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Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding Doors

Are Curtains or Blinds Better for Sliding Doors

Curtains or blinds play a vital role in our homes as they can be used as an insulator and help maintain temperature and privacy. The best benefit of using blinds or curtains is that they have thermal insulation properties that are beneficial for our home environment.

As long as the question is if the blinds are better for sliding doors. the answer is yes. You have two options for installing blinds on sliding doors either you want to install on the single side or both sides as a pair that can meet at the middle of the door.

What Window Coverings Do You Put in Sliding Glass Doors?

Let’s look at the types of curtains or blinds for sliding doors we can hang or install on the sliding doors. Different varieties of blinds are available in the market for installing them on the sliding doors. We have discussed the best of them in this blog.

Types of Blinds that are Perfect for Sliding Doors

There are various types of blinds or curtains for sliding glass doors available in the market, Let’s look at them:

Veri Shades

Veri Shades For Sliding Doors

Veri Shades is also known as the clever walkthrough blinds for the sliding door curtains. They are a combination of vertical blinds with a cross between the curtains. They are hung in standing order and are lightweight because they don’t have connecting chains with them.

You can easily walk through them without setting them, perfectly, as they will come back to their position itself. You can tilt their panels to open and close them to allow or block the light coming from outside.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds For Sliding Doors

Vertical blinds are the best for patio doors for giving a modern look to your home and are discreet as well. They can be installed easily on the sliding doors, just like the standard curtains.

Vertical blinds are also versatile as you can control the light and privacy by only changing the direction of the vanes. You can open them to get the maximum light that helps in improving visibility. You can install these blinds on a single side or both sides and leave them in the middle when you want to close them.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds For Sliding Doors

Even the roller blinds didn’t work as perfectly as the patio door blinds, but you can install them by dividing them into two parts, one for the left side and one for the right side.

These blinds are best for the daytime as you can pull them down to block the light and privacy concerns. These blinds are helpful during the summer as well as in winter. Let the breeze come into your rooms in summer by opening the blinds or blocking it by closing the blinds in winter.

Other Types of Blinds that You Can Use for Doors

There are also various types of sliding glass door blinds or curtains that are also suitable for your doors; some of them are listed below:

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds For Sliding Doors

Roman blinds are like roller blinds, but they require enough space above the door for the proper installation. They can be opened fully when there is more space above the door frame,

These blinds can help to insulate your home when they hang over the sliding doors that are specifically designed for enhancing the beauty of your home. Use these blinds to maintain your privacy and block the light coming from outside in the daytime.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds For Sliding Doors

Venetian Blinds are also recommended for sliding doors, but they are too heavy in weight. They will look beautiful when they are aligned perfectly, hanging on the sliding doors.


Shutters For Sliding Doors

Shutters can be installed on sliding doors. It look like you are putting another sliding door in front of the current one. Shutters will be costly as compared to the other available options for sliding doors.

Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds For Sliding Doors

Honeycomb blinds can be considered the best option for insulation, but they need a large area for installation on the sliding doors. They have the properties just like the Venetian blinds.

Tips For Hanging the Curtains on Sliding Doors

Hanging the Curtains on Sliding Doors

Some tips might help you with how to hang curtains over sliding glass doors while installing the curtains or blinds.

  1. Hang the curtains a half-inch above the floor so they are not dragging on the floor when you open them. Also, don’t hang them too high on the floor they look so ugly while hanging.
  2. Use the traverse rod instead of a standard rod while hanging curtains on the sliding doors. The traverse rods have clips on them that help as a carrier to hang your curtains. These curtains can be easily slid through these rods for opening and closing purposes. But the standard rods can stick the curtains in the middle and may stop sliding through the rod. Traverse rods are also available at reasonable prices and you can easily buy them from us.
  3. Split the curtains into two parts and hang one panel on the right side and the other on the left side. This is great when you want to slide the curtain from one side of the rod to open or close the sliding door.


This is all about the curtains or blinds you can use for your sliding doors. After reading the entire article, you can easily decide which blinds or curtains can suit your sliding doors. We also discussed what you shouldn’t do when covering the sliding doors with the curtains. As the best interior fitout company, we also give tips about what to do while hanging the curtains. If you have any queries regarding this, you can email us.

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