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Classic Persian Carpets in Dubai For Artistic Interior

We stock the most exciting and unique Persian floor rugs and carpets designs. You can instantly set a focal point for your place by getting our adorable Persian carpets in Dubai. Explore our collection to find the most desirable floor covering to enhance your interior.

Persian Carpet Designs

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Based on Customer Reviews

4.8 Review Rating

Based on Customer Reviews

4.8 Review Rating

Based on Customer Reviews

4.8 Review Rating

Based on Customer Reviews

Silk Persian Carpet


Buy Our Long Lasting Persian Rugs & Carpets in Dubai

You can add timeless elegance to your homes with our premium Persian carpets and rugs in Dubai. They are handcrafted with high knot density to make them extremely durable. The intricate designs of these floor coverings make them worth investing in, to upgrade your interior decor.

Persian Knot Technique

They have smaller knots as per the traditional Persian knot technique.

Organic Materials

The usage of natural dyes and organic materials expands their lifespan.

Our Latest Persian Rugs & Carpet Collection

Advantages of Buying Our Persian Carpets

Iranian carpets are one of the trendiest choices of Dubai residents and business owners. They can add instant and long-lasting glamor to any place. Let’s see some more benefits of getting our vintage carpets.


Rich Cultural Heritage

Using our hand-made Persian carpets in living rooms, entrance ways, study rooms, or majlis areas to depict a rich cultural heritage is a timeless decor upgrading idea.


Luxurious Look

Our carpets are made of 100% organic fibers and dyes to offer the most luxurious comfort and pleasing visuals. Our Persian rugs are well-known for their extreme level of comfort.


Enhanced Value

We have different designs of hand-made Iranian carpets in Dubai at our store. The net value of these collectible carpets keeps increasing with time.

Hand Tufted Persian Carpet

Find Your Dream Persian Carpet at Our Store

Our collection stocks versatile carpet patterns to fulfill all unique customer needs. We provide premium quality carpets for all cultural, modern, and commercial settings. Here are the main categories of our Persian carpet collection.

  • Handcrafted
  • Vintage
  • Traditional
  • Textured

You can order any of these Iranian rugs or carpets from our official website. Explore our featured gallery or you can ask for the latest designs from our experts.

Order 100% Original Persian Carpets Online in Dubai

We offer originality and quality with every single piece of carpet delivered to you.

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How To Get Our Persian Carpet Service in Dubai?

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Fixing & Installation

Hire Us For Flawless Persian Carpet Installation

You can make your chosen luxurious Iranian carpets more valuable by having our professional installation services. Our team members use quality adhesives and innovative techniques to give lasting results. You can make your floors look adorable with our flawless Persian carpet installation services.

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Beautiful Iranian Carpet

Why Choose Our Persian Carpets in Dubai?

Choose us whenever you’re looking for a reliable and reputable Iranian carpet supplier in Dubai. Our company provides handcrafted carpets made with authentic Persian knotting and weaving techniques.

Originality Assurance

At our store, we stock the original Iranian rugs and carpets in Dubai. You’ll find the most alluring range of patterns and color pallets, perfect for every setting.

Traditional Weaving

The traditional weaving method adds charm to our floor carpets. You will feel the utmost artistic elegance with the finest quality silk carpet material at our platform.

Fine Knot Density

Our Persian carpets have higher counts of knots as compared to other carpets. We always ensure precise and fine knots for added durability and beauty.

Hand-Dyed Threads

Our craftsmen use natural dyes to embed intricate patterns on luxurious Iranian carpets. They do not fade because of using hand-dyed and colorfast threads in them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you plan to get antique Persian rugs and carpets, you need to know some aspects before buying them. Let us provide important information about these floor coverings to help you make a better purchase.

You can determine the knot density of Persian floor carpets by finding out the number of knots per square inch. Counting the knots from the back of the carpet will be easier. All our traditional rugs and carpets have a higher knot density.

Using Iranian soft floor coverings in modern living spaces is becoming the top trend in the UAE. Their meaningful patterns reflect the richness of culture. For instance, you can pick the abstract designs of these carpets to be used in modern interiors.

The most common Persian carpet styles include Tabriz, Isfahan, Kashan, Nain, and Qom. At the same time, the trending designs of Iranian carpets might include gardens, forests, flowers, and hunting themes. You will get all these styles and designs in our extensive carpet collection.

Fixing Expert is the best platform to buy genuine Persian floor coverings. They are made of the finest quality silk and wool. You will find the finest knotting and weaving of the carpets done by our carpet artists. Each carpet is made under the supervision of experts to ensure the authenticity of our floor carpets and rugs.

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