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How to Pair Plantation Shutters With Curtains – Easy Steps

If you’re looking for a window treatment that is both beautiful and functional, consider pairing plantation shutters with curtains. This classic combo offers the elegance of shutters with the softness and versatility of curtains.

Shutters are timeless window coverings made of natural materials like wood or composite. They have adjustable louvers that control light and privacy. Window Curtains come in endless styles and fabrics like sheers, drapes, and blackouts. Together, shutters and curtains create a customizable window treatment.

In your home, shutters with curtains can transform bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens, and more. As you want to explore how to pair plantation shutters with curtains, there are helpful guidelines to follow. It ensures your shutters and curtains work together seamlessly.

Different Curtain Styles to Pair with Plantation Shutters

Sheer Curtains

Delicate sheers made from lightweight fabric allow soft, filtered light in. When open, they maintain your view and privacy. Drawn closed, they diffuse more light for extra privacy. Breezy sheer curtains are an essential base layer.

Cafe Curtains

Cafe-style curtains covering just the lower window portion maintain visibility. They also permit light through the window shutters above. These short curtains are a great modern choice.

Blackout Curtains

To darken a bedroom, blackout curtains lined to block light are perfect. Shutters are also close to eliminating light gaps for sleeping.

Layered Curtains

Create customizable light control with layered curtains. Open sheer overlays for a soft look, or draw opaque linings closed. This option offers versatility.

Floor Length Curtains

Grand floor-length curtains complement shutters beautifully. The drape and folds of the long fabric add elegance.

The curtain style you choose impacts the overall look and function. Consider these popular options that work well with plantation shutters.

Choose curtains that align with your needs, from blackouts to breezy sheers. Layering lets you adjust the look as needed.

Best 7 Tips to Pair Plantation Shutters with Curtains

1. Consider Your Design Goals

Before choosing curtains, think about your design goals and needs for the room. Your priorities will help guide your curtain selection. For example, linen or cotton curtains can soften the look of shutters while also providing light filtering. Drapes in rich fabrics like velvet can increase privacy and insulation. Sheers efficiently filter light while still allowing you to see through.

2. Think About Window Size and Shape

The shape and size of your windows will impact how the shutters and curtains work together. For large windows, using curtains alone could look skimpy or get heavy, so pairing them with shutters provides structure.

For small windows, too many treatments can look cluttered, so streamlined cafe-style curtains work best. The layout of your windows is also a factor. Shutter and curtain combos look best when hung within the window frame instead of extending beyond it.

3. Choose Complementary Colors

You might be thinking about how to pair plantation shutters with curtains using different colors. Pairing plantation shutters and curtains in coordinating colors is key to making them look cohesive. Go for tones and shades that complement each other across the color wheel, such as blue shutters with peach curtains.

Opt for curtains in a lighter hue than the shutters. Neutral-colored shutters give you the most flexibility for curtain colors, while bright white curtains brighten rooms with dark shutters. For a monochromatic look, choose fabrics and shutter colors with some variations in tone.

4. Mind the Texture

Texture provides visual interest and depth. Combine plantation shutters with curtains in contrasting textures. For example, pair sleek, smooth shutters with nubby linen curtains or shiny faux silk drapes. If your shutters have raised panels, look for curtains with dimensional woven patterns or small pleats to echo the detail. Just take care not to overdo it with too many competing textures.

5. Layer for Light and Privacy Control

One of the benefits of using both plantation shutters and curtains is being able to layer them to customize light filtering and privacy. Here are some effective ways to use layers:

  • Sheers alone during the day – provides light filtering while allowing you to see outdoors.
  • Sheers and shutters during the day – further cut glare while maintaining visibility.
  • Shutters alone during the daylight control rooms that need darkness, like nurseries or home theaters.
  • Sheers and shutters at night – sheers soften the light from inside while shutters provide insulation.
  • Shutters and opaque curtains at night – shutters give insulation, and blackout curtains total darkness and privacy.

6. Select Functional Curtain Styles and Hardware
When pairing curtains with plantation shutters, it’s important to select styles that will operate smoothly together. Rod pocket curtain panels are a great choice as they can easily glide open and close along a curtain rod just above the shutters.

Back tab curtains are another good option since the tabs keep the curtain fabric neatly in place when the shutters are closed. For optimal light filtering and privacy control, consider a double curtain rod setup. Curtain rings, grommets, or tie-back tabs are useful for ensuring the quiet and effortless operation of the curtains.

7. Check for Clearance Issues
When open, the plantation shutters and curtains need enough clearance to not collide with each other or any surrounding furniture, fixtures, or wall decor.

Test that shutters can fully open and close without catching or hitting the curtains.
Make sure curtains stack cleanly on the rod without bunching up when open.
Allow sufficient space between the extended rod and wall for curtains to hang properly when closed.
Move any furniture like beds or sofas away from windows to prevent obstruction.
Consider the swing radius of pendant lights or wall sconces near the windows.

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Now you know how to pair plantation shutters with curtains. Pairing plantation shutters with curtains is a great way to make your windows look fantastic. It’s like putting together two amazing things. Shutters give you a clean and neat look for your windows, and you can control how much light comes in.

Curtains make your windows cozy, keep your privacy, and make them look interesting. When you use shutters and curtains together, you get beautiful, useful, and timeless windows. This combination will make your windows look great for a long time.

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