Kitchen Epoxy Flooring; Best For Cafeterias & Cooking

Fixing Expert – floor fit out company in Dubai – truly understands the importance of flooring and therefore, brings to you an ideal floor treatment for your kitchen space in the form of Kitchen Epoxy Flooring. Kitchens are one of the most high-traffic interiors and therefore demand a floor treatment that can easily stand up to constant foot fall exposure besides preventing all types of abrasive and non-abrasive damage.

In this concern, you’ll find epoxy commercial kitchen flooring the righteous choice for being highly durable, extremely resistant, and genuinely heavy-duty. Besides, you’ll be improving the aesthetics of your kitchen interior to a great extent.

kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai

New Epoxy Kitchen Floor Designs

kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai
kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai

The Extreme Affordability Of Our Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Flooring Cost

The pricing factor, of course, varies and is dependent on various different elements for epoxy coating in a commercial kitchen. Some of these factors include the quality of the flooring kit being used, durability, resistance, number of layers to be coated, type of epoxy coating being applied, and many more.

Generally speaking, you’ll find the cost somewhere near AED20 to AED30/sq. ft for the coverage of 1500 sq. ft. Similarly, the cost for covering the area up to 1500 to 5000 sq. ft falls between AED11 to AED25/sq. ft. And just like that, the cost will be increased when a much larger area is to be covered.

Why Choose Us for Kitchen Epoxy Countertops & Floor?

We are among the most popular, reliable, and top-quality sellers of Kitchen Epoxy Flooring all over the UAE. Our imaginative epoxy floor coatings are the most durable, resistant, and heavy-duty floor treatments of all the available options on the market.


Besides, shopping from Fixing Expert can get you the benefit of having no need to waste your precious time, valuable effort, and hard-earned money for the installation of your commercial kitchen flooring. Therefore, choose us to experience the best quality flooring products and services.

kitchen epoxy flooring Dubai

Requirements For An Ideal Commercial Kitchen Floor Treatment

Obviously, the needs of a commercial space vary greatly from those of a residential setting, and therefore, we’ve explained below some requirements of commercial kitchen flooring. However, you’ll find Kitchen Epoxy Flooring fulfilling all these requirements most effectively besides offering a lot more practical benefits as well.


1. Aesthetic Appeal

Having a visually appealing floor treatment in your commercial kitchen can increase the resale value of your area.

2. Extreme Durability

No one can deny that commercial kitchens are the most high-traffic interiors and therefore, require an equally durable floor coating.

3. Added Safety

Not to mention that kitchen flooring demands to be slip-resistant and must not be damaged easily.


4. Efficient Sanitation

Last but not least, there should be a seamless, non-porous, and glossy floor surface that can be easily maintained with regular cleaning practices.

The Alternate Options To Commercial Kitchen Epoxy Floor Coatings

Speaking of the first, Kraftig is one of the best urethane concrete systems and is applied as an alternative to epoxy floor coating in commercial kitchen interiors. In this case, you’ll find Kitchen Epoxy Flooring to be more resistant to damage and chemical spills and therefore, more beneficial against this three-grade component flooring system.


Similarly, Predure HBE (High-Build Epoxy) is preferred by consumers with a low-budget and somewhat compromising mindset. Likewise, for people who don’t give that much importance to the thermal-shock resistance factor, Pressure SLE (Self-Leveling Epoxy) is a cost-effective floor treatment option for commercial kitchens.

Some Erosive Damaging Factors For Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial kitchen floor treatments incredibly resist heavy impacts, grease, grime, spills, thermal shocks, heavy impacts, dents, scuffs, chips, cracks, and various other damaging factors. Also all the general wear and tear caused by high-foot traffic on a routine basis can’t be overlooked either.

We Are The Most Proficient Installers Of Kitchen Epoxy Flooring In Dubai

When it comes to the quality of our services, you’ll find our brand name amongst the only few reliable, experienced, and professional companies for the application of commercial kitchen epoxy coatings.


That’s because we have got a team of highly-trained, skilled, and experienced professionals available all the time for flooring installation service. Besides, it will save you a lot of time, effort, and money that has to be wasted in a DIY installation practice by purchasing our inexpensive and proficient installation services.

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