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How To Shorten Blinds | DIY Tips & Techniques To Follow 

How To Shorten Blinds DIY Tips & Techniques To Follow 

Do you have blinds that are too long for your windows? If so, you could be considering shortening them. It only takes a few straightforward steps to shorten blinds, and the technique is actually quite simple.

10 Steps for Shortening Window Blinds

An excellent approach to regulating the amount of light and privacy in space is using blinds. But sometimes, blinds can be too long for your windows. If this is the case, you may be wondering how to shorten blinds without damaging them.

There are a few different ways you can shorten blinds, depending on the type of blinds you have. If you have fabric blinds, you can simply cut them to the desired length. If you have wooden or plastic blinds, you can remove the bottom slats and trim them to size. You can also remove the entire blind and refit it to the window, or take it to a professional to have it shortened.

Shortening blinds is a relatively easy task that can be done in a few minutes.

Step 1: Extend Blinds Completely

Your blinds should be fully extended so that the excess drapes are below the ledge. It doesn’t matter if the slats are open or closed.

Step 2: Mark New Bottom Slat

Mark the blinds slat with tape that is parallel to or just below the windowsill. You will now use this as your bottom slat.

Step 3: Take Out the Rail Plugs

On the underside of the bottom rail, take out any plastic buttons or plugs. By removing the plugs, you may access the lift cord and string ladders that climb the blinds. The plugs seal off holes in the bottom rail as well as a recess where the ladder strings and pull cord are knotted or fastened with an eyelet or other fastening.

Step 4: Remove the Bottom Rail

Untie or cut the knots at the bottom of the lift cords to allow them to be pulled up through the holes. Now that your bottom rail has been removed, you may.

Step 5: Remove the Extra Slats

To remove the lift cords from the slats, pull up on each one under the slat you have marked. Take away the superfluous slats. Your marked slat will now be surrounded by extra vertical and horizontal cables (ladder cords).

Step 6: Insert Bottom Rail

Pass your bottom rail through the ladder strings beneath the last slat. Reverse the lift cord through the bottom rail’s holes. Place the bottom rail on the windowsill after opening the curtains so the slats are flat.

Step 7: Trim Extra Cords

Leave two to four inches of string hanging below your bottom rail after cutting off the additional strings. You will require enough ladder rope to secure the bottom rail. Next, remove any horizontal ladder strings that extend below the bottom rail, leaving only the vertical cables.

Step 8: Tie the Knots

Tie knots at the lift cord ends to secure the plugs, or, if the plugs were previously secured with knots, slide them back onto the wires first. Don’t worry about the extra lift cables. To reduce the additional slack, raise your blinds partially.

Step 9: Insert Rail Plugs

Under the bottom rail, tie the additional ladder ropes together. Place more cables inside the rail holes. Under the bottom rail, tying the cables together in knots could be helpful. Replace the rail plugs after that. Trim the strings as necessary if the plugs don’t fit.

Step 10: Test

Test the blinds by raising and lowering them, as well as opening and closing them a few times, to ensure that all cords are secured and that they are working correctly.

Enjoy Your Fitted Blinds

If you have blinds that are too long, you can shorten them with a few simple steps. The blinds on the window must first be removed. The blinds should then be trimmed to the required length. Reinstall the blinds and make any size adjustments.

Shorter blinds can give a room a neater appearance and can also make it easier to clean the windows. If you have children or pets, shortened blinds can also help to prevent accidents.

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