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The Most Commonly Used Carpet Fiber Types | Which One Is The Best?

The Most Commonly Used Carpet Fiber Types

Are you planning to buy a new carpet for your new home or want to purchase a new one in order to replace your older carpet? You must be confused about the types of carpet fibers. It is also possible that you don’t even know about the crafting materials that are employed for the quality manufacturing of a good carpet.

If you are a person who has got both the above-mentioned questions, then this blog is going to be very useful and knowledgeable for you. For your better understanding, we have mentioned the most commonly used fiber types in modern-day carpets.

4 Top Used Carpet Fiber Types

Carpet Fiber

In our piece of writing, we will discuss the 4 major types of carpet fibers. We hope you will get most of your questions answered after going through this piece of writing. So, with no delay, let us move toward the major fiber types that are used for the sturdy manufacturing of these trendy carpets.

When discussing the types of carpets, we are actually talking about the crafted fibers that are used in the quality manufacturing of these carpets. You know very well that every type of fiber has its own pros and cons. So let us have a quick look at the major difference between synthetic fibers and natural fibers.

Synthetic Carpet Fibers

  • These fibers are man-made.
  • More resistant to stains as compared to natural fibers.
  • Have a more practical nature.
  • Less expensive as compared to natural fibers.

Natural Carpet Fibers

Natural Carpet Fibers

  • These fibers come directly from nature.
  • In these fibers, wool is considered more durable than cotton.
  • Natural carpet fibers are typically expensive as compared to synthetic fibers.

Different Fiber Types Of Carpets

Here, we have got the four major types of carpet fibers that determine the durability of any carpet. So let us get started with our first one.

1. Nylon Fiber

Nylon Fiber

One of the most commonly used and the number one synthetic fiber for carpets is nylon. This fiber is considered the best to be used in both residential and commercial types of places. As a matter of fact, nylon is the most durable and strongest fiber, yet it feels too soft under your feet. The major reasons why nylon is preferred are that it is resistant to molds, mildew, abrasions, and insects as well.

If you are allergic, then nylon is going to be the best choice for you as it does not hold any kinds of allergens in it at all. Nylon fiber keeps its height and its colors do not fade as well. Nylon is preferably placed in areas with high foot traffic because of the above plus points.

Nylon carpets are priced moderately, so they can easily come under the budgets of most customers easily. However, it is not as expensive as wool, and the price of nylon is greater compared to propylene and polyester.

2. Polyester Fiber

Another synthetic carpet fiber is polyester. It is very easy to clean and is quite durable as well. In traffic areas, polyester cannot maintain the height of its fibers and it does not feel luxurious after some time as well. Polyester is never recommended for areas with high foot traffic.

Polyester fiber has many vibrant colors, but these colors can fade if these fibers are directly exposed to the sunlight regularly. These fibers are not as sturdy and durable as nylon, but can be a good choice for people with low budgets. Polyester fiber is said to be an excellent choice for people who are sensitive to different types of allergies as well.

If your floors are more exposed to water-soluble stubborn stains, then you must get polyester carpets as they are more resistant to these stains as compared to any other carpet fiber type. You might get an extremely plush feeling under your feet after the installation of such carpets that are manufactured using polyester fibers. Polyester carpets can provide you with the most economical approach and the best aesthetic visuals.

3. Wool Fiber

The most stunning fiber that is obtained from the lap of nature is wool. This fiber is an animal fiber that is taken directly from the sheep’s hair. If you have got a high budget, then wool is the perfect choice for the carpet flooring in your place. This fiber is considered among the most expensive carpet fiber types. As compared to some top-class nylon fibers, wool fiber is even more expensive.

As with nylon, wool has got many good things going for it as well. Wool carpets exhibit luxurious looks. They are long-lasting, resistant to different types of stains, insanely durable, dense, and soft, and you can also get these wool carpets dyed in various types of vibrant or bright colors as well. These wool fibers are even better than many synthetic fibers and can also maintain the height of the fibers very well.

But some downsides also come with natural fibers. If wool fibers are exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, their color may fade. Wool is susceptible to insect damage as well. Wool fibers can accumulate allergens in them and they are not even resilient as compared to nylon. Wool carpets may also show shedding at different patches.

4. Propylene Fiber (Olefin)

Olefin, or propylene fibers, is a 100% man-made fiber that mimics natural wool fibers. These fibers are also used as an alternative to natural wool sometimes. Mildew, abrasions, moisture, and fading by direct sunlight are not so prevalent in this synthetic olefin fiber as it is a very sturdy and tough fiber.

Propylene (Olefin) carpet fiber is very easy to clean and maintain. It is much softer than nylon. These fibers show complete resistance to different kinds of stubborn stains of both oil and water origin. But keep one thing in mind: these propylene fibers can withhold oils in them, which in turn can accumulate dust particles. It is a pocket-friendly option, and when compared to wool, polyester, and nylon, the olefin fibers are less expensive.

You might hear mixed opinions about the durability and serviceability of olefin fibers. When seen generally, olefin or propylene fibers are not considered very durable or sturdy. As a result, these carpets are not recommended for high-traffic areas. Propylene typically prevents stains unevenly.


We hope that after reading this entire piece of writing, you now have attained a sufficient amount of knowledge about the types of fibers that are used in the carpet industry. All the fibers that we have mentioned in our article are the most commonly used and come with their own plus points and different downsides as well.

If you are looking for the best fiber for the carpet flooring at your place, then remember that it entirely depends upon your needs and your requirements. So, first, always determine your desires and needs before making any final decision on buying any carpet for your space.

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