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How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod? 5 Easy Methods

how to hang curtains without a rod

Hanging curtains on a rod can be inconvenient and a little more permanent for someone who likes to change their décor regularly. You can modernize your style by ditching traditional curtain rods. There is no specific rule that says you have to use them.

Avoid using rods for your curtains may be due to the following reasons: if you are living in a rented space, you can’t drill your walls because it’s not your personal property, or you doubt your own ability to drill rods. You might need to know how to hang curtains without a rod. We will give you ideas for all types of curtains for a seamless appearance.

Different Ways of Hanging Curtains Without a Rod

The following are the ways, with the help of them, you can hang your curtains without a rod;

Curtain installation and rod fastening are simple, but it is an ancient, traditional, and permanent method that everyone uses. However, for individuals who enjoy being involved in their home design and adding unique effects that may be adjusted frequently.

Having said that, we’ve compiled a list of 5 Unusual Ways to Hang Curtains Without a Rod. You’ll undoubtedly like hanging curtains in a variety of ways and transforming your windows. Let’s get going!

1. Hang Your Curtains Using Adhesive Hooks

how to hang curtains without a rod

You can hang your curtains without a rod using self-adhesive hooks that stick to the walls. They come in a variety of styles. You can match one with your decor and curtains. Here is how you can install adhesive hooks for hanging curtains;

First, you have to choose the right hook for your weight that can easily lift the weight of your curtains. They should be smooth enough to stick to your walls.

Ensure the surface of the wall is clean and dry. Walls with dirt, debris, or moisture result in imperfect adhesion of hooks that causes drooping or bending of curtains.

You will need two hooks for each of your windows. You can also use multiple hooks on the top of your curtains to distribute the curtain weight evenly and prevent drooping.

Use Curtain Rings to Attach Curtains

how to hang curtains without a rod

Curtain rings are also a cost-effective and easy way for people who want to know how to hang curtains without a rod. These rings are readily available in home convenience stores in different shapes and materials.

You can use curtain rings to hang your curtains in offices, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. You must measure the length first and determine how many rings you need to install a curtain for each panel. Now, you can quickly fix the ring using wall or command hooks and hang curtains.

Hang Your Curtains With Upholstery Tacks

how to hang curtains without a rod

To make your curtains functional, you can add upholstery tacks instead of using rods. If you want the look of your curtains with a tie back or you don’t want to open or close your curtains, then you can go with upholstery tacks. This is an easy and budget-friendly solution.

You’ll need a pack of upholstery tacks in a coordinating finish. Make sure that how many curtain pleats your curtain will need to properly hang on the window and door.

Pull the first tack into the corner of your drape and at the outside edge of your window or door opening, and create pleats with curtain fabric.

Tack that pleats into the wall about four to five inches from the first one. Repeat the same phenomenon all the way across the curtain panel.

Hang Your Curtains With a Tension Cable

A tension cable will be suitable for any type of curtain like ring clipped or tab top. They will be perfect for hanging lightweight drapes and window hangings like sheer curtains as room dividers and for outdoor balconies. You can easily purchase them from the retail store or any hardware store. You’ll need ;

  • 2 Wire Clamps
  • 2 Wall Hooks and Harbors

Plastic Coated Wire Cable

Firstly screw the hooks to the wall on each side of the window opening. Then,  Add a 5 to 7-inch loop at the edges of the cable and tie them with the wire clamps. Thread wire with the help of tabs and pockets. Secure each end of the turnbuckles to the hooks and tension cable. Cut the additional wire and tighten the turnbuckles for seamless tension of curtains and drapes.

Furring Strips and Staples

Use wooden furring strips to hang stationary window hanging panels without rods. They are thin and long plywood that is primarily used in construction processes. You need to purchase the correct length of the furring strip.

You can paint it according to your wall paint to give these furrings a refined look. Nail the strips into the wall studs for a perfect installation of your curtains. In the end, staple your drape panel to the furring strips, making pleats while you pin.


The above-mentioned ways will help you hang your window curtains in your residential or commercial spaces without any rods or drilling process. You can be exceptional with your hanging styles of drapes by using any of them.

Also, make sure to make a perfect installation, and the dependent style should match your whole decorum as it plays a significant role in manifesting the look of your space. So be careful while thinking about how to hang curtains without a rod in an efficient way for a functional and inviting look in your space.

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