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Easy Guide To Close Your Window Blinds

Easy Steps To Close Your Window Blinds

Modern homes use blinds to cover their windows for light control, privacy, etc. Blinds are considered to give a fantastic treatment to the windows of your home to let the light come to your room or block it, which helps in maintaining your privacy.

Blind manufacturers are trying to improve their products by adding new technologies to make them more functional. Proper opening and closing can minimize the damage to your blinds. Though opening and closing the blinds is not a hard task, it requires an understanding of the mechanism behind it.

Many people didn’t know how to close blinds if they were interacting with them the first time. You can face difficulty closing window blinds for the first time, and you will get confused about what to do about lifting the blinds up or down.

Window blinds come in different types and varieties, and each blind has a different mechanism for opening and closing them. In this article, we will help you learn Easy Steps To Close Your Window Blinds.

6 Steps To Close Window Blinds

The opening and closing mechanisms are not so difficult to learn how to perform this process. We are providing an easy guide to you for solving this problem. You can learn how to close the window blinds by following the 6 steps explained below on how to close blinds for privacy:

1. Find The Pulling Strings

Find The Pulling Strings

The pulling string usually hangs on the right side of window blinds, and you can easily recognize this strip. You can move the blinds up and down by pulling this string because it is attached to the clutch at the top of the roller blinds, and each slat is connected to this strip.

2. Unlock the Blinds

Unlock the Blinds

Now pull the string across the window at a 45-degree angle to your left to unlock the blinds from their current position. This will loosen the slats. If you have done this step, move forward to the next step.

3. Align the Slats

Align the Slats oF Blinds

Now move the string accordingly so that slats can flat over one another. If the slats didn’t come perfectly over one another, straighten them by pulling one string to get them back in their position. Maintain the position of all slats in a horizontal order to make the blinds work properly and lower the chances of damage.

4. Lower the Window Blinds

Lower the Window Blinds

When you hold the string at a 45-degree angle to your left, the blinds are unlocked. To close the window blinds, lose your grip on the string and allow the blinds to move up toward the trigger motor.

This movement will lower the slats and bring them towards the bottom of the windowsill. This process needs to be done gently and slowly to avoid damage to the blinds because if done fast, it can cause slats breakage.

How To Lower Blinds?

5. Lock the Window Blinds

Lock the Window Blinds

Now hold the string on your right side once you have finished the adjustment of the blinds. This action will lock the window blinds into a new position.

The locking mechanism can work at any height, even if you want to lower the slates entirely or in the middle. Most people close the blackout blinds completely at night and keep them half-open during the daytime.

6. Close the Blinds Completely

Close the Blinds Completely

Find the stick rod hanging next to the string to close the blinds completely. The rod will twist at 180 degrees, which means it can be rotated clockwise and anticlockwise.

To shut the blinds completely and block out light, loft the rod slightly and use your fingers to rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise until the slats close one by one.

How to Close Different Types of Blinds?

Different types of blinds have different styles of opening or closing blinds. You can learn how to operate the different types of blinds by the steps given below with the blinds type. See the type of your window blinds and follow the steps to close them.

Single-stringed Blinds

Single-stringed Blinds
Single-stringed Blinds

Venetian blinds, micro blinds, mini blinds, pleated shades, and cellular shades come into this category. These types of blinds can be operated by using a single string. Follow the steps given below and learn how to close the blinds with a string:

  1. Grab the cord and pull it towards the left to unlock the blinds.
  2. Hold the cord and pull it across the front of the window at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Gradually lose the grip to raise the slats slowly
  4. Release the cord gradually to close the blinds.

Continuous Cord Blinds

Continuous Cord Blinds

These blinds operate by a continuous cord loop for opening and closing purposes. Follow the steps to learn how to close window blinds of these types:

  1. Pull one side of the cord and analyze how the blinds move. If they go down, continue pulling the side until it reaches a specific height.
  2. If it doesn’t go down, pull the other side of the cord to lower the blinds.
  3. Once the blinds reach a particular height, stop pulling the cord.

Blinds With Rods

Blinds With Rods

These blinds are controlled by using a rod as the replacement of cords. Vertical and panel blinds come into this category. Let’s look at how to close vertical blinds.

You can open and close these blinds by simply pulling the rod. The rod is at the top of the window coverings; you only need to pull it in the direction you want to open or close the blinds. Most blinds have a twisted rod for operating them; Rotate the rod for opening and closing the blinds.

Cordless blinds

Cordless blinds

Cordless blinds are the easiest ones to operate. To learn how to close window shades like this follow this process. Hold the bottom bar of the window coverings, pull them gradually, and stop your hand when they reach the specific place you want to get them. Some models require you to tilt the bottom bar down to rotate the slats of the blinds to close them.

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?


This is all about opening or closing the window blinds. You can close your window blinds by following these steps. I hope you will be able to open and close the blinds easily after reading this article. If you have any queries or don’t understand something, you can ask by a quick email, We are a leading interior Fitout Company in Dubai, We always love to hear feedback from our clients!

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