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Cowhide Rugs are made entirely from the skin of cattle. So they are the innate rugs extracted from the natural environment. If you are looking for a natural rug for the living room, then you have come to the perfect place. We provide natural, patterned, solid-dyed, and metallic acid-washed cowhide carpets that are available in a variety of styles.

We are offering premium-quality rugs that are free from all damage. These rugs are natural products, so they can be damaged if the cattle have any injury, but it is the natural beauty of this rug. We provide our customers with cowhide mats that have no spots or damage.

The dying and preparation methods of these rugs are unique. We use the latest technology to make them usable in homes and resorts. We remove the smell from the skin of the cow completely so it doesn’t annoy our customers’ homes and villas. So you can trustfully buy the most beautiful, naturally patterned cow rugs from our stores and online.

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Get Natural and Beautiful Cowhide Rugs Dubai

If you are looking for the best quality Cowhide Rugs Dubai that doesn’t have any kind of foul smell and are beautifully tanned, then come to us. We will provide you with the ideal cow rug for your home. These rugs add royalty to any room where they are installed. Our cow hide rugs are processed with the latest technology, which makes them highly durable.

These rugs can easily bear the wear and tear of the environment. They are resistant to stains and dust. These mats never absorb stains, so the owners of our mats don’t need to spend their time maintaining them. We make very long-lasting cowhide mats for our customers, so they can easily use them for years, facing no damage to the rugs. Our rugs can enhance the beauty of the place in no time.

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    Change the Look of Your Home with Cow Hides

    If you are renovating your home and want to add something different and unique in your living room flooring that would be attractive to visitors, then the option of cow hides is the best for all people. These rugs can transform the look of a room and are easily adjustable in any type of interior, whether contemporary or traditional.

    We at Fixing Expert provide an extensive range of cow mats, so you can easily select the design, color, and pattern of the mat according to your aesthetics and the needs of the place. We are providing you with another most beneficial feature of our mats: they are easily washable. You can easily wash them with mild detergent to always keep them fresh and soft.

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    Benefits of Cow Hides Rugs

    When we buy something, we must look at its benefits, so when you buy cowhide rugs for sale from us, you must look for the benefits of these rugs. So we are telling you the most prominent benefits of cow rugs you are going to get when you buy these mats from our stores and online.

      • Our rugs are long-lasting, strong, and durable.
      • These rugs are highly flexible because they easily adjust to every interior.
      • We make these rugs by using premium quality material and modern techniques.
      • The installation of these rugs is very easy and less time taking.
      • All our rugs are eco-friendly because they do not emit harmful gasses that are dangerous to health.
      • The texture and style of these rugs are very smooth.
      • They have a good thickness and help to prevent damage.
      • These rugs give the floor a natural look.

    Expert Installation Services for Cowhide Rugs UAE

    We not only sell cowhide rugs, but we also provide expert installation services to all of our customers so that they can easily install their mats. We have a team of experts who have 12 years of experience in the installation of carpets and rugs, so they can easily install cow rugs at any place according to the needs of the customers.

    We have all the tools and materials that are required during the installation process, so our clients don’t need to buy anything from the market. Our professional workers try to give maximum ease to our customers, so they just need to sit on a chair and watch the installation process with no worries. The rates of our installation services are also very low, so all our customers can easily hire us.


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    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    Cow hide rugs are much more durable than synthetic rugs. This rug is completely made of pure leather, so they are much more durable than any other natural rug because they all have some mix of synthetic material.

    Yes, a cowhide rug can be vacuumed easily. But one thing that needs to be remembered is to always use the brush attachment at the cleaners. Vacuum the rug in the original direction of the hairs of the cowhide rug so there would be no hair loss.

    The prices of cow hide rugs constantly change because of the increase or decrease in the production of cattle. If the cattle reproduce at high rates, then the rates of the rugs can be decreased. The average price of these rugs starts somewhere between $100 and $900, depending on the size.

    Why Choose Us?

    If you are looking for cowhide rugs near me, then Fixing Expert is the best store for you. We have showrooms all over the UAE, so customers can easily reach us and select the ideal cow hide rug for them. Our rugs are not only suitable for homes and villas, but they can also be used in commercial areas because they are highly durable and can bear heavy foot traffic.

    We are offering all types of cow rugs and carpets at highly affordable rates, so every customer can easily afford them. Our company also has packing and moving services, so our expert movers and packers carefully pack your rugs and deliver them to your place as soon as possible. Call us now and book your order online. You can also visit our store to look at our collection of mats and carpets.

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