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Floor Self Leveling–Must Before Flooring

Floor Self Leveling is one of the most important things for the floors to keep them in good functional condition. The self-leveling is very necessary for the floors if you want to add any other flooring on top. A level floor is necessary for all situations to make the floor more stable. If you want to self-level your floor, then you are at the right place. We are providing all the services associated with floor leveling to provide ease to our customers.

We use premium quality concrete or epoxy floor diy to level up the floor, so it will never get damaged with the passage of time. The finishing of our leveling is so fine that it can even be used as a final floor look. Most of our customers use our floor leveling as the floor of their laundry and add the ultimate floor on it because of its durability and resistance to water. You can also hire us for the leveling of your floor. The rates of all our services are very low, so we don’t charge too much for this service either.

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Matchless Expressions of Our Floor Self Leveling

We use premium-quality materials for the leveling of the floors, so they can last for a long time. If you want to know about the method of our floor self leveling, then here it is:

  • During this process, when we are making the mixture for self leveling from concrete, we keep the temperature between +55C and +350C.
  • Our experts fill a clean container with 6.5 liters of water and the contents of a 25 kg bag of Flowcret. Then they stir it constantly until a homogeneous fluid mass, free of lumps is created.
  • Mixing can be done with a mixer with a modest revolution rate (300 rpm).
  • With the help of a big rubber spatula, we spread the Flowcret in a single layer with a thickness of up to 10 mm.
  • For a 1 mm layer thickness, consumption is approximately 1.65 kg/m2.
  • Sand with a particle size of 0-4 mm is added in a proportion of 30-50 percent by weight.
  • In the end, the surface is rolled with a special spiky roller to eliminate any trapped air in the self-leveling compound. This prevents bubbles from forming on the floor.

Note: We not only provide concrete floor leveling, but we also offer our customers epoxy and rubber floor leveling. So, they can choose according to their needs. 

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Significant Benefits of Floor Self Leveling Services

There are too many benefits to floor self-leveling on the floors. Some of the most significant benefits of leveling services are:

Simple to Use

The fact that Floor Self Leveling is simple to use. Self-leveling compounds are composed of polymer-modified cement, which creates a completely level floor with no gaps, so it makes the flooring very easy to use. 

Produces a Smooth Surface

Within a day, leveling can create a smooth and equal surface. It dries quickly and has higher compressive strength. This is one reason concrete surfaces are one of the greatest. They are long-lasting, powerful, and durable.

It can be Used on any Type of Surface

Our floor levelers can perform leveling on nearly any type of floor, including existing concrete. It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wooden, plywood, and ceramic floors.

Cost-Effective and Long-Lasting

As we are offering leveling at highly affordable rates, so this is very cost-effective for all customers. This flooring is also very long-lasting and resistant to all the damage from the environment.

Elegant And Flexible Self Leveling

We are providing the most elegant and flexible self-leveling concrete to provide our customers with a completely furnished final floor look. If your budget is low, then it is one of the most durable floors for you.

This Floor Self Leveling is very flexible because it can be easily adjusted on any subfloor. No matter if your subfloor is made from wood or concrete, it can easily adjust itself and make your floor completely level. This flooring covers all the gaps and holes of the subfloor and makes its surface sturdy and smooth.

Floor Self Leveling In Dubai

We Are The Best Self Leveling Floor Shop in Dubai

If you are searching for a shop in Dubai or Abu Dhabi that has experts in self-leveling, then we could be the best choice for you. We never compromise on the quality and material of Floor Self Leveling. That’s the reason we installed the floor with zero errors. Our customers are fully satisfied with all our services, and they always trust us when they have to install self floor leveling.

We have a team of experts who have 10 years of experience in the making and installing of leveling flooring, so they make no mistakes while manufacturing the concrete mixture and then installing it. They completely level the floor and make a fine slope for water. So the water never stands on your floor.

How to DIY Floor Self-Levelling?

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the self-leveling compound and any tools you use. Here is the step-by-step guide to DIY floor self-leveling.

✅ Clean the floor

✅ Prepare the self-leveling compound

✅ Apply the self-leveling compound

✅ Spread the compound

✅ Allow the compound to dry

✅ Sand and clean the surface

✅ Apply a finish

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

For the leveling of the floor, you need a mixture of concrete to pour on the entire surface of the floor. This mixture can be poured on any subfloor. After pouring the mixture, spread it equally throughout the floor and then remove the bubbles. The self-level floor is ready.

For the leveling of the floor, you need a mixture of concrete to pour on the entire surface of the floor. This mixture can be poured on any subfloor. After pouring the mixture, spread it equally throughout the floor and then remove the bubbles. The self-level floor is ready.

An underlay can be placed between the subfloor and the self-leveled floor. Underlay is sandwiched between two floors, which acts as a comforter. Underlay makes the top flooring comfortable and durable according to the needs of the floor.

Yes, self-leveler flooring can easily be used as flooring because of its smooth surface. This floor is not as beautiful as other floorings, such as wooden or vinyl floorings. But it can easily be used in laundries and outdoor areas because of its resistance to all damage.

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    Why Choose Our Self-Leveling Services?

    Fixing Expert is a well-known company for the manufacturing and installation of Floor Self Leveling. We are the award-winning company in Dubai that can provide the most efficient and perfect flooring services all over the UAE. We use premium quality materials in the making of the mixture of leveling floors to make the floors durable.

    The rates of all our services are very low, so you can hire us and get your floor leveled by our experts. You can book your order online, or you can also visit our nearest stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. You can email us if you have any queries related to our flooring services and you can call us for a free quote also.