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How to Fix Carpet Buckling? Common Reasons Why Does Carpet Buckle

How to Fix Carpet Buckling

Seeing wrinkles and ripples all over your wall-to-wall carpet is really a very irritating and frustrating experience. This issue arises after you have had your carpet steam cleaned, in most cases. Have you ever faced this situation? If so, then it is known as carpet buckling.

If you have run into such a problem, then worry not as you can easily fix this issue yourself or you can call a professional as well. In such a situation, you do not have to replace your carpet at all. By going through this piece of writing, you can resolve the wrinkling issues of your carpet on your own, which is very convenient as well. Let us find out the reasons for buckling and their solutions as well.

6 Reasons For Buckling And How To Resolve Them?

How to Fix Carpet Buckling

The first step to resolving the issue that you have got on your carpet is to identify the root cause of that buckling. By doing so, you will fix the problem and can also prevent it from appearing again.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss the most probable and common buckling problems on carpet floors, and after briefly stating all these problems, we will tell you about the universal solution that can avoid these buckling problems easily. This solution can fix both large and small wrinkles as well. So let us get started with no delay at all.

1. Carpet Is Wet

How to Fix Carpet Buckling

One of the most frequently asked questions is why the carpet gets buckled after steam cleaning. Well, for the answer to this question, you know that the carpet is more susceptible to some issues when it is wet. These problems may include browning and wrinkling. Both issues arise for a single common reason, which is excess water or moisture present in the carpet.

This reason is valid, and it makes sense as well. When you lay down the wet carpet, a type of material that gets into the carpet takes up space and, as a result, swells. This same phenomenon occurs with moisture, and because of it, the buckling or wrinkling occurs.

But there is good news as well. When your carpet gets dried once, it might restore its original shape after shrinking, and then you would not even know where the wrinkles were present.

2. Humidity

How to Fix Carpet Buckling

The moisture after steam cleaning can cause your carpet to buckle, and the moisture present in the environment could also buckle your carpets. This buckling issue is very common in areas in which naturally humid climatic conditions are present.

As you know, the humid environment has moisture that penetrates the carpet and makes it swell. When the buckling is caused by cleaning, it undoes after the carpet gets dry, but with humidity buckling, this issue will only get resolved when summer comes or when the humidity time period ends.

And this is a serious and critical type of problem, as after that long time period, the carpet does not go back to its genuine shape. If you have got wrinkles or buckling on your carpets because of humidity, then there are 2 things that you can do to avoid it.

Turn your air conditioning system on or you will have to purchase a dehumidifier. By using one of these devices, you can easily remove excess humidity or moisture from the environment, which will create a healthier environment and help you remove the wrinkles from your carpets.

3. Dragging/Moving Bulky Items

How to Fix Carpet Buckling

This is totally a matter of common sense. When you drag or pull heavy objects over your carpet, they will definitely stretch & fray the carpet. Besides mere stretching, you might destroy your carpet completely by doing so. To prevent this, we recommend using a dolly to move heavy items on the carpet.

But if, fortunately, you have gotten no holes or any stretched places on your carpet while dragging heavy items over it, then you must follow the simple steps to bring it back to its normal shape. Otherwise, if it gets stretched, then it is now the time to change your ruined carpet.

4. Improper Installation

Improper Installation

During the installation of your carpet, instruct the carpet installer to stretch the carpet as much as he might stretch it. As with passaging time, the carpet has to be loosened as well. As you all know, the carpets are placed by using tack strips on the edges and are nailed to hold the carpet in place.

And if they are not installed properly, the fabric from the sides loosens and also loses the entire carpet, which consequently gives rise to buckling or wrinkling. But you will not face such an issue if the carpet has been installed precisely with a complete stretch. So, for such an installation, ask your installer to install the carpet by using a power stretcher.

Also, keep in mind that such loosening of carpets might also occur if the tack strips get loosened and the nails come up. In such a situation, you must call a carpet professional who will change the tack strips and again stretch your carpet accurately.

5. Carpet Underlayment/Padding

Carpet Underlayment Padding

This problem is very offensive, and we have seen some people facing it. Besides the criticality of this issue, you should also know that it is difficult to deal with as well. As everyone knows, there is a padding layer beneath the actual carpet. The main purpose of this layer is to add comfort, and it also helps you when walking over the top of the carpet.

In the market, you will find many types of underlayments or padding, but the most important thing to consider is the thickness of that padding. If you want to make your carpet more comfortable under your feet, then you can choose really thick padding. But keep this in mind, and remember that thicker is not always better!

The worst experience that you will face with this thick padding is the buckling issue. So, always use padding that is literally compatible with your carpet; otherwise, thick padding can ruin your carpet by causing wrinkles or buckles on its surface. If you are baffled about the padding measurements, then you can see the manufacturer’s guide for help as well.

6. Manufacturing Faults

Manufacturing Faults

Delimitation is the last but not least factor that plays an important role in the buckling’s rise issue. The word “delimitation” actually refers to the manufacturing defects that are present in any product from the manufacturing process.

If you have ever looked beneath your carpet, you will see backing that supports the carpet. Actually, there are two layers of carpet backing present. One holds the manufacturing fibers of carpets together, and the other has to contact your existing floors.

Manufacturing defects start when the primary backing layers of the carpet get detached from the secondary backing layer. Many reasons can be given behind this, but the main thing is that because of this delimitation, the primary layer gets loose, resulting in damaged or loosened carpet fibers that may cause buckling.

If you see such a problem, then the only thing that you can do is to contact the supplier or the manufacturer of your carpet and ask them for a remedy or a claim. This problem is because of manufacturing defects, so you can ask them for a carpet replacement as well.

Techniques To Remove Carpets Buckles/Wrinkles

Now, after knowing the proper reason for the buckling of your carpet, the time removes it. We have already gained so much knowledge that you definitely know that sometimes the problem will go away by doing nothing at all. But when the problem does not get resolved, then you have to do a specific treatment for the specific problems as well.

Here we have mentioned the two most common methods that are employed for the removal of almost all types of buckles or wrinkles present on your carpet. So let us take a brief look at both of them one by one.

1. Use a Knee Kicker For Small Buckles

Use a Knee Kicker For Small Buckles

To implement this process, you only have to purchase a simple tool that you can even buy from Amazon. This tool can be very inexpensive and can save a lot of money as well. Yes, I am talking about the Knee Kicker tool. It can be very effective for the removal of many small buckles that are present on the carpet.

2. Get Professional Equipment For Large Buckles

Get Professional Equipment For Large Buckles

If you have got large buckles on your carpet, then the knee kicker would not work, and we understand how big your problem is. To get rid of these large wrinkles or buckles from your carpet, you can rent different pro equipment as well. The most probable tool is a power stretcher.

If we have stated them as professional, then it does not even mean that they are difficult to operate. We are calling them professionals because of their expensive nature. So, you can easily rent such equipment. And according to my honest review, everyone can use it easily with no problem. So use such pro tools for the removal of large buckles from your carpets.

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And that’s all, folks. We hope that after having a proper view of our blog, you now have the most obvious information about the buckling problem of the carpets. Here, we have not only mentioned the problems and causes that cause the wrinkling of your carpet, but we have also stated different types of solutions that you can opt for to get rid of this frustrating problem as well.

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