on the type of hardware you will use to hang your curtains such as a rod, clips, or hooks.
  • Hang the hardware according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Slide the curtains onto the rod or clips and adjust them to fit properly.
  • If needed, hem the curtains to ensure they don’t drag on the ground.

Care & Maintenance:

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions before washing or cleaning your dimout curtains.
  • If compatible, machine-wash the curtains on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners as they may damage the curtain fabric.
  • Hang the curtains to dry or tumble dry (if allowed) on a low heat setting.
  • Use an iron on a low-heat setting to remove any wrinkles after drying.
  • Vacuum the curtains regularly to remove the accumulated dust or debris.



How do blackout curtains work, and are they effective in blocking out sunlight?

Blackout curtains work by using thick, opaque materials to prevent light from passing through. They can be highly effective in blocking out sunlight, especially when paired with other window treatments like blinds or shades.

What are the different materials used in blackout curtains?

Common materials used in blackout curtains include polyester, cotton, and acrylic. The thickness and quality of the material can affect the effectiveness of the curtains in blocking out light and reducing noise.

What are the benefits of using blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains can help to create a dark and quiet sleeping environment, which can improve the quality of your sleep. They can also help to regulate temperature and reduce outside noise.

How do blackout curtains compare to other types of window treatments?

Blackout curtains can be highly energy-efficient, as they help to regulate temperature and reduce the need for heating or cooling. They can be more effective than other window treatments like blinds or shades in this regard.

What are the different styles and designs of blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains come in a wide range of styles and designs, from simple solid colors to intricate patterns. When choosing the best blackout curtains for your home, consider factors like the room’s decor, the amount of light you want to block out, and the level of insulation you need.

How do you measure for blackout curtains, and what are the key factors to consider when choosing the right size?

To measure for blackout curtains, measure the width and height of your window and add a few inches to ensure full coverage. When choosing the right size, consider the amount of light you want to block out and the level of insulation you need.

How do you care for blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains can be machine washed or dry cleaned, depending on the material. Be sure to follow the care instructions provided with your curtains to ensure their longevity.

What are the key features to look for in blackout curtains, and how can they impact the performance of the product?

Key features to look for in blackout curtains include the thickness and quality of the material, the level of light-blocking capability, and the level of insulation provided.

What are the most common misconceptions about blackout curtains?

One common misconception about blackout curtains is that they are only suitable for bedrooms. In reality, they can be used in any room where you want to control light and noise levels.

How can blackout curtains improve the privacy of your home, and what are the best ways to install them?

Blackout curtains can improve the privacy of your home by preventing people from seeing inside. The best way to install them is to use curtain rods or tracks that allow you to fully cover the window.

What are the different price points for blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains come in a wide range of price points, from budget-friendly options to high-end designer curtains. To find the best value for your money, consider factors like material quality, durability, and insulation level.

How can you find blackout curtains that are safe for children and pets, and what are the key safety features to look for?

To find blackout curtains that are safe for children and pets, look for curtains that are made from non-toxic materials and have no small parts that could be a choking hazard. Avoid curtains with long cords or loops that could pose a strangulation risk.

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