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Privacy Policy

Here’s the complete summary of our Privacy Policy for our website for all of your visits and engagements with us regarding every available service. Factors like sales, marketing and events are also included in this. Ahead is the brief description which will make you well aware of all your privacy rights and choices whenever you interact with us. 

For any of your queries, inquiries or concerns in this regard, you can reach out to us at [email protected].

Here’s a quick overview of all the privacy rights and choices of our valued customers and you can also make use of the navigation feature for a quick access to your desired information.

Which Personal Information Do We Collect?

You can know about this information while filling our website’s contact form or during a quotation request for any of your desired products or services. In such information collections, we obtain your name, email address, contact number, contents of the message you send and any attachments (if any). Any other information provided by you may also be a part of this. 

In case of the account registrations, we may ask for your personal information, which mostly includes names, email address, company/organization names, residential/commercial address and contact numbers. 

How Do We Process Your Personal Information?

There are multiple ways in which your collected personal information can be used. Some of the major examples are:

  • Maintenance and operating of our website
  • Expansion and improvement of our website
  • Comprehending and analyzing your website usage
  • New services, products, functionalities and features addition as well as development 
  • Direct and indirect communications about customer services such as providing updates and other promotion, marketing and website related info. 
  • Search and prevention of scams
  • Emailing


When And With Whom Do We Share Your Personal Information?

Your personal information/data may be shared under some conditions with third parties mentioned ahead. 

These are the conditions in which we may share your personal information:


  • Business Transfers: Your personal information is likely to be shared or negotiated in the course of the company’s assets, sales financing, mergers or complete/partial business acquisition by another company or organization. 

For How Long Do We Keep Your Personal Information?

Your information is kept for the necessary time periods in order to fulfill the requirements and purposes stated in the Privacy Policy. Any of the law revisions or requirements are also included in this. 

Log Files

Our website follows the standard procedures for using Log Files. The information collected by Log Files include Internet Protocol (IP address), Browser Type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Date and Time Stamps, Referring or exit pages and at times the number of clicks too. This information is not personally identifiable at all and is only obtained to better administer the site, analyze the trends, track user’s movement and collect demographic information.

Web Beacons And Cookies

Fixing Expert also makes use of the cookies, similar to any other website, in order to collect info about user’s preferences and the pages accessed or visited. We use the obtained information in order to optimize and regulate our website in accordance with the user’s preferences, browser types and similar aspects. 

GDPR Data Protecting Rights

Here you can find the complete awareness about all your data protection rights. As a user, you’ll be entitled to these factors:


  • The Right For Accessing: You have the right to request for a copy of your collected personal data/information and this service might charge you a little extra. 
  • The Right For Making Corrections/Rectifications: You can request us to rectify/correct and complete any of your incorrect and incomplete information or data respectively.
  • The Right To Erase: You can request us to erase your personal data from our website if you feel the need to do so. 
  • The Right For Process Restriction: You can request us to terminate or restrict the processing of your personal data if required. 
  • The Right For Process Objection: In case of any particular circumstances, you have the right to object to our procedure of processing your personal data. 
  • The Right For Data Transfer: You can request the transfer of your desired personal information to yourself and to any other desired company or organization. 

Child Protection And Information 

We take all the necessary measures for child protection during internet usage. And we advise parents and guardians to keep track of their child’s online activity and ensure all the essential guidance and interaction in this regard. 

The personal data of children who are under 13 is not knowingly collected by our website. So if you believe that your child may accidentally have provided us with any personal information or data that could be identifiable, we strongly suggest that you contact us, so that we can remove all such info from our records in a timely manner.