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Shop Unique And Luxurious Custom Headboards Dubai

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom, so the Custom Headboards Dubai are also necessary to increase the beauty of the beds. The customized headboards give the user the opportunity to select their design, material, and price range easily according to their requirements.

We are providing a large range of customizable headboards for our customers to give their bedrooms a special/unique look according to their mood. You can completely customize an entire bed with a headboard or you can also get a single headboard for an old bed from our stores and online.

You will be happy to know that we provide a large range of materials for headboards, which you can select according to your aesthetics. You can get a wood headboard, a plastic one, or steel or metal boards for the beds from us according to the theme of the bedroom.

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Types Of Custom Headboards Dubai That We Provide

There are many types of Custom Headboards Dubai that are available on the market. We can provide you with both a retro style and modern headboards, depending on your preferences. We can also customize a mixture of old-fashioned and modern headboards for you according to demand.

The most popular headboard materials that our customers demand are wood headboards, metal headboards, upholstered headboards, leather headboards, and natural fiber headboards. There are many unique designs and styles of headboards that you can choose according to the size and theme of the room.

The most common designs in headboards are wall-mounted, free-standing, frame-mounted, panels, slat design, contemporary, traditional, four-poster, shabby chic, and many others. You can get any of these headboards or any other that you like on Pinterest.

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    Benefits Of Buying Custom Headboards

    There are many benefits of buying custom made headboards in Dubai from us. We provide furniture repair services to our customers on priority. We are providing our customers with a large number of benefits, such as

    Increase the beauty of the Bedroom

    Custom-made headboards contribute to the overall look of the room, especially when they are designed and manufactured by specialists like us. This isn’t the only thing, though! Other advantages of our headboard include its versatility and functionality.

    Can Choose The Material

    When you buy custom headboards Dubai from us, you already know that you are going to select all the things for the headboards. You can easily select the quality, material, and design of the headboard on your own, according to the needs of the place. You can even mix and match your two favorite designs of headboards.

    Stunning Customized Headboard Dubai
    Top Quality Headboard Dubai

    Select The Best Design

    You can easily select the best design for the headboards from our shop. When buying ready made headboards, you like a design but don’t like the material. When you purchase from us, you can easily select the ideal style for the headboard.


    Another benefit that you are going to get when buying our made to measure headboards is that you can easily select the price range of the headboards. You select the material in the headboard’s making that you can easily afford, so these headboards become an affordable option for you.

    We Are The No.1 Manufacturers Of Customized Headboards

    There are many manufacturers of headboards in the Dubai market, but you know that they are not all trustworthy because many of them use low-quality materials in the making of headboards. We are the best manufacturers of Custom Headboards Dubai because we use premium-quality materials in the making of all our products.


    That’s why our customers always trust us and buy headboards from our stores and online. We have been manufacturing wooden, steel, and upholstered headboards for over 10 years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


    We have a team of experts who can easily understand all the requirements of the customers for the headboards and make exactly the same headboards according to their needs. We have completed thousands of projects, so we can provide the perfectly designed headboards for our customers.

    Reliable Head Board Dubai
    Luxury Customized Headboard Dubai

    Installation And Deliver Services Of Headboards

    We are not only providing the headboard manufacturing and reselling services, but we are also providing the installation and delivery services for the headboards. Headboards are mostly heavy, so there are chances they can get damaged when delivered by unprofessional people, so the beauty of the product can easily be ruined.

    As a result, you should always hire professionals to deliver custom headboards Dubai to your home. Our movers and packers are the professionals who carefully pack the headboards and then deliver them to our customers’ homes.

    We are also providing installation services for our customers because the installation of a headboard is a tricky task that you can’t complete unassisted. Our experts can help you perfectly place the headboard along with your bed and fix it with nuts so it will never move from its place. Our installation and delivery services are both available at highly affordable rates for the comfort of our customers.


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    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    Natural wood colors are considered the best colors for headboards, such as brown, white, cream, and grey. Nowadays, wood is available in different colors because it can be colored in factories, so you can also get contrasting colors like pink, red, orange, green, or blue, on your headboard.

    The life of a headboard depends upon the quality of the material used in its making. An average quality headboard can last for 6 to 7 years if properly maintained. A high-quality headboard can last for 17 to 25 years. The life of a headboard also depends on its care and how you maintain it.

    For the cleaning of the upholstered headboard, you can mix a small amount of detergent in lukewarm water. Take a clean mop and then dip it in the solution. Clean the headboard with this mop. After cleaning, use a clean mop and dry the headboard with it.

    The cost of the headboard is not the same for all materials. It depends on the type of material used in the making of headboards. An average headboard costs about $150, and this cost increases as the quality increases. The cost goes up to $1000.

    Why Choose Us?

    If you are still thinking about why you should choose us for the purchase of your headboard, then you must know that we are the no.1 manufacturer of Custom Headboards Dubai and customized beds. We can provide you with modern/contemporary headboards at pocket-friendly rates.

    The designs that our experts make for headboards are flawless and unique in the market. If you want something unique in your bedroom, then installing our headboard is the best idea to change the look of your bed.

    You can select the upholstery of your headboard from our large collection of fabrics. In this way, you can select the color, design, and style of the headboard according to the interior of your bedroom. So what are you waiting for? From our extensive collection, select the ideal headboard for your bed.

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