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The Realistic Oceania Floor Treatment; 3D Epoxy Flooring Dubai

Fixing Expert offers the most delightful floor treatment to uplift the décor of your residential and commercial interiors in the form of 3D Epoxy Flooring Dubai. The elegantly-designed epoxy floor treatment has been increasingly becoming popular and primarily focuses on the upgradation of modern interior décor and style.

With this treatment, you’ll not only be improving your interior’s aesthetics but also your home flooring will be protected against damage caused by abrasions, spills, chemicals, moisture, dents, impacts, impressions, cracks, and many more.

3d epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai

3D Epoxy Floor Gallery

3d epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai
3d epoxy flooring Dubai

The Structural Composition Of Epoxy 3D Floor Coatings

Simply speaking, this is a three-grade component floor coating that makes use of primer additives for practical benefits and a topcoat layer for aesthetic appeal. Here’s the manner of events in which all the coating layers are applied;

  • The layering of two-component mortar, primer, and stucco (primer) in an exact manner.
  • Screed layer (Self-leveling)
  • Lacquer
  • Desired Image or Print (For designing purposes)
  • Topcoat layer

Major Worthwhile Aspects Of Our 3D Epoxy Floor Coatings

We’ve versatile design ranges of metallic epoxy-coated floors delivering metallic & 3D effect on the mind. Here’s a list of the most eye-catching features of this floor coating.


  1. The flooring product comprises sheer strength and structural integrity and therefore, is highly durable, extremely resistant, and heavy-duty.
  2. There won’t be any hurdles for the cleaning and maintenance of these floors because there are no seams or pores that can attract dust, dirt, or grime.
  3. You’ll be significantly adding to the beauty of your place with this flooring product.

🔲 3D Epoxy vs Terrazzo Flooring

3D Epoxy

▶️ Made from a combination of epoxy resin and hardener that creates a durable and seamless surface


▶️ Offers a range of design options, including 3D effects, custom graphics, and color options


▶️ Can be installed over existing floors, reducing the need for demolition and construction

Cementitious Flooring

▶️ Cementitious terrazzo is made from a combination of cement, marble chips, and water, which creates a textured and intricate pattern


▶️ Provides a classic, natural look with a range of color options


▶️ Requires a level and smooth subfloor for installation, which may require extensive preparation

3d epoxy flooring Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Shopping from Fixing Expert means getting the best of both build quality and aesthetics for a floor treatment because we feature the most exquisite and diverse collection of premium quality 3D epoxy flooring Dubai.


Also, we’re among the most renowned, experienced, and best-rated suppliers of all types of epoxy floor coatings in Dubai. No need to mention that our services equilibrate the products in terms of affordability and quality as well.

3D Epoxy Flooring Offers Cost-Effective Floor Treatment

If you’re looking for the most affordable range of 3D epoxy flooring prices in Dubai, then there’s nowhere to go except our platform to make this valuable investment. Because we offer the most affordable 3D epoxy flooring cost per square foot all over the UAE without compromising the quality of coating material.

And, it goes without saying that the cost varies and is dependent on some important factors, namely the total area to be covered, concrete floor condition (if repairs needed), type of 3D epoxy coating being applied, flooring kit quality, etc.

You can place an order for custom 3D epoxy floor to make your interior places transformed instantly and elegantly.

The Pros & Cons Of Having Custom Epoxy-Coated 3D Floors

The benefits of this amazing floor treatment are equally as relishing as the 3D epoxy flooring disadvantages are important to be considered before making this purchase.

  • The visual appeal of this epoxy coating is matchless.
  • Also, the extent of durability and resistance offered makes this purchase long-term favorable and valuable in the true sense.
  • Being seamless and free of pores, it can be easily cleaned and efficiently maintained besides being super hygiene, too..
  • Additionally, the slip and fire resistance of this floor coating are some additional safety features.
  • This epoxy resin demands to be coated professionally for the excellence of design outlook.
  • Having that said, the additional cost of flooring coating installation may not prove to be budget-friendly for most people.

Choose The Best Among Versatile Versions Of 3D Epoxy Flooring Dubai

When it comes to the variety of options, we’re among the few best companies all over the UAE that offer 3D epoxy coatings in almost all the available versions. The most popular and high-demand epoxy 3D coating versions include monochrome, chameleon, self-leveling, quartz, flakes, and single & multi-colored coatings in individual and metallic options.

Buy 3D Epoxy Floor Coating To Embellish Your Space

Everyone wants their residential or commercial interior to look charming and attractive, you’ll find 3D Epoxy Flooring Dubai to be the most versatile of all available options on the market. From galaxy and beach-themed choices to the most delightful landscape prints and carpet designs, our Metallic Dubai epoxy floor coatings turn out to be the most beautifully suitable solutions.

Buyer Reviews

Sheraz Khan
Sheraz Khan
11 March 2022
You can count on Interior Design & Fit Out Company Dubai. We had a good experience with this company for Carpentry, Flooring & Glass Work in Dubai.
Mohammad Sazid
Mohammad Sazid
9 March 2022
I am Interior site Engineer and Auto Cad drawing 6 years experience fit out interior apply for jobs
Nikhil Stanley
Nikhil Stanley
21 February 2022
Team of expert Interior Design & Fit Out experts in Dubai to handle Carpentry, Flooring & Glass Work tasks. Highly Recommended!
nihamathullah j
nihamathullah j
18 February 2022
Innovative design concept with experienced engineering.. they way of execution and co-ordinations are realy well.. Highly recommended..
Tech Graphics
Tech Graphics
16 February 2022
Mashallah Good experience with them, Perfect and skilled staff, Keep it up...
Nasir Mahmood
Nasir Mahmood
16 February 2022
Awesome people to work with, thorough professionals and super reliable.
Mohammad Akif
Mohammad Akif
8 February 2022
Very good company with very nice Technocommercial Team.
3 February 2022
Team of best Interior Designers and Fit Out expert in Dubai . We Highly Recommend this company for your next Carpentry, Flooring & Glass Work projects!
jemelyn marquez
jemelyn marquez
31 January 2022
Best company for your Carpentry, Flooring & Glass Work. We highly recommend Interior Design & Fit Out Company Dubai. Professional team, Quick Response!

FAQs–Frequently Asked Questions

Clean the concrete floor surface, apply primer, mix the epoxy resin and flooring kit, coat the floor, add the design, and layer the topcoat.

Yes, having a premium quality epoxy-coated 3D resin makes the flooring design last longer.

Because it requires expertise in design settings and efficacy of the installation procedure for a smooth, flawless, and attractive-looking floor coating.

Yes, you can resurface the design of epoxy 3D coating by removing the topcoat and design layer and reinstating them both for décor upgradation purposes.

Well, it depends on whether the thickness is less than 25mm (coating) or more than 25mm (flooring).

The cost depends on many different factors, however, it generally lies between $10 to $20 per square foot.

Yes, you’ll be genuinely making a valuable investment to personalize your space interior with the flooring design of your dreams.

You’ll be protecting your floors against damage due to dents, heavy impacts, cracks, scuffs, scratches, impressions, spills, chemicals, and many other forms of abrasive and non-abrasive damage.

Fixing Expert offers comprehensive interior fit out solutions that are tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations

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