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how to pair plantation shutters with curtains

No doubt, plantation shutters are immensely beneficial to be used as window treatments i.e. improved light & privacy control, timeless design, easy to clean, various complementing options, and many more. But, have you ever thought about pairing plantation shutters with curtains?

However, pairing them with curtains alleviates all the shortcomings of having either only curtains or plantation shutters as a window treatment. Because the benefits of this window treatment combination are immeasurable in terms of decor and functionality-wise.

In this article by Fixing & Installation Experts, we’re going to illustrate the right method to pair plantation shutters with curtains.

Factors To Consider When Pairing Plantation Shutters With Curtains

To reap all the benefits of a window treatment combination, you need to keep in mind and strictly follow some important selection parameters. In this case, we’ve summoned all the necessary elements that should be considered when pairing plantation shutters with curtains.

1. Room Style & Decor Settings

No need to say that you have to buy both curtains and shutters keeping in view the interior design and decor. For this purpose, the selection of color, style, design, and material for both window treatments should be precisely picked. Simply put, there’s no point in dressing your window with treatments that don’t look pleasing to the eyes.

2. Window Shape & Size Measurements

Some windows are square shaped while others may be rectangular or irregular-shaped. Similarly, the size of the window or you may say the window span also deviates most of the time in regard to standard-sized windows. In this regard, you should opt for customized window treatments to capitalize on your investment.

3. Functionality & Interior Privacy

You can go with traditionally used manual window treatment operations for a classic touch to the vintage-styled interior. Or, you may opt for an advanced and fully automated mechanism to operate your window treatments. The choice comes down to budget-friendliness and your personal preferences.

However, you should never compromise on the aspect of interior privacy protection. So, always make sure to keep the intruding eyes out with the right choice of window treatment style and materials.

4. Coordinating Color & Pattern

Apart from complementing the interior decor and theme, both window treatments should be selected to complement each other first. In this concern, the most important factor is to harmonize the appearance of both window treatments.

However, it’s always not a steadfast rule to create coordination because you can always create interest and attraction by having out-of-the-way solutions for window treatments (a challenging task in actuality).

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How To Measure For Plantation Shutters?

The following points depict the ideal way to measure the window for installing plantation shutters.

  • Use a steel tape measure for accurate window dimensional assessments.
  • Measure the width of the window & add 1/8th inch to the reading.
  • Measure the window’s length and also add 1/8th inch to the measurement.
  • Keep in mind the difference between inside vs outside-mounted plantation shutters.
  • For uneven windows, you need to create distinct sections and measure and mark each section separately. Still, you’ll be taking the window’s width and length measurement the same way.
  • When calculating the window’s area, put the width measurement first (for uneven window frames) and the height or length measurement last for multiplication.
  • Also, never assume the exact same for the window’s width at the top part by measuring the bottom of the window.
  • At last, always take 3 different measurements for the length and width of the window i.e. from the bottom, middle, and top of the window frame.

Why Pair Plantation Shutters & Curtains?

The question arises why is there a need to pair curtains and plantation shutters in the first place. The answer to this question has been summarized below.

  • The solid practicality of plantation shutters gets the soft yet decorative design touch of imprinted curtains for improved aesthetics.
  • You’ll enjoy the benefit of control over interior illumination and privacy for enhanced window treatment practicality.
  • Curtains are continuous layers of fabric material and therefore, prove to be more energy efficient when paired with plantation shutters.
  • The thick louvers of window shutters combined with continuous layers of curtain fabric improve the interior sound insulation significantly.

How To Pair Plantation Shutters & Curtains?

Here’s an all-inclusive explanation of the process summary for pairing curtains and plantation shutters.

  1. Put in place the plantation window shutters prior to installing curtains.
  2. For this purpose, you need to trim the shutters for a precise fitting (ready-made shutters).
  3. However, custom plantation shutters don’t need trimming or size reduction of any sort.
  4. Assemble the shutter frame and use plastic connectors for this purpose.
  5. Tack each part of the shutter frame to the wall and apply screws to hold the frame against the wall.
  6. Always check in between the installation for whether the shutter frame is at the right level or not.
  7. After the frame, you just need to apply the hinge and hang the curtains panels.
  8. Don’t forget that the right panel should always overlap the left panel of the window shutters after installation.
  9. Now, you need to install curtain brackets by drilling holes in the wall.
  10. Again, the surface level check will come in handy to avoid any miscalculations.
  11. Pass the curtains through the curtain hanging shaft or rods and place the curtain within brackets on both ends for arrangement purposes.
  12. Drape the curtains to check if they’re functioning smoothly and you’re all done pairing curtains and plantation shutters.

Some Important Tips & Creative Ideas

Pairing curtains with plantation shutters sounds quite overwhelming and imparts interior royalty and lavishness. Here take a look at some innovative ideas in this concern.

1. Anchor The Interior Design

Sometimes having either plantation shutters or window curtains make the interior design look unbalanced and unfinished. So, pairing them up will definitely solve this issue by providing an anchor to the interior decor.

2. The Ideal Curtain Length

Curtains that brush the floor are ideal for this purpose and therefore, you should never go for ones long enough that they jumble on the floor. Thus, the ideal curtain length proves to be the key factor for making the curtain panel look captivating.

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3. Consider Sheers V/S Opaque Curtains

For a sparking window appearance and stand-out impressions, most people go with sheers. On the other hand, opaque curtains are widely chosen by daydreamers, night shift workers, and other functional needs.

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4. The Best Hardware & Accessories

Curtain rods, brackets, finials, tilt rod louvers, shutter staples, pins, and glides are all the highlighting features of window treatment. Besides, these glistening accessories play an important role in making the window coverings appear to be the center of interior attraction.

Timeless Elegance and Practical Benefits of Plantation Shutters for Your Home

The Different Types Of Curtains & Plantation Shutters

To be very specific, there are various different types of curtains available on the market that you can have a selection from depending on your requirements. Some of the best types of curtains are enlisted;

Sheer Curtains & Plantation Shutters

With a net-like texture and soft yet luxurious appearance, sheer fabric curtains complement the plantation shutters. 

Blackout Curtains & Plantation Shutters

Enjoy the benefit of a complete interior blackout with absolute privacy control by pairing the thick blackout curtains with plantation window shutters.

Thermal Curtains & Plantation Shutters

Capitalize on the benefit of energy efficiency offered by plantation window shutters by layering thermal curtains over the window frame.

Grommet Curtains & Plantation Shutters

The elegance of grommet curtains combined with the classic style of plantation window shutters offers the most magnificent decor arrangements.

Rod Pocket Curtains & Plantation Shutters

Accentuate your living spaces with windows framed with plantation shutters and rod pocket curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I Use Plantation Shutters And Curtains On Bay Windows?

Yes, plantation shutters in combination with window curtains can be applied on bay windows.

2. How Do I Choose The Right Length For Curtains To Pair With Plantation Shutters?

Take measurements from 6 inches above the window top to the floor and add 1 inch to that assessment for error correction. Don’t worry, you can trim any extra length but can’t solve the other way around this situation.

3. How Do I Choose The Right Hardware For Plantation Shutters And Curtains?

The right choice of curtain hardware can be made only if you match these essentials with both window coverings. Besides, you should not compromise on the quality aspect when having a selection.

4. Do Plantation Shutters Block Light?

Yes, you’ll find plantation shutters blocking light rays, however, there won’t be a complete blackout effect.

5. Can I Use Patterned Curtains With Plantation Shutters?

Yes, patterned curtains can be paired with plantation shutters for adding a soft and luxurious touch to the overall window frame. This combination makes the window coverings look delightful and pleasing.

6. How Do I Coordinate The Colors Of My Plantation Shutters And Curtains?

Color coordination is important and necessary for window treatment combinations. You can have white shutters paired with neutral-colored curtains or opt for warm-colored bold accents for curtains when shutters are stained.


The combination of plantation shutters and window curtains provides decor upgrades as well as plenty of practical benefits. In this article, we’ve explained all queries regarding this window treatment combination by proposing and answering various different scenarios. From the factor considerations and reasons justified to the various options available and methods to combine these window coverings, each and every aspect has been explained for your understanding.

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