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How To Measure Blinds | Expert Step By Step Guide

How To Measure Blinds Pro Guide

There are many different kinds of blinds that may be used to cover your windows and enhance the aesthetics of the space. The only items that can, however, integrate themselves into any room or décor are blinds. Blinds may be customized to your needs by measuring to your specifications.

A single piece of cloth is used to create blinds, and it is wrapped around a rod or dowel. The most popular sort of window coverings are blinds since they offer the greatest benefits, such as providing your room’s windows with a fashionable touch.

It’s not easy to measure the size of blinds to install and cover your windows. Many people commit small errors that lead to larger catastrophes. The interior design of your house may be made or broken by measuring the size of your blinds and you must know about blinds measurement before installation of blinds.

We purchased a resource for you to assist you to deal with this issue. You will discover how to measure blinds in the greatest methods in today’s post.

Different Ways To Measure For Blinds

When it comes to buying window blinds that are the ideal size to cover your windows, measurements are crucial. When you are measuring for window blinds, be sure to take care of everything.

You can Measure for Blinds and mount them in 3 different ways:

  • Outside of the window frame
  • Inside the window frame
  • Within the window recess.

By analyzing them, you can determine which of these choices would be best for you by taking the appropriate measurements.

Tools and Materials Required

For taking the measurements, you must have:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Notebook, etc.

For Mounting Blinds Outside The Window Frame

For Mounting Blinds Outside The Window Frame

To hide the window frame, install the blinds outside the window. To take the necessary measurements, follow the directions below.

a) Measuring Width

  • To measure for blinds, get the measuring tape.
  • To determine the width of the blinds, measure from left to right.
  • Measure the window frame’s width at the top, center, and bottom.
  • Then write them on paper.
  • Now adjust the dimensions by 7–10 cm on either side.
  • The actual width of the blinds you wish to mount outside the window frame will be determined by this.
  • Make sure that the fabric’s length is 30 mm shorter than the completed blind’s width.

b) Measuring Height

  • Obtain the tape measure.
  • To determine the length of the blinds, measure the window frame from top to bottom.
  • Measure the window frame’s width on the left, the center, and the right.
  • After that, put them on paper.
  • Now adjust the dimensions by adding 7–10 cm to the top and bottom.
  • The true length of the blinds you wish to mount outside the window frame will be revealed by doing this.

For Mounting Blinds Inside The Window Frame

For Mounting Blinds Inside The Window Frame

To make your window appear larger, place the blinds inside the window frame. To measure for blinds, follow the instructions we mentioned above:

For Mounting Blinds Within The Recess

For Mounting Blinds Within The Recess

When the walls of your room are not provided with windows, a window recess is created. The blinds that are installed inside the window recess are called recess blinds. The wall on which the window was built is tucked away to install them.

Follow these steps to obtain precise measurements for this method:

  1. Calculate the window’s recess width.
  2. Then calculate the window’s recess drop.
  3. To prevent the blinds from sticking to the window, subtract the minimum width from the specifications.


All of this has to do with measuring for blinds. All of the viewpoints from which you may measure blinds have been covered in this article.

Post a comment if you still need clarification or if you don’t understand something. Our experts will assist you in resolving the issue you have been having with measuring for blinds.

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