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What Color Curtains Go With Gray Walls

What Color Of Curtains Go with Gray Walls

Most people have a very formal and sophisticated taste regarding their wall paints. Grey is one of the most popular choices of neutral colors. Its versatile nature makes it easy to blend with any interior decor and style. It is crucial to select the color of window curtains with grey walls. Contrasting and neutral-colored curtains can go with the gray walls perfectly because of their neutral nature. They play a significant role in transforming your space into a classy one.

Best Colors of Curtains for Grey Walls

Amazing Color Of Curtains Go with Gray Walls

You might be looking for what color curtains go with gray walls. Following are the colors of curtains that will perfectly match the gray wall paint of your spaces, thus enhancing and decorating their look;


1. Classic White Curtains

White Curtains for Gray Walls

If you want to make your space look brighter and overwhelming with natural light in your gray walls, then you should go with white curtains. They act as a filter for bright light by adding elegance.

Sheer and silk white curtains with grey walls give a clean, soft, and calming effect to your bedrooms. They make your small grey wall room look broader and more significant than initially it is. So it will be perfect for your small spaces to make them look bigger.

2.  Different Shades of Blue Curtains

Navy Blue Curtains Go with Gray Walls

Blue textured drapes add style to your grey walls. Navy blue curtains will match seamlessly with your grey walls. It will give a tremendous appeal to your space. Also, dark blue curtains manage your privacy, which shows that they can be used in your bedrooms and office spaces.

For a decorative and chill feel, you should go with royal blue drapes. For a soothing or relaxing feel with the grey tones of your walls, you can opt for sky-blue colors. Depending upon the demand of your blue shade, you can avail of sheer, cotton blue drapes for your grey room.

3. Gray Curtains With Gray Walls

Charcoal Grey Curtains With Gray Walls

To create a cohesive and modern look, you can match grey curtains for your gray walls, as a monochromatic theme is always considered adorable and beautiful. Lightweight linen and cotton drapes will go perfectly with your room.

If you have light grey paint on your walls and you want to know what color curtains go with gray walls, then add charcoal grey dark curtains. If you have a darker grey on your walls, use lighter shades for your drapes. This match creates a sophisticated appeal to your place. You can also go with a velvet for a dramatic and cozy look.

4. Various Yellow Shades of Curtains

Gray walls work magnificently with the yellow-colored curtains. From vibrant gold to pale butter yellow shades, grey walls make a contrasting rich theme that gives a bold and modern look to your space. They provide an elegant look to your space with a classy, subtle look.

You can opt for floral curtains with a honey-yellow color to give an airy, fresh look to your face. Also, sheer yellow and eyelet go well with the grey walls of your space. Also, they give your room a sun streaming to allow natural light to brighten your space.

5. Pink Curtains with Elegant Tones

Light Pink Color Curtains With Grey Walls

You are about to get the best answer for what curtains can go with gray walls. The grey walls will perfectly contrast with the dusty rose-pink curtains. The earthy pink and floral pink curtains look gorgeous with the dark silver-grey wall colors.

This contrast will give an elegant and sweet look to your apartment. You can use this contrast in your living rooms and bedrooms for an inviting and cozy look. Grey walls will look perfect with silk or sheer pink curtains with some patterns and lines on them.

6. Purple Curtains for a Charming Look

Purple Curtains with grey walls

For an artistic touch to your place, you can choose purple-colored curtains for grey walls. The combination of purple and grey gives your dining room and living room a charming and fresh look that soothes your eyes. Patterned or cotton purple curtains will fit perfectly with the grey walls for an enchanting look.

Dark grey walls will blend efficiently with the plum-purple shade for a dramatic look. If you want to give your space a heavy and cozy look, choose wool or velvet purple. They will add a cheerful statement to your grey walls with their bright shade.

7. Cream Color Curtains

Cream Color Curtains With Grey Walls

Like the classic white color, the cream color also looks perfect with the gray walls. The cream color itself seems pleasant, and when it is matched with the gray walls, it will give an incredible and outstanding look.

Cream curtains for the home will create a soft and stunning contrast with the gray walls. Even the cream color also gives an aesthetic look to your rooms as compared to the white color curtains.

8. Floral Curtains

Floral Curtains With Grey Walls

The best part of the gray walls is that they are super versatile because they look perfect in almost every color. Floral curtains are also another best choice for gray walls. You can choose single-colored or multi-colored curtains for dark gray walls; both give a stunning look.

9. Neutral Stripes

Neutral Stripes Color Curtains With Grey Walls

If you want to go with fancy patterns or textured curtains, then striped curtains in neutral colors will be the best choice for you. The strip may be in a combination of tan and gray, white and light gray, cream and gray, white and beige, and any other that looks perfect with gray walls.

10.Green Curtains with Distinct tones

Green Curtains With Grey Walls

To add richness and depth to your grey wall space, you should select sage green curtains. They give an adorable look to your space. You can add some floral, patterned, or geometrical green curtains to your space to create a fresh look. You can add silk or eyelet green curtains that will charm your bedrooms and give lighting and a natural look to your space.

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From the above-detailed discussion, color selection for curtains is crucial for enhancing the look of your space. You can adopt the traditional or modern curtains theme with your grey-tone paint. You can adapt the different colors of drapes from soft dove grey to charcoal dark grey for your walls.

It is wiser to select what color curtains go with gray walls as they play a significant role in enhancing or destroying the whole look of your space. Fixing Expert is the best interior fit out Company in Dubai, We always provide 100% solutions for your interior needs. We hope this article will be helpful for you and you can easily make a decision now on which color of curtains suits your gray walls.


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