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How to Close Blinds? Easy Step-By-Step Guide 2023

how to close blinds

Having window blinds in your home or office is great for controlling light, keeping rooms private, and decorating. There are several blinds like horizontal, vertical, roller blinds, and more. Each type needs to be closed to work right. It is important to learn how to close blinds so they look neat, last longer, and provide all their benefits.

In this article, I will explain step-by-step instructions for closing the most common blind types. I’ll share tips to make closing blinds easy and trouble-free for anyone. Knowing how to shut blinds properly keeps them functioning and looking their best.

Comprehensive Guide to Close All Types of Blinds

To start, you’ll need to do a few things to prepare your blinds before closing them. Open the blinds first so the slats and cords are easy to reach. Take a minute to check over the blinds for any damage, like bent slats or frayed cords, and fix any issues. It also helps to clear off any objects in front of the blinds so you can access them.

Closing Horizontal Blinds

How to close blinds

Horizontal blinds are the most popular kind found in homes. Everyone should know how to close blinds in the right way for better comfort. They have flat, horizontal slats that tilt open and closed. Start closing these blinds using the wand or cord to tilt the slats open, all facing the same way. Next, grab the pull cord and bring the slats together by pulling the cord straight down.

As you pull, the slats will neatly stack up on both sides. Keep pulling until they are completely closed and overlapping. Finally, wrap the pull cord around the anchors on the ends to secure the blinds.

Closing Vertical Blinds

How to Close Blinds

The process is similar if you have vertical blinds but use a bead chain instead. First, tilt the long vertical slats to an open position, all facing one direction using the wand. Then, look for the bead chain on one end of the track and slowly pull it down. It will move the vertical slats together.

Keep pulling the chain hand-over-hand steadily to stack the slats neatly until they are fully overlapped. When the blinds are closed, wrap the bead chain around the holder clip on the end to hold them in position.

Lowering Roller and Roman Blinds

How to Close Blinds

Roller shades and Roman blinds close by lowering the single sheet of fabric rather than individual slats. Start by finding the ball chain or cord on the side of blind people and make sure it’s untangled.

Hold the cord and steadily pull down in one smooth, continuous motion to lower blind people. Don’t stop halfway! Keep pulling until it goes as far down as it will go, then wrap the cord around the anchors at the bottom to secure it in place.

Closing Wood and Faux Wood Blinds

How to close Blinds

Wood and faux wooden blinds are closed, similar to horizontal blinds. The difference is a tilt rod is used instead of a wand. Turn the tilt rod to open all the slats fully facing forward.

Then, locate the pull cord and gently pull it straight down to draw the slats together into neat, uniform stacks on both sides. When the blind is completely closed, wrap the pull cord around the anchors on the bottom portion to hold it closed.

Closing Pleated and Cellular Blinds

How to Close Blinds

For pleated and cellular shades, look for the cord on the side and make sure it moves easily. Grasp the cord and steadily pull down in one smooth, slow motion to close the accordion-style folds together. Keep gently pulling until the shade is lowered and the folds are compressed tightly. Finally, wrap the cord around its anchors to secure the closed shade.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Closing Blinds

How To Close Blinds

With regular use, blinds can sometimes develop minor issues. There are fixes if you notice them getting stuck, closing unevenly, or becoming loose or noisy. Lubricating cords with a dry silicone spray often helps.

Adjusting cord tension, checking for obstructions, and straightening bent slats may work. Tightening hardware can reduce noise. More serious issues like broken slats or frayed cords may require professional repairs.

If you constantly have trouble and don’t know how to close window blinds, it likely means they are worn out after years of use. Some signs your blinds need a replacement include missing or bent slats, damaged cords, cracked hardware, excessive sun damage, chronic sticking, grinding, or other noises when operating. At that point, installing new high-quality blinds that close smoothly is the best solution.


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These step-by-step instructions give you the expertise to close any blinds in your home with confidence properly. Follow specific techniques for how to close blinds of each blind variety in your home. Soon, it will be a simple routine task you can do in minutes while maximizing the benefits your window blinds provide. if you have any queries or don’t understand something, you can ask by a quick email, We are a leading interior Fitout Company in Dubai, We always love to hear feedback from our clients!

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