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Rug vs Carpet: 10 Differences with Pros & Cons!

Rug Vs Carpet

You walk on smooth/soft, or rough floor coverings every day. Have you ever imagined how many types of floor coverings there are? Do you know what the difference is between a rug and a carpet? Did you ever wonder what the best option among them is? If you don’t know, it’s fine. If you like to know the answers to the above questions, you are in the right place. I’ll make everything clear today.

What Is Meant By A Rug? | Traits

What Is Meant By A Rug

A rug is a thick piece of twisted fabric that is used to cover floors, partially for protection and decoration purposes. There are lots of types of rugs in the market today. They are grouped based on their material, construction, and visual style.

Rugs add an extra aesthetic to the decoration of your rooms, as they are available in different elegant colors, textures, and styles. Olefin, jute, and wool are commonly used materials for the manufacturing of rugs. There are three preferred styles of rugs: Persian, flat weaves, and shags.

What Is Meant By A Carpet? | Traits

What Is Meant By A Carpet

A carpet is a floor cover comprising two layers; upper layer and lower layers, it is stretched wall-to-wall in the entire room. The upper layer of the carpet is a heavy pile that provides protection and decoration, the lower layer acts as a base for the carpet and is fixed with the floor.

In the past, carpets were used only for covering, but now they are being used as decoration pieces because of their graceful textures, designs, and visuals.

There are many common things between rugs and carpets. However, they have some differences between them. This blog will also shed light on the basic differences between rugs and carpets.

10 Differences Between Rugs And Carpets

You have gained plenty of knowledge about carpets and rugs; now it is time to discuss the differences between them. There are 10 vital differences among them based on the following;

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Portability
  • Usage
  • Maintenance
  • Styles
  • Placement
  • Durability
  • Permanence
  • Price

Stay with us. We are going to explore the major differences between rugs and carpets. It will answer all of your questions about rugs and carpets.



The apparent difference between a rug and a carpet is size. Both are available in different sizes. A relevant size is preferred depending upon the design and area where we will install them.

We can find rugs to cover an area of the doorstep for 8’ x 10’ rooms. We will prefer a certain size of the rug based on our usage, whether we want to cover the smaller portion, the bigger portion, or the entire room. The most common sizes of rug are 3′ x 5′, 5′ x 8′, 8′ x 10′, 9′ x 12′, and 12′ x 15′.

With carpet, first we calculate the total area where the carpet will be installed, and then we choose its size. Many size variants of carpets can be found on the market; their sizes may be 12 feet, 13 feet and 6 inches, and 15 feet. After selecting a suitable size for the carpet, it is fastened to the ground. The carpet is not portable, unlike the rug.



There are various shapes of rugs; they can be available in rectangular, round/oval, runner, and square shapes. But the shape of a carpet depends on the shape and area of a room. The most common shape of a carpet is square or rectangle, as, generally, rooms have a regular shape.



The most significant benefit of a rug is that it is portable; we can easily transfer it from one place to another. When people change their homes, they take rugs with them and install them in their new homes. They are easily washable and take less time to dry. That is why they are easy to maintain.

The carpets are not generally portable; we cannot move them from one location to another. They are not easily washable, so they are hard to maintain. If people have to remove carpets, they usually call professionals to do this to prevent any damage to the flooring.



Rugs are manufactured in different colors, textures, styles, and patterns. The primary purpose of a rug is to protect. However, it is mostly used for decorative purposes because of its aesthetical colors, styles, and designs. Rugs are used for luxury, not as a basic necessity.

Carpets are mostly used for protection rather than for decoration. However, people use carpets for decoration also. Carpets are used as a basic necessity, not for luxury.


Rugs are easily washed, dried, cleaned, and maintained because of their compact nature. But the carpets cannot be washed, dried, and cleaned. That is why their maintenance is very difficult.



Rugs and carpets are both available in various styles, but they are different based on their material, construction, and visual design. Rugs are used to add more indoor space. Their styles are more appealing. Different types of rugs include geometric rugs, floral rugs, border rugs, etc.

Carpets are also available in different styles. However, they are not visually as aesthetical as rugs are. They are accessible in different styles like frieze, shag, cable, etc.


Rugs are usually placed in the empty spaces in the room. They are also placed under the furniture or on big-sized rugs. But the carpets are placed throughout the entire room as their basic function is to cover the floor.


The durability of rugs depends on their material and placement. Materials like wool and nylon are more durable and resistant to wear and tear. However, carpets have a longer life span than rugs because of the thick material used in their manufacturing.


The permanence of both depends on their maintenance. If they are maintained well, they will stay longer. However, carpets remain longer than compared to rugs because carpets are long-term investments.


Rugs are cheaper than carpets because of their small size. However, the pricing of both rugs and carpets depends on the material you choose. Wool is an expensive material, but you can enjoy the same benefits as alternative synthetic materials, comparatively at a lower price.

The Rugs | Pros, And Cons

There are different pros and cons for everything. Rugs also have pros that appeal to us, and they also have cons that stop us from buying them.

Pros Cons
Rugs are portable. Rugs can cause tripping problems for children and aged people.
They are easy to clean. The pile of rugs can catch fire.
Their small size helps to cover only the needed area. Tiny insects and microorganisms can live in the rugs.
They are friendly with allergic patients.

The Carpets | Pros, And Cons

Just like rugs, carpets also have pros and cons, which makes it clear which to choose.

Pros Cons
Carpets have significant resistance to slips. Carpets are not easily portable.
They cover the entire area in the room because of their large size. They are hard to clean.
They provide better insulation in cold areas. They trap allergens like dust and debris.
They may provide a cohesive color scheme in the house.

How To Choose The Best Floor Covering? | Factors

How To Choose The Best Floor Covering

Before reading this blog, there were many things you didn’t know. You have thoroughly read the differences between rugs and carpets, their pros and cons, and you might be in trouble finding the conclusion of this blog. You might still be confused about what to pick and how to pick. There are some factors that may be beneficial to you in deciding on your floor covering.

  • Colors
  • Patterns
  • Textures
  • Dimensions
  • Placement
  • Material.

Before selecting any floor covering, remember the above factors, and decide what you want, which colors, patterns, and textures you like. Which material will you prefer? Where do you want to place it, and what are the dimensions of your room?


After reading our blog, you should have a clear idea of your own interests, suitability, and needs for your room. You have studied all the important traits of rugs and carpets. We hope you are in a position now where you can decide whether a carpet or a rug is better. If you have decided, then buy, install, and make the appearance of your room elegant.

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