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How To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With Pin Hooks?

Just as the name suggests, pocket rod curtains comprise a pocket-like space designed for the curtain rod to slip in and pass through for curtain hangings. These curtains are classical, stylish, and one of the most popular window coverings available on the market.

On the other hand, curtain pin hooks are sleek yet weight-bearing metallic holders used for labor-intensive curtain fixing work. Having that said, you can simply name them window drapery holders. Pin hooks make the curtain functioning easier and simpler.

Reasons To Install Pocket Rod Curtains Using Pin Hooks

Before you get answered for “How”, let’s explain to you why rod pocket curtains are to be installed with pin hooks.

When it comes to hanging curtains, adjustment, placement, and balance of the curtain rod are essentials and should not be overlooked. That’s because the smooth functioning of the curtain panel (opening and closing the curtains) is the ultimate goal. However, rod pocket curtains offer a hassle to feasibility even when installed properly.

The reason behind this inefficiency to function is that slipped-on curtains require you to apply force for their opening and closing. Especially, in the case when the curtains are bulkier and can’t be moved easily.

The Perks & Pros Of Using Pin Hooks For Pocket Rod Curtains

Now that you know about the reason for hanging rod pocket curtains with pin hooks, let’s explain to you the benefits that come along with this curtain-hanging approach.

  • First and foremost, the efficacy of curtain functioning will be significantly enhanced.
  • Also, you won’t have to apply force even for moving heavyweight curtain panels.
  • Next, the curtain panel will look pretty much customized with a decorative metallic hook.
  • You’ll be adding a touch of uniqueness and interest to the window curtain panel with pin hook hangings.
  • Pin hooks provide you with more control over curtain panel adjustment and ultimately the interior illumination.

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Tools/Material Required For This Simple DIY Task

You’ll be needing and have to arrange for the following materials for efficiently hanging curtains using pin hooks.

  1. Rod Pocket Curtains
  2. Pin Hooks
  3. Curtain Rod
  4. Measuring Tape
  5. Level Balance
  6. Curtain Rings
  7. Fabric Marker
  8. Pleater Tape

The Ultimate Guide For Hanging Pocket Rod Curtains With Pin Hooks

Let’s begin with the steps to explain the procedure for hanging curtain panels using pin hooks.

1. Measure The Curtain’s Length


The first and foremost is to take measurements of the curtain panel to make an ideal purchase of the curtain liner lengthwise. The weight of the curtain panel is to be kept in mind when buying liner for curtain panel attachments. That’s because liners for heavyweight curtain hangings come with an extensive number of hollow spaces to attach more pin hooks.

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2. Attach Liner To The Curtain Top

The next step is to take the curtain panel out of the rod and attach a fabric liner to the backside of the curtain. Don’t forget that the liner is to be attached at the top of the curtain panel and on the side facing the window. To do so, you can make use of a pleater tape to attach the liner. Make sure that the liner gets smoothly attached to the curtain top.

3. Idealize The Number Of Pin Hooks Needed

To help get an idea about the total number of pin hooks required, you can measure the interval between separate hook attachments. Adding further, there are small pass-through holes in the design of the curtain liner that should be counted. Doing so will provide you with an exact number of pin hooks needed.

4. Put The Pin-On Hooks In Place

Now, you need to position the pin hooks in place. The interval between consecutive pin hooks will define the creases of the curtain panel that make the curtains look delightful and charming. At the end of the process, always count the number of hooks attached to the curtain liner and also look for, if you’ve missed a pin hook position.

5. Add Curtain Rings & Hang Curtains

Coming towards the end, you’ll need to pass curtain rings through the rod and clip the hooks in place through the curtain rings. By doing that, you have installed your rod pocket curtains using pin hooks. At last, you just have to test the curtain panel for smooth functioning.

FAQs–Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Is The Difference Between Pin Hooks and regular Curtain Hooks?

Pin-on hooks are pinned to the backside of the curtain panel, usually on a curtain liner for hanging purposes and these may be round, pointed top, long-neck, and various other formats. On the other hand, regular curtain hooks are also used for curtain hanging purposes, however, they come in various styles.

2. How Do I Know If I Need A Single Or Double Pocket Rod?

For single-panel curtain hangings, you have to opt for a single-pocket rod. On the contrary, a double pocket rod will be required for a curtain layering effect.

3. Can I Hang Pocket Rod Curtains Without Using Pin Hooks?

Yes, rod pocket curtains can be hung without using pin hooks. You just need to simply pass the rod through the curtains and hang them afterward.

4. What Is The Maximum Weight Pocket Rod Curtains Can Hold?

Pocket rod curtains are usually hung with tension rods or supportive rods. These rods have a weight-bearing capacity of 20 pounds in general.

5. Can I Put Pin Hooks On Any Type Of Fabric?

It depends on the weave strength of the fabric that you want the pin hooks to pass through. Even though this can’t be done to all fabrics, you can pass pin hooks through most types of fabric materials.

6. How Do I Fix Sagging Pocket Rod Curtains?

You can make use of anchors and longer screws to keep the curtain from sagging. Also, you should use a thick and top-quality rod for hanging curtains. Needless to say that you can install more than two brackets to support the weight of the rod.

7. Can I Reuse Pin Hooks If I Decide To Change My Curtains?

If the pin hooks are removed undamaged from the previous curtain panel, then you can preferably use them for the next curtain panel. However, you will find most pin hooks bent and broken after one-time usage.

To Wind Up

Pin hooks for hanging rod pocket curtains are an ideal way to make the curtain panel function smoothly. In this article, we have explained pocket rod curtains, pin hooks, the reasons and benefits of using pin hooks for hanging curtains, and the step-by-step guide for making this idea practical. We hope that this piece of writing will prove to be super informative and equally beneficial for all the consumers looking for solutions in this regard.

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