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How To Install Window Blinds Without Drilling Holes? Easy Methods 2024

How To Install Blinds Without Drilling Holes

Blinds are one of the unique and amazing window treatments that provide not only privacy and block out light functionality, but also enhance the interior decor of your home. You can give a touch of sophistication and luxury while installing the blinds in any home.

It seems impossible to hang the blinds without drilling the holes because they are mostly made of wood, which makes them heavier to carry out without drilling. Some people think it is impossible to install blinds without drilling holes.

There are different reasons to avoid creating holes in the walls. For example, you might live in a rental apartment whose landlord restricts you from making holes into the walls.

In today’s article, you will learn about how simple and easy to hang blinds without drilling holes. We will guide you by giving you 4 easy ways, which you can use and install the blinds without drilling into the walls.

4 Easiest Methods To Hang Blinds Without Drilling Holes

Hang Blinds Without Drilling Holes

There are a lot of ways to hang the blinds without drilling holes. But in today’s guide, you will learn about the Top 4 easiest ways to hang blinds without drilling holes into the walls. Let’s look at the 4 easiest methods one by one:

1. Use Magnetic Blinds

Use Magnetic Blinds

You can get no drill blinds like magnetic blinds that have seamless magnet brackets at their backside. If the doors of your room comprise a metal material, then this method would be the best choice for you instead of purchasing other window coverings for your home.

This is the best temporary solution for getting no drilling window treatment for your home’s interior. How to install blinds on a metal door without drilling? The answer is, magnetic blinds can easily be attached and fit to your metal-oriented windows.

The magnets used in these blinds are so strong that they can easily carry the heavyweight of the blind. There are two magnets attached to them. One is at the inner side of the blinds and the other is at the outer side of the blinds.

These magnets are attached within the panes and allow tilting, lowering, and lifting of the slats of the blinds. You can place the magnetic slider either on the left or right side of the window edges in order to move the slates in a uniform position. If you want to install blinds without screws, then this method would be the best choice for you.

2. Use Tension Rods

Use Tension Rods

You can buy blinds that have built-in tension rods inside them. The tension rod is placed in a seamless unit that gives the look of regular blinds. You can get all types of blinds with the tension rod included in them.

This mechanism helps to carry out more weight as compared to the other ones. Install the blinds perfectly by using these tension rods to not let them loose with time. Place the tension rod inside your window frame to hold the blind perfectly.

Blinds can be installed easily by using the tension rods without needing to drill the holes in the wall. You just have to fit them according to the size of your window frame. It can also be called tension blinds. No drilling is required.

3. Use Command Hooks

Use Command Hooks

You can hang blinds without drilling holes by using the command hooks. These hooks use command strips for blinds that are adhesive and you can attach them on the wall or with the window frames.

You can easily mount the blinds on the hooks with the help of command strips. People also have questions, how to hang blinds with command strips? You just have to place two command hooks on each side and one in the middle of the window frame for giving extra support to the blinds.

Then use the needle and attach the strips of shade fabric on the backside of the blinds to create a loop. Once the hooks are installed perfectly in the window frame, then you can hang the heavy blinds by making the loops on the three command hooks. The adhesive strip used in this mechanism can hold 15 pounds of weight. It might be a tricky task for you if you are doing it for the very first time. So, take every single step carefully.

4. Self-Adhesive Blinds

Self-Adhesive Blinds

If you want to get no drill window blinds, an effortless and hassle-free installation then purchase the self-adhesive blinds. The bracket placed on the upper side of the blinds is coated with an extremely strong adhesive that is sealed with a protective strip.

Installing the self-adhesive blinds is so easy that can be done by you perfectly, even if you are a newbie. The blinds have a long adhesive strip. You just have to uncover the strip and stick it to the window frame or behind the door.

Press on the strip firmly for giving it the best sticking to the wall. These blinds can be available in different sizes and styles that you can purchase as per your requirements. Install self-adhesive blinds to give a neat look to your home’s interior.

You can also call them crewless window blinds. Some people ask frequently that how to hang blinds without brackets? This method is the best solution for those people.


This is all about how you can hang blinds without drilling holes. I hope all the ways that we have discussed how to install the window blinds without drilling would be helpful for you to get rid of that type of situation.

If you got nothing about it, then you can ask by posting a comment. We will guide you if you will face a problem or have any queries regarding this.

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