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Fixing Broken Garage Door Spring | Helpful Tips And Tricks 

Fixing Broken Garage Door Spring trick and tips

You may not give much thought to your garage door springs, yet they are among the most essential parts of your house. The inability to open and shut your garage door due to broken springs is irritating and might even be hazardous. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not appreciate the value of their garage door springs until they fail. Today at Fixing Expertwe will discuss the importance of these seemingly little parts in ensuring the stability and usefulness of your garage. We will tell you when to replace them and the equipment you will need to do the job yourself. Let us dive in right now!

Importance of Garage Door Spring

Importance of Garage Door Spring

Your garage depends on its springs. They help your garage door open and shut smoothly by counterbalancing its weight. Without them, you would have to physically raise or lower your garage door’s entire weight, which is unpleasant and risky.

These springs also protect your garage door opener mechanism by decreasing wear and tear. They guarantee years of trouble-free operation by coordinating all elements.

Torsion and extension garage door springs are the major kinds. Extension springs flank the tracks, while torsion springs are above the garage doorway. Both kinds protect and maintain your garage.

All in all, if you want a reliable and efficient home security system, make sure to prioritize

regular maintenance for your garage door springs!

Common Issues With Broken Garage Door Springs

Common Issues With Broken Garage Door Springs

  • Garage door springs matter a lot and they can degrade over time. Broken garage door springs provide modest to serious risks.
  • Your door may be stuck due to broken springs.
  • You can experience seamless entry and exit from your home with a properly functioning garage door spring. Its efficient lifting and lowering mechanism ensures smooth operation, but a malfunctioning spring can cause inconvenience and disrupt your routine.
  • A broken spring not only hinders the smooth functioning of your garage door but also poses a threat to other vital system components. You might experience the potential danger of a torsion spring under tension as it snaps suddenly, causing metal flying and putting nearby individuals at risk.
  • Attempting DIY repairs on a broken spring can be extremely dangerous. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds and are held under incredible tension by their springs. Trying to fix them without proper training or equipment is asking for trouble.
  • Broken garage door springs can cause inconvenient and downright dangerous problems. It’s best to leave repairs to professionals who handle these components safely and effectively.

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break? 

Why Do Garage Door Springs Break

  • A garage door system is not complete without the springs. They must be strong enough to hold the door in place while also being able to counteract its motion.
  •  Among the most common causes of broken garage door springs is rusting or corrosion. This usually occurs when moisture enters the spring’s metal components and causes oxidation.
  • Incorrect installation or adjustment may also cause damage to your garage doors’ springs if not done professionally with the appropriate tools and techniques.
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations can also contribute to spring failure as it expands or contracts under certain temperatures that overwork these parts beyond their limits.

It’s important to remember these potential causes when maintaining your garage door system to avoid costly repairs down the line!

Signs and Symptoms of a Broken Garage Door Spring 

Sign and Symptoms

Broken garage door springs may be dangerous. Thus, early spring failure detection is critical.

  • Your garage door not opening or closing is a major sign. Squeaking or grinding noises may occur during operation.
  • Another indicator is obvious spring damage. Due to moisture and humidity, garage door springs rust and deteriorate, shortening their lifetime.
  • Extension springs with gaps between coils are worn out and should be replaced promptly. Torsion springs may stretch or break at one end.
  • Broken garage door springs might smell bad because metal components are rubbing together without lubrication. If you smell anything strange in your garage, get a professional to examine your springs before they do further harm!

Materials Required to Change The Door Springs? 

Garage door spring repair requires proper components. Repairing a damaged spring without these components might be dangerous. Garage door spring replacement requires these materials:

  • First, buy replacement springs for your garage door type and weight limit. Avoid using mismatched or worn springs since they may break more easily.
  • To install and tune the torsion spring, winding bars are needed. The above objects should be metal to guarantee safety and have non-slip handles.
  • Remove the old clips from the wires using pliers and properly attach the new ones.
  • Use a socket wrench set for garage door spring tension rod bolts of different diameters.
  • Handling high-tension components like garage doors requires safety eyewear.
  • After installation, a lubricant spray can reduce friction between movable components like hinges and rollers.
  • High-quality equipment and proper spring replacement procedures may ensure your garage door’s crucial component operates safely and smoothly for a long time.

Steps to Fix a Broken Garage Door Spring 

A few different procedures may be taken when it comes to repairing a garage door spring that has snapped.

Here are 15 steps that will help you repair your garage door springs:

  • Clamp the door to the track and lock it for security.
  • Second, using two winding bars, loosen the intact spring.
  • Third, loosen the nuts and bolts holding the torsion tube in place, and disconnect the springs from the center bracket.
  • The new spring may be installed after removing the previous spring and moving the torsion tube to the side.
  • When purchasing new components, you should first calculate the wire diameter, then estimate the “hand” of the spring, and last measure the spring’s inner diameter and length.
  • Reassemble the bearing bracket and install the left spring.
  • Replace bottom brackets, rollers, lift cables, and center bearings.
  • Take care of rusty pieces before putting in new ones.
  • Next, secure the wires in the slot and wind the drums tight.
  • Tension the garage door springs until they are all the same length.
  • Stretch the springs as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Use garage door oil to lubricate the spring as you tap the winding bar.

In The End

The tension spring in the garage door should be checked regularly because due to a bad spring, your door can jam as well as every time cocking noise will disturb you. These simple yet effective steps should help you get started on repairing those pesky broken garage door springs!


How Long Do Torsion Springs Last?

A standard torsion spring will endure between 7 to 10 years or 10,000 cycles.

How Long Do Extension Springs Last?

A standard extension spring will last between 5 and 10 years or 10,000 cycles.

How Long Does a Garage Door Spring Last?

There is normally a 7-10 year lifespan for a garage door spring.

Can I Replace the Garage Door Spring Myself?

DIY garage door spring replacement is not advised due to the potential for injury.

How Do I Know If My Garage Door Spring Is Broken?

Indications of a damaged garage door spring include the door being hard to open or impossible to open at all.

Why Garage Door Springs Break?

Wear and tear from regular usage or lack of maintenance causes garage door springs to snap.

How Much Does a Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost?

a new set of garage door springs would cost you between $150 and $350.

Can I Open My Garage Door if the Spring Is Broken?

Broken springs on garage doors make them dangerously heavy and cumbersome to lift.

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