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How to Protect Carpet From Office Chair? | Effective Methods

How to Protect Carpet From Office Chair Effective Methods

Office chairs are one of the important pieces of furniture when we decorate our offices. They help us work with more comfort for a long time during the day. These chairs are flexible and provided with wheels, which make them mobile.

One can move from one place to another within one’s office space with this chair. If nothing goes wrong with these chairs, they work smoothly on the non-carpeted floor and save a lot of human effort in a workspace.

Why Protect Carpet From Office Chair? | Reasons

If you wish to make your office room more aesthetic and you decide to go for a Carpeted Floor, you will face a new problem now. Carpeted floors and office chairs are not good friends because the carpet stops the smooth movement of the chair around the floor.

Many times, the wheels of the chair get stuck and tug at the carpet when you try to glide it. This will damage the carpet, eventually. That is why you need to protect your carpet from the office chair.

This is the problem you need to solve, otherwise your carpet will wear and tear, making your workspace unattractive. There are a few tricks to prevent the carpet from being damaged by chairs. This blog is finally going to solve this problem.

Best Methods To Save Carpet From Office Chair| 3 Top Tricks

After effective research on this problem, I’m going to present the 3 best methods to avoid this damage. One of these methods will necessarily save your carpet from the enmity of the office chair. Have a look at these tricks:

  • Equip the chair with carpet-safe wheels
  • Install office chair mats
  • DIY “Invisible” Chair Mat

Above are the three best and easiest ways to protect the carpet from the chair. These methods will be discussed here, one after another.

Install Office Chair Mats

Installing an office chair mat is the most cost-effective and simple way to save your carpet tiles from the chair. They are large mats made from various kinds of hard materials, such as tempered glass, wood, or plastic.

These mats are placed between your office chair and the carpeted floor. They provide a chair with smooth movement when you drag it. Though it is an economical method, it has limitations.

Why To Avoid Using A Chair Mat? | Limitations

The chair mat decreases the aesthetic of the workspace. Moreover, it limits the movement of the office chair, which is actually not acceptable. That is, some people who like to move around more space avoid installing it.

Equip The Chair With Carpet-safe Wheels

If you don’t want to lose the aesthetic of your office space, or are looking for a better option, or are not willing to limit your movements, then replace the normal wheels with carpet-safe wheels.

Carpet-safe wheels are larger than compared to the normal wheels of the chair. This feature gives them better traction and permits them to roll over the carpet with more smoothness. These wheels will never get stuck on your carpet when you drag your chair. This method is actually better than installing a mat.

Why Are Carpet-Safe Wheels Better Than Chair Mats?

The chair mat damages the aesthetic of the workspace and limits the movement of the office chair to a narrow extent. On the other hand, carpet-safe doesn’t limit the movement and also enhances the beauty of the room. That’s why carpet-safe wheels are much better than chair mats and furthermore it does not buckle the carpet while dragging the chairs.

DIY “Invisible” Chair Mat

If you like to do DIY projects, it may be really wonderful for you. You can get an invisible chair mat for your office room. It may take some time, but the result will be great. You need the following things to make an invisible mat:

Equipment Required

  • Carpet offcut; it must same as that carpet you are already using.
  • Plywood
  • Saw (to cut plywood)
  • Cutter for carpet
  • Carpet gripper


  1. Cut the plywood into the desired size, and shape using the saw.
  2. Cut the carpet piece according to the plywood; the carpet piece should be a little bigger than the plywood to cover its edges.
  3. Whip the edges of the carpet to make it look better.
  4. Attach the carpet gripper to the plywood and make sure that all edges are covered.
  5. Place the carpet offcut on the plywood.
  6. Your invisible chair mat is ready to be used.

How Do You Prevent Problems From Occurring? | Precautions

It is always better to prevent problems from occurring than to solve them later. You should take some precautions to stop carpet damage caused by the office chair. Here we go.

  • If you are a humble host and guests visit you abundantly, place a thin rug at the entrance to trap dust from shoes. It will add value to prevent the problem from occurring.
  • Install special soft linings on the wheels. You can buy this element from any hardware store, or you can make it by yourself too.
  • You can also prevent this problem through proper wheel maintenance.
  • Avoid tugging when you move your chair.

Best Office Flooring Ideas


You have thoroughly studied this blog and have absorbed it, hopefully. If all you want is an inexpensive way to stop the destruction, a chair mat will suffice. If you are an aesthetic lover and you don’t wish to harm the beauty of your workspace, insert a carpet-safe wheel in your chair. You also have a third option, which is a bit harder, but you can do it if you are looking for a moderate method.

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