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What Color Curtains Go With Pink Walls – Best Ideas 2024

What Color Of Curtains Go with Pink Walls

In today’s interior design trend, pink is not limited to the bedrooms or nurseries of girls. Instead, it is extended to add glams in the living rooms or master bedrooms and some formal places as well. This cute color gives a soft look to add a pinch of sweetness to your decor. Selecting curtains for pink walls in a home can be tricky.

Selecting curtains is one of the most critical points where you must strictly avoid the girly nursery look. You should know what color curtains go with pink walls to make your place look more adorable. Also, this right combination makes the pink color gender-neutral. Pink walls give a unique, stylish look when paired with the right color of curtains.

Different Curtain Color Options to Go with Pink Walls

You can give your room a rare and innovative look by contrasting them with different colored curtains, which are as follows:

1. Pair White Curtains with Pink Walls For an Elegant Room

White Color Curtains With Pink Wall

White color will blend perfectly with the pink color paints of your walls due to its versatile look. They make the entire room look simple and elegant and keep pink as the primary palette of the theme. There are also various ways to do it with white curtains.

To add texture and pattern to your room, you can add patterned white curtains.
Also, white sheer curtains for pink walls will help build up the romantic ambiance.
Silk white curtains also enhance the elegance or decency of your pink walls.

2. Pair Blue Curtains With Pink Walls For an Innovative Look

Azure Blue Color Curtains Go with Pink Walls

Light pink combination with light blue color is difficult to resist. It gives sky shades and creates a natural and fresh atmosphere. They elevate the overall appearance of your space seamlessly. For an innovative and striking contrast, deep blue curtains with pink walls will be perfect.

This color incorporates masculinity with the feminine pink color. Dark blue curtains with geometric designs emphasize a modern look with pink walls. Striped blue and sheer curtains will perfectly match the pink theme and give an appealing and attractive appearance to your place.

3. Install Pink Curtains with Pink Walls For a Matching Look

Blush Curtains With Pink Color Walls

If you are finding difficulty in matching the color of curtains with your light pink or hot pink walls, you can match pink curtains. There is no need to look further for what color curtains go with pink walls; as pink curtains can also be installed. It is a classic pairing because a monochromatic theme is always a better option to modernize the look of your room. You can use a light or dark pink shade to add a dimensional touch.

Use light pink curtains to perfectly blend with your hot pink wall paint. Vibrant pink drapes are a better choice for contrast if you want to make your room look bolder and your walls are light pink. Sheer pink curtains are an excellent option to match the pink walls. Floral pink curtains for pink walls also add luxury to your room with pink wall paint.

4. Give a Visual Texture to Your Pink Walls With Grey Curtains

Gray Color Curtains Go with Pink Walls

If you want a natural touch in your pink rooms, you can go with the contrast of gray curtains. They add a visual aesthetic texture to your space. It also compliments the stylish light appeal of pink paint.

The decency of the gray color elevates a relaxing environment to your office or home space. Their formal appeal will be best with the light pink colored walls in offices and living rooms. It will go perfectly with sheer, silk, or eyelet gray curtains as a neutral color.

Furthermore, you can review our guide on what color curtains go with grey walls?

5. Go with Purple Curtains for an Attractive Look of Pink Walls

Purple Color Curtains Go with Pink Walls

You should consider purple curtains for your windows if you have bright pink walls. Both these colors are used in an innovative variety of color palettes. If you want to give your room an attractive and creative feel, adding purple colors will blend perfectly to create great harmony.

Silk or sheer purple curtains will add a harmonious look to your pink room and create a visually appealing, beautiful, and eye-catching vibrancy to the atmosphere of your room. This color contrast will be the perfect combination for a bold look.

6. Enrich Your Pink Walls With Sage-Green Curtains

Lime Green Curtains Go with Pink Walls

For your space’s fresh, natural look, sage green is a perfect color theme for curtains. They give a soft feel and enrich aesthetic appearance. Mixing sage green with the pink room introduces freshness with an inviting look. Using striped sage curtains is a good selection for pink walls. You can also try patterned sage green curtains with geometric textures that will also appear cheerful.

7. Cream Color

Cream Color Curtains with Pink Walls

Create a warm look by adding cream-colored curtains to the pink walls of your room. Cream color can create a soft and stark combination with bright colors and give warm subtle tones. Choosing cream curtains instead of white will change the entire look of your room’s interior if your walls are painted pink.

8. Add a Warm Look to the Pink Room With Brown Curtains

Brown Curtains With Pink Wall

The pink and rosy contrast of pink walls with the earthy and dark brown color of curtains is a pretty combo to evoke a soothing contrast of chocolaty color with hot pink walls. It adds neutrality to your space and strikes the visual impact of the viewers.

For a serious and mature look in your space, light brown curtains lift the look of the entire place, keeping a soft and warm theme. Cotton and silk brown curtains perfectly match the aesthetic look of pink walls.

9. Baby Blue

Baby Blue Curtains with Pink Wall

Let’s explore another exciting contrast with pink walls. Using baby blue curtains with pink-colored walls will create a striking look.

It gives an aesthetic, soft, and pleasant look with pink walls. It creates a different stunning look compared to the typical blue color because of its softness and glam characteristics.

10. Floral Curtains

Floral Curtains with Pink Walls

You can use customized floral curtains with pink walls to make your home look modern and fashionable. You can use several shades and create fantastic combinations with pink walls that give your interior a gorgeous look.

There are various floral curtains available in the market that you can use with your pink walls. Buy the best combination of floral prints that give your room elegance and a soft look. If you have light pink walls, then the light floral curtains will enhance the beauty and elegance of your room.

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To conclude the whole discussion, white curtains are the top priority to use with pink walls to create the best interior design. But you can also use curtains in other solid colors like cream, blue, gray, purple, etc. They can also give an elegant look to the interior of your room.

You can also use patterned curtains that are available in multiple colors. This is all about which color of curtain looks excellent with pink walls. Now you can easily select pink bedroom curtains for your home. Fixing Expert is a professional interior fit-out company in Dubai, that always provides real information to solve your interior issues. We will be happy to listen to your feedback on our given information!


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