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Epoxy Garage Flooring; The Most Durable Floor Treatment Choice

Fixing Expert – The interior fitting contractors in Dubai – presents you with the choice of the toughest and most hard-wearing garage floor treatment choice in the form of Epoxy Garage Flooring. This resistant floor coating promises to protect your garage flooring against different forms of abrasive and non-abrasive damage including stains, spills, chemicals, cracks, impressions, impacts, and many more. Not to mention that you’ll be majorly improving the aesthetic appeal of your space with this product purchase, as well.

garage epoxy flooring Dubai
garage epoxy flooring Dubai
garage epoxy flooring Dubai
garage epoxy flooring Dubai
garage epoxy flooring Dubai
garage epoxy flooring Dubai
garage epoxy flooring Dubai

Upgrade Your Home Garage With Our Epoxy Floor Coating

Our epoxy flake garage coatings are the most popular and attractive flooring solutions that can entirely transform the look and feel of your garage instantly from an unexciting zone to a completely renovated and appealing space.

From the beach and galaxy-themed floor finishes to 3D design patterns, you will have a wide variety of choices for Epoxy Garage Flooring to alleviate the visual appeal of your garage interior. Also, there are many astonishing garage epoxy floor colors available, with black, grey, and earthy tones being the most popular of all.

Our Epoxy Flake Garage Coating Provides Ultimate Floor Protection

Almost all garage owners apply flake epoxy resin as floor coating for the maximum protection of their high-traffic garage interiors. That’s because this epoxy resin comprises a dual-coating layer for the most durable floor treatment purposes i.e. epoxide resin and polyamine hardener.

Both these coats are mixed by a chemical reaction and therefore, bond together unbelievably stronger.  In addition, there’s an additional topcoat layer that prevents the flooring from damage due to UV rays of the sun, chemicals, spills, and abrasions.

garage epoxy flooring Dubai
garage epoxy flooring Dubai

Why Choose Us?

We are among the most experienced, popular, and trustworthy providers of Epoxy Garage Flooring all over the UAE and offer our quality epoxy floor coatings at affordable prices. This product purchase from us won’t only improve the aesthetic appeal of your garage space but wll also protect your garage floors against different types of unforeseen hazards.

Not to mention that you can always benefit from our quality installation services for the application of your newly-bought epoxy floor coating. Prefer us to get the best quality flooring products and enjoy the most proficient installation services in Dubai.

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Epoxy Garage Flooring Offers Ease Of Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to the aspects of cleaning and maintenance, you’ll find this type of epoxy coating to be truly matchless and beneficial. That’s because this seamless resin coating doesn’t trap any dust, dirt, or grime and can be cleaned using a mop, brush, or vacuum.

Hence, the true meaning of efficient and effortless maintenance is fulfilled by this type of epoxy resin coating for garage floors.

Take A Look At The Enchanting Pros & Important Cons Of Epoxy Garage Floor Covering

The benefits of this amazing floor coating product are equally as relishing as the drawbacks are considerable and important. Below, we’ve described both these characteristics briefly yet comprehensively.


  • These toughest and extremely long-lasting epoxy resin coatings protect garage floors from high-traffic corrosion, scratches, impressions, stain marks, and cracks.
  • Our Epoxy Garage Flooring can resist damage due to moisture, heat, and shock.
  • The versatility of design and color options for this epoxy resin coating helps you improve the visual appeal of your garage.
  • It can be DIY applied for cost and time-effectiveness besides offering ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • This epoxy floor coating is available in 4 different versions namely quartz, self-leveling, Econo, and novolac epoxy coatings.


  • The epoxy garage floor needs to be touched up every once in a while for its appearance maintenance.
  • It can’t resist damage due to discoloration and requires an extremely careful and precise application.

The Structural Composition Of Our Inexpensive Epoxy Garage Flooring Explained

This inexpensive and beneficial epoxy resin coating for garage floor treatment can be custom-built to fulfill all the practical requirements of garage flooring. Aside from the dual epoxy resin coatings, there are two additional layers coated for a complete, ideal garage floor treatment.

Hence, the concrete subfloor bears on top of its surface a total of four layers including moisture-resistant primer, vinyl chip broadcast, grout coat, and topcoat. All these layers perform their distinct functions to keep the structural integrity of this epoxy coating safe from damage.

An Ideal Strategic Approach To Sealing Epoxy Garage Floors

The application of a sealant is a must to ensure the safety of your valuable investment and make it last longer to get the most in terms of economic benefits. Here is a brief yet thorough summary of the best approach to applying a sealant to these floor coatings.

  1. First, properly clean the concrete floors and conduct a moisture test to ensure the extent of bonding efficiency of primer with the floor surface.
  2. Now, apply the primer and let the concrete pores be filled completely for a seamless appearance.
  3. Then, mix the two epoxy coating layers and lay this combined resin coating onto the primer surface.
  4. Let the first epoxy coat dry completely and apply 2 to 3 more coats to achieve the desired thickness level for floor formation.
  5. Put in place the chips or flakes to achieve your desired floor appearance with design formations.
  6. Last but not least, apply the topcoat for a glossy, flawless, and smooth epoxy floor finish.

Cost Dependency Factors Enlisted For Epoxy Garage Flooring

There are many different factors that can affect the total cost of this garage floor treatment. Some of these factors are enlisted below.

  • Concrete flooring repair cost (Optional)
  • Quality of materials to be used
  • Number of resin coats to be applied
  • Installation method (DIY or Professional)
  • Type of Epoxy Coating Applied (Water-based or Solid-based)
  • Quality of Epoxy flooring kit used
  • Amount of garage space to be covered (defines the amount of epoxy material that will be used)

Get Our Proficient Installation Services For Epoxy Garage Flooring

When it comes to the pricing factor, the cost of our epoxy resin coating for garage floor treatments is exceptionally low and truly within the budget range of our valued customers.

Also, our highly-trained and skilled professionals are available round the clock for the efficient and desired application of water-based or solid epoxy garage floor coating. Besides, it will save you from the time-consuming and effort-taking DIY installation procedure for this floor treatment.

Also, professional installation services bought from us promise to make your epoxy garage floors last longer because we don’t compromise on the quality of the flooring kit being used in the application.

The Differential Comparison Of Epoxy Flooring With Garage Tiles & Paint

One can’t deny the fact that there are alternatives available to epoxy garage coatings on the market. However, epoxy resin floor coating stands to be the best among all those choices.

Speaking of alternatives, you’ll find tiles, paint, and one-part polyurea floor coatings to be the most prominent options. In this case, garage tiles are beneficial for easy installation and mobility features.

The comparison with 1 part epoxy garage floor paint tells us that epoxy coatings are more durable and high-performance. Similarly, single-part polyurea coating for garage floors dries within one day and therefore, can be applied faster than epoxy.


First, clean the concrete surface, apply the primer, and mix the epoxy resin with the flooring kit. Then, coat the floor, put the flakes in place, and apply the topcoat.

The best quality garage epoxy floor coating can last about two to ten years.

Usually, a DIY installation takes about 12-24 hours while professionals can perform this task within 5-8 hours.

Yes, you can opt for a DIY installation procedure to epoxy your garage flooring, however, a professional installation is a more preferable idea.

No, but the cost may be increased depending on the quality, type of epoxy, area to be covered, and many similar factors.

Yes, the topcoat layer in the epoxy coating is applied for a smooth, glossy, and shiny finish and therefore, you’ll enjoy improved interior aesthetics with this application.

Yes, the addition of a moisture-resistant primer as an additive in the epoxy coating can prevent moisture damage.

Yes, you can easily clean and maintain your epoxy-coated garage flooring because of its non-porous, seamless, and glossy surface.