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Block Light From The Top And Sides Of Curtains

Curtains are decorative window coverings added to complete the window frame and enjoy the benefits of interior privacy, light control, and many more. However, what if there’re light leaks from the curtain panel? You’ll be unable to reap the benefits of a quality sleeping schedule. Check useful ideal solutions to deal with this problem.

The Perk & Pros To Make Curtains Light-Proof

These are the advantages that you’ll get after solving the problem of light leaks from curtains.

Better Sleep Quality

better sleep

If you’re a day sleeper or a night shift worker, then the blockage of light illuminating the interior from the curtain top and sides will assure a sound sleep.

Enhanced Productivity

enhance productivity

You must have heard of the proverb, “A great mind is in a great body”. When you get quality sleep, your mood will be refreshed and you’ll be able to concentrate on your work schedule. Thus, you’ll prove to be more productive in the office and in your daily routine.

Energy Boost

enhance productivity

A minimum of 6-8 hrs of undisturbed sleep per day is the requirement of a human body. So, when you enjoy the benefit of quality sleep, you’ll feel more energetic all day long and will be able to perform your routine duties with properness.

The Most Basic Reasons Of Light Leakage From The Curtain Top & Sides

To deal with any type of problem, one needs to have the proper know-how and truly understand the cause of the problem. And so goes the same for this curtain light leakage problem. Below, we’ve briefly explained some important causative factors.

Improper Curtain Installation

The first and foremost thing is the flaws or defects in the curtain installation process. Yes, your blackout curtain panel is leaking light because there are shortcomings in the installation procedure followed i.e. too long brackets, short-width curtain panels, etc.

Unprofessional Fitting Of The Curtain Panel

The next thing is the poorly fitted curtain panel. Yes, if you’ve opted for a DIY curtain panel installation, then there are high chances that you’ve missed a beat for the ideal fittings. Having that said also highlights the importance of professional curtain fixing and installation i.e. a professional is known to be for some obvious reasons.

Wrong Curtain Measurements

There are pretty much chances that the curtain panel’s width may not ideally suit the width of the window frame. To elaborate, you’ve chosen the curtain width to be exactly accommodating the window frame and that’s the reason behind light leakage. Therefore, the width of the curtain panel should ideally be 1-2 inches more than the window frame on both sides.

The Methods To Deal With Light Leakage From The Curtain Top

We’ve explained below a number of ideas for solving the curtain light leakage problem. You can opt for the solution that ideally suits your situation.

1. Install A Pelmet Box

Pelmet Box

Pelmet or valance can be made up of a wooden frame or fabric shaped in a border-like design and sitting above the curtain top. This pelmet usually named box pelmet will prevent the leakage of light from the top of the curtain panel. More often, you’ll find a pelmet box installed over the curtain panel to conceal curtain tracks or rods.

To install the curtain pelmets, you need to arrange for a pelmet, brackets, bracket screws, level, metal tape measure, pencil, and a cordless drill to make holes in the wall. After all the tools and equipment have been arranged, you can proceed by following the steps mentioned below.

  1. Using the tape measure find the center of the pelmet box and mark it with a pencil to position the pelmet correctly over the curtain headrail.
  2. Measure and mark the wall points for bracket installations and drill holes at the marked points.
  3. Position the brackets and put the screws in place. Check for the level of the brackets using a level balance.
  4. Install or mount the pelmet onto the brackets and you’re all done with the installation.

Pelmets are dual beneficial for curtain panels i.e. they mask the unpleasant curtain tracks and also block the leaking light rays from illuminating the interior.

2. Apply Valance & Cornices

Valance & Cornices

A valance is just like a window treatment (made of some fabric material) but it only covers the upper part of the window frame. Similarly, a cornice board is also a decorative capping made of wood that covers the top part of the curtain panel.

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Both these elements when applied to the window curtains become a hurdle in the direct passage of light into the interior thus, become extremely beneficial against curtain light leakage. There are various types of valances and cornices available on the market to have a selection i.e. one-step, straight, soft-curves, arched, cascade, inverted box, soft-dip, shaped-flat, etc.

Using valances and cornices not only blocks the light leakage from the curtain panel but also improves the aesthetic significance of the window plantation shutters. However, a careful and precise choice is a must to enjoy the charming visuals on the window frames.

3. Layering With Blinds Or Shades

leverage blind and shade

Another great idea is to pair the curtains either with blinds or shades for blocking out light entry into the interior completely i.e. to have pitch-black darkness in the interior. There are various different types of blinds and shades available on the market and this aspect needs no further explanation.

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However, the most beneficial types are cellular shades and roman shades which will prove to be the most effective against blocking light rays. Similarly, blackout blinds and thermally insulated versions are most suitable from the blinds’ point of view because they’re made from thick fabric materials.

For the ideal choice of blinds and shades, you need to keep an eye on complementing colors, stylish appearances, quality material, fabric care & maintenance, and pricing factors. All these aspects when considered will definitely let you have a perfect selection.

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4. Wrap Around The Curtain Rods

Wrap Around The Curtain Rods

If you prefer to keep the windows open for most parts of the day, then the problem may be that your curtains slip and sway to the middle of the windows. In this case, even minor shifts of the curtain panel allow light leakage and disturb your sleep.

To deal with this problem, you can wrap the ends of the curtain panel to the curtain rods. Or, should we say you need to tie the curtains around the rods? No need to say that the curtain panel should be wide enough to allow this wrapping around rods on both ends. The idea is to prevent the slip-and-sway of the curtains to the center of the window frame.

5. Tin Foil Sheets & Privacy Films For Glass Window Panels

Foil Sheets & Privacy Films For Glass Window Panels

If your home windows are framed with large-sized glass panels or individual glass slats, you can apply thin sheets of tin foil to prevent light leakage. Tin foil sheets are opaque layers made out of aluminum and therefore, won’t allow light to pass through. And the same goes for privacy films applied over glass panel windows.

However, you need to keep in mind that these non-transparent material layers applied on the window panels will cause hindrance to the outside view. Thus, if you love to enjoy the refreshing natural sight out of the room, then drop this idea and opt for another solution from the list.

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The Methods To Deal With Light Leakage From The Curtain Sides

If your window curtain panel is leaking light from the sides, then you can opt for any of the following solutions to deal with this situation.

1. Attach Curtains With Velcro Strips

Velcro Strips

Velcro strips are sticky back strips that are used to easily attach frequently used items and keep them from slippage. These strips are available in square and circular shapes and therefore, a suitable choice can be made. For the curtain panel, you can attach the curtains to the sides using velcro strip attachments.

2. Make Use Of Magnetic Tapes

Magnetic Tapes

Just like velcro strip attachments, you can use magnetic tape to fix the edges of the curtain panel to the rods thus, keeping the curtains attached to the sides. Doing so will prevent the movement of the curtains and light leakage from the sides.

3. DIY A Light Blocker Using Foam or Cardboard

Light Blocker Using Foam o

The cheapest of all solutions is to go with a DIY option. In this regard, you’ll cut the cardboard or foam into suitable pieces and attach them to the side of the curtain that’s not visible to the viewers.

Not only it will maintain the aesthetic appeal of the curtain panel but also you’ll get the benefit of light blockage from the sides of the curtains. Although beneficial, this DIY curtain light blocker is not suitable for curtain panels that get used intensively.

The Tips & Tricks To Maximize Light Blockage Efficiency Of The Curtains

If the ultimate goal is a light blockage, you need to have a selection for the curtain panel depending on the following considerations.

  • For the fabric material, always go for top-quality, thick fabric materials with tight weave construction that minimize the passage of light rays.
  • Don’t forget that repeated measurements will get you the curtain panel of an ideal length and width. And, there should be no chances of mistakes in this concern.
  • Quality curtain installations won’t let you complain about light leakage and therefore, leave this task to the professionals.
  • Choosing expensive curtains and later on using cheap methods to cover light leakage will drastically impact the value and desirability of your window curtains. Therefore, you need to maintain decency according to the choice of curtains.

In The End

There may be various different reasons for light leakage from window curtains, however, you can always opt for a suitable solution to fix the problem. In this article, we’ve proposed various ideas as optimal solutions to let you block light leakage from the top and sides of the curtains. Alongside this, the reasons for this problematic phenomenon and the advantages afterward are also described.

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