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How To Get Rid of Carpet Beetles? Tips and Tricks

Do you find mysterious holes in your carpets, rugs, bed linens, and upholstery at home? Then these holes are due to carpet beetles. These insects eat the textiles and reproduce commonly in carpets.

Although carpet beetles do not directly infect humans, their larvae can cause skin irritation, itching, and other respiratory diseases like coughing and sneezing. Therefore, it’s mandatory to keep your places free from this insect. In this blog by Fixing Expert, we will explain how to get rid of carpet beetles quickly and protect your home’s luxury fabrics. So, without keeping you waiting further, let’s get started. 

Tips And Tricks To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles

How To Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

The carpet beetles will not leave your home on their own. You have to use some chemicals or natural remedies to eliminate these insects. As long as they remain at your place, they will populate more and cause infections. 

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles Without Using Chemicals?

If you have children and pets at your home, using chemicals can be dangerous in getting rid of adult carpet beetles, larvae, and their eggs. So first of all, here are some ways to remove these insects from your place with some natural ingredients and ways. Have a look at them:

  • Solution Of Vinegar and Water  

A vinegar-water solution is the quickest and safest way to kill and remove beetles from your sisal carpets. Take a spray bottle and half-fill it with water. Now, add an equal amount of white vinegar to it. Shake the bottle very well to make a homogeneous mixture. 

Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, spray the solution on the wall-to-wall carpet, rugs, bed, and all the places suspected of the beetle’s presence. After the first spray, leave the place for 20 minutes. Then, spray the infected areas for the second time. This spray is a bit acidic and will kill carpet beetles. 

  • Regular Vacuuming

Use the vacuum cleaner attachment to easily clean hard-to-reach nooks and corners. Additionally, you must vacuum the sofa upholstery because these areas can be the habitat of these fabric-eating insects. 

  • Steam Cleaning

The vacuum steam cleaning will help to suck the beetles, their larvae, and eggs from the carpet fibers. The heat during the steam cleaning will exterminate the beetles. Make sure to steam clean all the fabricated regions of your home. These beetles grow more quickly during the summer and spring. 

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles With Chemicals?

How To Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

We have compiled some effective chemicals to help eliminate infectious carpet beetles from your place. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Boric Acid 

You can also sprinkle boric acid over the carpet and upholstery where you suspect bedroom carpet beetles are present. Leave it for half an hour. After that, a vacuum cleaner will thoroughly eliminate all the beetles, their eggs, and larvae. 

Boric acid is poisonous if ingested in large quantities. So, always wear a mask and gloves while sprinkling boric acid. Never use this method if you have children at home. 

  • Insecticides 

You can also use insecticides like deltamethrin, bifenthrin, and cyfluthrin to kill carpet beetles. Make sure to patch-test the carpet tile before sprinkling these chemicals all over it. If the carpet’s colors remain unaffected during the patch test, you can use them all over the carpet. 

How To Keep The Beetles From Coming Back?

How To Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Once you have gotten rid of carpet beetles, it is not enough. You must follow the tips mentioned below to keep your place Beatles-free permanently. Let’s explore them: 

  • Regular Cleaning 

To keep your living room carpets, rugs, and other furniture upholstery beetle-free, broom or vacuum them regularly. This practice will help keep your place clean, eliminate these insects, and stop their reproduction daily. 

  • Completely Seal The Entry Points 

Beetles come from the gaps or cracks around your windows or doors. They can also reach your place with some fabricated luggage. So, block the entrance of these insects and seal these gaps of cracks permanently. 

  • Follow a Proper Storage Practice

Always store your clothes, linens, and other fabric in airtight bags. This practice will not provide any space for these beetles to stay and reproduce. 

  • Always Use Natural Repellents 

Another best practice to keep your carpets and rugs free from carpet beetles is to use natural repellents. These include lavender oil, eucalyptus oils, and cedar chips to deter these insects. 

  • Regular Inspection 

Regularly check the areas where the beetle can live, such as under storage areas, carpets, or closets. Clean that area with natural methods or chemicals if you see holes or tiny sticky particles. 

Final Words

The carpet beetle can enter your home with second-hand clothing, rugs, carpets, or custom furniture to damage your fabricated things. To deal with this inconvenience, we have explained in detail how to get rid of carpet beetles. First of all, try to eliminate them in natural ways. If you use any chemicals, wear a mask, goggles, and gloves for personal safety.

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