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Decorating your house with beautiful accessories is everyone’s dream. In the advanced era of the 20th century, natural grass slightly offends people because it’s hard to take care of it. They mostly prefer Artificial Grass Installation Dubai, which is easy to maintain and enhances the beauty of your space.

Now the question arises: how can you get high-quality artificial lawn installation at a reasonable cost? Don’t worry. We are here for you. Fixing Expert bought you versatile and durable fake grass installation Dubai services at rational rates. We present you with the expert team and consultant that surely gives their best suggestions which bring enchantment to your place. 

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    Our Handypersons Embellish Your Floors With Seamless Artificial Grass Installation Dubai

    Once you choose the best artificial grass for your space, then the pivotal step is its installation. If you have a lavish piece of artificial turf but you do not do its installation well, then it’s a waste of your time and money. Therefore, choose the reliable and trustworthy company that assure of their best services,

    Fixing Expert presents you with the supreme artificial grass installation Dubai services that magically give a fascinating look to your space. Astroturf installation is a tricky task for a general man. It’s a whole risk for someone who has never done this before. Hence, call our professional handyperson that has a wide experience of artificial lawn installation. 

    Place Our Fine-Quality Artificial Turf At Your Favorite Places

    Fixing Expert offers you fine-quality artificial turf and seamless astroturf installation. You can give a natural look to your empty and boring spaces. Our fake grass installation tips and techniques definitely give a soothing environment to your favorite places.

    Everyone wants natural grass in their outdoor, or indoor places, but it requires time and high maintenance. Therefore, most people choose artificial grass installation Dubai services that are durable and low maintenance because of their fine and durable quality. Let’s take an overview of some places where you can have a synthetic grass installation:




    Balconies are the space of the house where people love to spend their evenings with homies. Seeing a beautiful sunset, having tea, and favorite gossip with your family makes a perfect match. But wait! What’s about the look of your balcony?

    The empty and boring floor makes your scene a little incomplete and dull. You can add a charming effect to your space with our grass installation Dubai services from our experts.




    Seeing a beautiful scene from the terrace and having a perfect coffee seems perfect, but here you can add a natural grassy effect to your place. Our artificial turf installation services make your terrace even more catchy and give you a soothing environment.




    Some people love flowers and grass, but they have busy schedules. They don’t have time to maintain their garden and water twice a day. If you’re that kind of person, then Artificial Grass Installation Dubai is the best option according to your need and taste. Our high-quality artificial grass and professional grass installation give a perfect and natural look to your lawn.



    Kids love to play but maintenance of a playground requires a lot of time and work. Besides this, professional players also need spare time for their practice. For this, high maintenance of playgrounds is quite difficult. Check out our enormous collection of artificial grass that gives a natural and ordered look to your playgrounds at low maintenance.

    We’re Providing Durable Collection Of Artificial Turf Dubai | Regarding Material

    The interesting part is that you can have artificial grass installation Dubai services in your favorite and suitable material. We composed artificial grass of varied materials from experts so that one can purchase them according to their space and need.

    Fixing Expert presents you with the best artificial turf installation in different varieties. Let’s take an overview of our varieties:


    Polypropylene Artificial Turf

    Polypropylene artificial turf is the less expensive type of artificial grass. It has a soft and malleable texture. But on the other side, they are less durable, less heat resistant and need regular maintenance if placed in outdoor spaces.So most people use this type of material in indoor spaces. Browse our website ( to check polypropylene artificial turf.


    Polyethylene Artificial Turf

    These types of turf are more reliable and more relatable to grass structures. This is perfect for people who want to replace their natural grass with artificial grass. Our professional handypersons install them seamlessly which gives you an even fascinating look to your zone.


    Nylon Artificial Turf

    This type of artificial grass is expensive. Because it can resist in a hard environment, they’re also able to maintain its quality under high temperatures.Nylon gives you a grassy look, but they have a little stiff structure in order to survive in the hard zone. Fixing Expert offers you high-quality nylon artificial turf and grass installation at your threshold.

    Fixing Expert Offers You Sleek And Seamless Artificial Grass Installation Dubai | Step-By-Step

    For your desire and dreamy look, Fixing Expert offers you expert handypersons who have a wide experience in fake grass installation services. They offer all the services and grass installation in front of you. Here’s the step-by-step description of synthesis grass installation:


    Step 1- Calculating Your Exact Area

    For seamless installation, measuring the exact area is important. For this, our experts use their advanced tools for the perfect measurement of the zone.


    Step 2- Swab Your Place

    Our team members clean your space. Because during installation, there should be no mess and dirt on the ground. Hence, our workers make sure that they swab your place perfectly for smooth artificial grass installation Dubai services.


    Step 3- Preparing Your Ground’s Base

    We prepare your ground according to the synthetic grass you have chosen. Preparation also depends on the floor’s base, whether it needs a good layer or deep layer.Our experts’ workers have knowledge of different floor’s texture and their preparation. Therefore, don’t worry, we’ll be there for your fabulous artificial lawn installation.


    Step 4- Applying Weed Membrane

    Weed membrane is necessary for soil grounds so that your astroturf will remain safe. Our professional worker makes a smooth layer of weed membrane on the ground to make your fake grass installation even more perfect.


    Step 5- Lay The Artificial Grass

    Now our favorite step comes, lay your artificial turf on the ground. Our experts make sure that it gives your zone a smooth look. Hence, they lay the grass according to the shape of the zone.


    Step 6- Trim The Edges

    For further finishing, we sharp the edges and fix them just as the space. Our workers cut the extra edges and stretch the turf from all sides to give a smooth look.


    Step 7- Brush The Artificial Turf | Ultimate Step

    The brushing techniques of our experts give your turf a flourishing look. It enhances the overall look of our artificial turf installation and gives your zone the desired look.

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

    No, it’s made of various materials and substances with which we already interact daily. Hence, there is no side effect of Artificial Grass Installation Dubai.

    Yes, it is waterproof and easily lets water in. You can thoroughly wash it off and use it in watery areas. Experts composed this of suitable stuff that bears water easily.

    Fake grass installation services totally depend upon the square feet of your space. Fixing Expert offers you the sleek and seamless turf installation cost at 25 Aed per square meter.

    You can use galvanized U-pins to secure the edges of the artificial turf. This will definitely help in lock the complete look of the zone.

    Why Choose Us?

    Fixing Expert provides you a high caliber of artificial grass and Artificial Grass Installation. You can consult our designers and experts to have the best suggestion for your space. And we’ll provide you with professional workers who have a wide experience in astroturf installation. Fixing Expert offers you durable, weed-free, clean, and high-quality synthetic grass. Browse our website and seek more options for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Once you buy a perfect match for your zone, it’s not enough. Its installation decides the whole look. Our sleek and seamless artificial grass installation Dubai services fascinate the look of your space. Our expert workers assure you of the smooth services. Hence, choose us because we’re easy to work with.

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