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10 Different Types Of Curtain Hooks – Best Of 2024

Browse 10 different types of curtain hooks by curtain fixing experts, each with its own unique features and benefits. Whether you’re after a sleek and modern look or a more traditional and classic feel, there’s a curtain hook out there for everyone. So, let’s dive in and discover the perfect type of curtain hook for your window treatments!

Multiple Styles Of Curtain Hooks For All Window Treatments

Curtains are unrivaled window treatments that have proved their worth in terms of decor as well as practicality. When it comes to styles and designs of custom-made curtains, there have been made significant advancements.

Similarly, rods and brackets can be replaced with curtain hooks for hanging the curtain. Below, we’ve explained the 10 different types of curtain hooks.

1. Pin Hooks For Hanging Curtains

Pin hooks, also known as pin-on hooks are sharp pointed-end pins that are commonly used for hanging pinch-pleated draperies. One end of the pin-on hooks is always pointed vertically and the other end is always bent. No need to mention that pin hooks are made of metal.

For hanging the curtain panels, the pins are passed through the backside of the top part of the curtain panels and attached to the curtain rings to suspend the curtains. There are three different types of pin hooks available on the market as explained below.

1. Round Pin Hooks

Round Pin Hooks

These pin hooks comprise a rounded top and are used in combination with traverse rods and rings for hanging the curtains.

2. Pointed Top Pin Hooks

pointed top curtain hook

These pin-on hooks have an inverted V-shaped top for the pointed end. The pointed end settles into the tab hole on sliding rings. These hooks are mostly used for hanging pinch-pleated draperies.

3. Long-Neck Pin Hooks

long neck

Heavy-weight curtain panels and draperies with deep headers are hung with long-neck pin hooks.

2. Curtain Ring Hooks

ring hooks

These hooks for hanging curtains are bent with one pointed end and the other end is equipped with a D-ring or circular ring for attachment purposes. These are solid one-piece curtain hooks made of metal and can ideally support heavyweight curtain panels.

To hang the curtain using ring hooks, you need to pass the pointed end through the spaces at the backside of the curtain panel. Then, the free end (one with a D-ring) of the hook can be attached to the rod or clipped to the rings.

Additionally, ring hooks are sturdy and can support heavyweight curtain panels. However, you’ll find these hooks somewhat expensive in comparison to other options.

3. Clip Hooks For Hanging Curtains

clip hooks

Clip hooks or the so-called snap hooks are preferably used for clipping the curtain panels and thus, hanging them. These hooks are not useful without installing curtain rods because the free ends of the hook are attached to the curtain rings.

Clip hooks are made of stainless steel or cast aluminum and are also available in variable sizes and color options on the market. For the perks and pros, you’ll find these inexpensive hooks beneficial for both heavy and lightweight curtain panel hangings.

To install curtains with clip hooks, the free end of the hooks is to be clipped on the curtain panels. Then, you need to attach the hooks with clips hanging from the curtain tracks. Make sure that you maintain an equal distance for each hook attachment to ensure that curtain panels are hung evenly.

4. S-Shaped Hooks

s shape curtain hook

Made of stainless steel, s-shaped hooks are primarily used for DIY home projects like hanging curtain panels. Just as the name indicates, these lightweight hooks are shaped like the alphabet “S” and therefore, can be used for easy-to-remove curtain hangings and installations.

To hang the fabric curtains, you need to pass one end of the hooks through the backside of the curtain panel, usually through the curtain liner. And, the other end of the hook is simply hung up on the curtain rod.

These hooks are ideal for hanging eyelet curtain panels because the combination is a pure delight. Thus, there are no fixed attachments for the curtain panel hangings, so the panel can easily come off from the rod.

Coming toward the benefits of using S-hooks for hanging curtains, these hooks are affordable, easy to remove, and suitable for space-saving purposes. However, one drawback to using S-hooks for hanging curtains is that they can get loose with time, and therefore, chances are that your curtain panel will fall off.

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5. Track Hooks

track hooks

Ideal for hanging heavy-weight curtains, track hooks are attached to the curtains at one end and the other end is clipped to the curtain track roller. These hooks offer smooth curtain opening and closing because of their streamlined movement in the curtain track rollers.

6. Screw-In Hooks

screw in curtain hook

Screw-in hooks have one end screw-shaped and the other end bent. To install these hooks, you have to drill pilot holes in the walls. Screw hooks can also be used for hanging curtain panels from the ceiling. These hooks are similar to and function the same as window blinds brackets.

To hang curtains with screw hooks, you have to install hooks and pass the curtain rod through the holes in the hooks. For heavier curtain panels and window frames with more than the usual width, you can install multiple hooks at measured distances from each other.

7. Adhesive Curtain Hooks

Adhesive Curtain Hooks

Adhesive hooks or most commonly known as command curtain hooks are ideal for sleek, stylish window curtain appearances. For application, you just need to peel off the non-adhesive backing layer and press the hooks against walls or window frames. Keep pressing gently for a few seconds and you’re done installing adhesive hooks.

The structure of the command hooks allows you to simply put in position the rod for hanging curtains. These hooks can easily bear the weight of curtain panels up to 5 lbs and therefore, are not recommended for heavyweight curtain installations. Make sure that you clean the surface prior to installing command hooks for strong attachments.

8. Eyelet Hooks For Curtains

Eyelet Hooks

Hidden curtain hooks (another name) are designed for hanging shower curtain rods/poles. The eyelet hooks are distinct in shape and can be ideally recognized. Made from high-end plastic material, eyelet hooks are not suitable for heavier curtain hangings. These hooks are used for adding curtain lining thus, alleviating the challenging process of sewing the curtain lining.

9. Hookless Shower Curtains

hookless shower curtain

Just as the name indicates, these curtains are hung without any hooks being attached or clipped to their top. How’s that made possible? It can be done, in case, the curtain rod is passed through eyelet curtain holes.

Similarly, the curtain rings when attached to both the eyelet curtain panel and the rod can be used for hanging window curtains.

10. Magnetic Hooks

magnetic curtain hooks

Magnetic clamps and hooks are also becoming increasingly popular for hanging curtains, however, are only applicable to aluminum or metal window frames. There is a magnet encased in the metal shell of the hook that provides the necessary clamping force.

The hooks in design are somewhat unique and easily recognizable. These hooks are available in a variety of sizes and therefore, comprise different weight-bearing capacities for hanging curtains.

Speaking of the benefits of using magnetic hooks, there is no need anymore for drilling holes to fit curtain rod brackets. These hooks are easily movable and adhere to the window frames strongly and without any screws or bolts. Additionally, magnetic hooks are resistant to rusting and don’t require early replacements.

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3 Factors To Consider For Ideal Choices Of Curtain Hooks

With all this information about different types of curtain hooks, the question arises of how to make an ideal choice for hanging your home curtains. Don’t worry, we’ve explained below all the important factors that should be taken into account for choosing curtain hooks ideally.

The Type Of Curtain Panel

The first and foremost thing is to keep in mind the type of curtains that you’ve bought for framing windows. It’s because not all types of curtains can comply with different types of hooks. Also, some types of curtain hooks are specifically designed for hanging distinct curtain panels. For instance, eyelet hooks are designed for hanging shower curtains.

The Weight Of The Curtains

Of course, different types of hooks comprise different construction materials. Adding to that, curtain hooks come in various sizes and have certain limitations to weight-bearing capacities. Hence, the weight of the curtains should be considered to select the type of hooks for hanging the fabric panel.

Curtain Style & Design

Right next to the fabric material weight, the curtain style plays an important role in the ideal choice of hooks. That’s because grommet, eyelet, and hanging rod-pocket curtains require no hooks at all for hanging purposes. Similarly, you’ll see that some curtains can be hung with clips and rings while others require specific hooks for installations. A perfect style of windows for indoors and outdoors is very important for the style of the home.

FAQs–Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Different Types Of Curtain Hooks Available?

Pin-on hooks, ring hooks, clip curtain hooks, magnetic options, eyelet hooks, adhesive varieties, and many other curtain hooks are available on the market.

2. Which Type Of Curtain Hook Is The Best For Heavy Curtains?

Curtain hooks made of metal, stainless steel, or aluminum are all suitable for hanging heavy curtains.

3. Can You Use Adhesive Hooks For Hanging Curtains?

Command hooks or adhesive hooks are ideally used for hanging different types of curtain panels because they eliminate the need to drill holes in the walls.

4. What Are The Advantages Of Using Hookless Shower Curtains?

Hookless shower curtains are easy to hang and offer smooth functioning as compared to tackling hooks or rings. Not to mention that you save a lot of money, effort, and time in buying hooks and installing them.

5. How Do Magnetic Curtain Hooks Work?

Magnetic hooks comprise strong neodymium magnets placed inside their shells that let them attach strongly to metal or aluminum window frames. After the hook attachment, you just need to position the curtain rod and place and adjust the rod in the hook for hanging curtains.


There are various types of curtain hooks available on the market that are mostly used as an alternative to curtain rods and brackets for hanging purposes. In this article, we’ve enlisted and explained 10 different types of curtain hooks along with the important factors in choosing curtain hooks. Now with all the information on this topic, you will be able to differentiate and make ideal hook choices for hanging your home curtain panels.

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