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How to Hang Curtains in a Rental Apartment – Renter Friendly Curtain Rod

Ways to Hang Curtains in a Rental Apartment

Most people ask how to hang curtains in an apartment without drilling. You can hang curtains in the rooms of your home the way you want to install them. But for hanging curtains in the apartment where you live on rent, take care of some essential things. Make sure you hang the curtains in a way that they don’t cause any damage to the owner’s property.

You can use various techniques for installing curtains in a rental apartment. Curtains are necessary for many purposes, such as blocking the light from outside and helping in insulation, so you need to install curtains or window hangings even in a rental apartment.

Today, we will discuss the top 10 ways to hang curtains in a rental apartment without causing damage to others’ property.

Hang Your Curtains Efficiently in A Rental Space!

Let’s discuss the top 10 ways to hang curtains in a rental apartment without causing damage.

1. Use Existing Curtain Rods

Curtain Rods To Hang Curtains In Rental Appartment

If the curtain rods are already fixed in the rental apartment and are compatible with your curtains, then there is nothing better than that. But If you already have curtains that don’t accommodate your interior style and you don’t want to bear the expense of a new rod, then use the solution;

You can easily customize your curtain size by sewing it according to the existing curtain rod’s size and adding the curtain rings for easily hanging the curtain in the room. You can easily adjust them when you want to block the light coming into your room or when you need privacy.

2. Build Own Curtain Frame

Build Own Curtain Frame to Hang Curtains

You can quickly build a curtain frame and customize it according to your needs. It can be easily moved from one place to another with minimal hassle.

You can easily stand these frames in front of the windows with a curtain rail on its top that helps you to hang the curtains on them. Measure the dimensions of your windows and then build a curtain frame according to your requirements. Decorate the frame so it matches your room walls and doesn’t feel awkward standing in front of your windows

3. Use Clip-on Brackets

Clip-on Brackets To Hang Curtains

Many people don’t like standard drapes, so there is a perfect solution. Mostly, the Clip-on Brackets with hanging blinds are already installed above the windows in rental apartments.

You can clip these brackets to the top of the drapes and then hang the curtain rod with the help of these brackets. Use the NONO Bracket Mini clips and hook them to the wall, and when you leave the rental apartment, you can easily remove them without damaging the wall.

4. Use Heavy-duty Magnet

Heavy-duty Magnets to Hang Curtains in a Rental Apartment

If you want to install the curtain rod on the wall without damaging the wall, then you can use heavy-duty magnets, which work great with metal rods. These heavy-duty magnets can support the curtain and the rods and can’t let them fall down or droop, which is excellent for a rental space.

5. Use Spring Tension Rods

Spring Tension Rods To Hang Curtains

Spring tension rods are helpful because of their versatile characteristics that they can fit into any needed suspension rod space. You can use them for hanging light fabric curtains like silk curtains. It is the best method for hanging curtains in a rental apartment, as they can fit any window size, and you will quickly know how to hang them without drilling into the walls.

6. Apply Command Brand Hooks

Hang a Curtain Rail with command brand hooks

Command brand hooks can be easily attached to smooth walls and other surfaces because of their sticky solid strips. You can use the command jumbo hook, which can carry a heavy weight that supports the curtain rails and drapes. These brand hooks are the best answer to how to hang curtains in an apartment without drilling.

These hooks also come in various colors; you can quickly get the matching color with the curtain rails. For pasting them on the wall, attach the sticky strip to the wall and wait for 24 hours, then hang curtains rods for the apartment on them. Now, you can hang curtains easily on the rod.

How to Hang Curtains Like an Interior Designer?

7. Using the Roller Shade

Using the Roller Shade in Rental Apartment

Sometimes, roller shades are installed in some rental apartments to block the light and provide privacy.
You can roll the drape up, and now it comes to the shape of a rod above your windows like a horizontal tube. You can also remove the entire window hanging from the brackets against the walls. Use rubber bands and double-sided tapes to make a solid tube, then turn the curtains on this tube with the help of curtain rings.

8. Use Coat Hooks

Coat Hooks To Hang Curtains
You can use coat hooks to hang the curtains temporarily because they don’t require drilling to attach them; that’s why they didn’t cause any damage to walls. You can easily purchase these coat hooks from a hardware shop, which can be attached to the existing curtain rails. You can easily hang the curtains on the hooks and open and close the curtains as per your needs.

9. Use Double-sided Tape

Double-sided Tape To Hang Curtains

Use double-sided tape for hanging the curtains in front of your windows. If you have to live in a rental apartment for a short period, you can use this method. It will prove the best solution to your problem regarding hanging curtains without damage. It is also an excellent solution when you don’t have much money to spend.

10. Suspend a Curtain Rod

Curtain Rod To Hang Curtains

The last but not the least method is to suspend the curtain rod from the ceiling if you can’t use other helping objects like surrounding walls or windows to install a curtain rail on it. With the help of a boom and hooks, you can easily suspend a curtain rail from the ceiling.


These are the top 10 solutions for hanging curtains in a rental apartment without damaging the walls. I hope this article helps you tackle problems like this, and you can easily manage these situations also if need more help with your interior decor you can read our articles. We are a top-notch interior Company in Dubai, we always help our clients to fix their interior layout with the best options!


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