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10 Best Basement Flooring Options

basement flooring options

If you’re renovating or remodeling your basement, you might need to replace the floor to make your space more comfortable, attractive, and easier to maintain. Revamping the basement flooring is the best and reasonably inexpensive way to increase the aesthetic of your commercial or residential place.

However, the basement floor offers its own set of issues in addition to pros. Because your basement is below ground, it is prone to moisture problems, which can lead to mildew and mold if the floor components aren’t installed properly.

Top Trending Basement Flooring Options In 2023

Continue reading to find out what we think is the best basement flooring. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten basement flooring alternatives. So let’s review them;

1. Luxury Vinyl Tile 

LVT luxury vinyl tile floors come in planks or squares. Most LVT flooring systems, unlike traditional glued-down sheet vinyl, are meant to “float” on top of the subfloor, comparable to marble laminate flooring. This means that their mode of installation is floating-type floor installation.


Because of its thickness, LVT may be embossed with textures and patterns to make it appear like real wood or stone. Besides, this flooring type is easy to remove and maintain as well. So, it can be the best option for your basement!

2. Linoleum Flooring

We like to recommend linoleum for basements for its exceptional build quality and durability. This flooring comes in sheets and tiles. There is a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. It is one of the best basement flooring options. It has a significant influence on the appearance of your basement.

If you have children or pets, this flooring material will be the best flooring for basements. Because of its anti-static properties, it repels dust and is easy to clean. It’s a low-cost, long-lasting basement flooring option.

3. Ceramic or porcelain tile

A tile is a most luxurious option for basement floors. It is fully waterproof, goes straight over the concrete subfloor, and will last a lifetime. The styles and formats that you may utilize are nearly limitless. Large-format porcelain tile that looks like SPC planks are quite fashionable right now. So, you can go with this flooring option while renovating the basement floors of your space.

4. Wall-to-wall Carpeting

Despite the fact that carpet may not appear to be the best choice for a basement, it remains one of the most popular choices owing to its warm and soft feel. Because carpets absorb moisture and can cause mold, be sure your basement is totally dry before installing carpet

Although carpets are not an ideal choice for basement flooring. But in case you have small children in your house then wall-to-wall carpet is a good choice.

5. Concrete Floors

Leaving your concrete flooring exposed is one of the best options to keep your basements in good shape. The industrial look is making a big incorporation into home design, and a concrete floor might be just what you’re looking for.

Concrete is an excellent alternative to make your basement look appealing. In a nutshell, it is one of the best basement flooring options available that you can choose for your basements.

6. Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings are a great alternative if you can live with a hard surface floor. Epoxy comes in a wide range of colors, is entirely versatile, and is easy to maintain. A concrete basement subfloor that has been epoxy-coated will be waterproof and long-lasting.

Epoxies are available in a variety of colors and in water-based, solvent-based, and 100% solid solutions. These floor coverings require a minimum maintenance approach and with proper upkeep, you can make them last for long time periods. So, selecting epoxy floor coating for your basements can be a good decision.

7. Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles offer the advantage of absorbing less moisture due to their backing and composition. This is one of the best flooring for basements. Also, because carpet tiles are inexpensive to replace if a few of them become stained, you won’t have to replace the entire area.

Carpet tiles are more elegant and function like a hard surface. There are several styles from which to pick. To create a more vibrant and creative basement environment, this is an excellent option.

8. Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood flooring gives real wood warmth and beauty with durability and moisture resistance. It is also one of the best basement flooring options for combining a functional and practical atmosphere, according to experts.

This flooring option is moisture-resistant and can withstand moisture levels to some extent. Besides such a functional approach, these floors are sound-absorbing and create a calm basement environment.

9. Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. These include interlocking tiles and sheets. There are a lot of colors to select from. It makes creating your own designs fun. If your basement is intended to be a playground rather than a formal living space, you could be in luck.

In addition to such an approach, rubber floors are soft and have remarkable insulation properties as well. These floors keep the environment cool in summer and warm during winter seasons. Moisture-resistant is also an exceptional feature that makes rubber flooring a good choice for basements.

10. Cork Flooring

Cork is a natural product that derives from cork trees. Cork flooring is a good choice for below-grade places because it offers soft underfoot, is simple to walk on, and is warm, but it is an organic material that may be damaged by water.

You must first construct a subfloor structure before installing cork flooring in your basement. Although installation of these floors is hectic the durability and serviceability approach of these floors is literally unbelievable.

Final Words!

That’s all folks! We have presented you with the top 10 basement flooring options. Our belief is that after reading this complete piece of writing, now you have a complete understanding of the pros and cons of these best flooring for basements. 

Choose wisely and make a perfect decision for your basement floor according to your needs and requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Be ready to renovate your basement floors by keeping these flooring options in mind. Make your basement floors aesthetically appealing and functional as well.

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