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Soundproof Curtains or Blinds: What Works Better?

Soundproof Curtains or Blinds

There are various types of window treatments, but blinds and curtains are the most preferable options suggested by almost every homeowner. We use both for various purposes like giving privacy, blocking the external light, helping to maintain temperature, etc.

You can also use both curtains with blinds for various purposes. There is also another major reason that can’t be addressed by many people is that blinds and curtains can also help to reduce the noise coming from outside.

If you also want to get rid of the annoying noise coming to your room either it was the noise of your neighbors, traffic, or any other source. Then you can easily solve this problem by getting soundproof blinds or curtains.

They will help you in reducing the noise coming from the outside world, and you can take a restful sleep. Both the curtains and blinds can provide this functionality. That’s why people get confused when they come to this point: which works better: soundproof curtains or blinds?

Today we brought this article to help you in making the right decision about the solution to this problem. In this article, we will discuss all the factors one by one regarding soundproof curtains VS blinds.

Why Do You Need Soundproof Curtains Or Blinds?

Why Do You Need Soundproof Curtains Or Blinds

There are a lot of reasons for installing soundproof curtains or blinds to cover your windows. A few major causes of using soundproof blinds and curtains are listed below:

  • If you are dealing with neighbors that make so much noise, then it is necessary to install soundproof curtains or blinds to block the noise coming from outside.
  • Your house might be near the road and the traffic noise irritates you all the time and you can’t even get a peaceful sleep at night. Then it would cause you to suffer from serious health problems for not sleeping well.
  • You might live in a house that is near a playground and people come to play games there. The noise coming from that playground will surely disturb you.
  • If you are living near a train track or an airport, then it will be hilarious to bear the sound of passing the train or flying or landing the airplanes.
  • The frequent loud noise that you have to hear all the time can create mental health issues for you.

There are a few reasons to install curtains or blinds in your room and protect yourself from various hearing and mental health issues.

Soundproof Curtains Vs Soundproof Blinds | Let’s Start The Battle

Soundproof Curtains Vs Soundproof Blinds

Soundproof curtains or blinds are made by adding several layers of thick/heavy material, which helps in reducing the noise coming from outside.

Both help in reducing noise pollution but, which one works better? You will get to know by reading the following difference between them:

Soundproof Blinds

Soundproof Curtains Vs Soundproof Blinds

When we talk about soundproof blinds, we really think that they can look and work as traditional blinds do. Yes, they can work like the traditional blinds, but in appearance, they look heavier and thicker than the normal blinds.

The soundproof blinds are designed by adding various layers of thick and solid material that can reduce the sound. But it is hard to develop functional blinds by using the STC-rated material that helps a lot in blocking the noise.

You can operate them as the normal blinds to open and close them by using a cord or string. The manufacturers build the blinds having large air gaps that can help noise vanish before it passes through the window blinds and comes to the room.

For example, the honeycomb and cellular shades have air pockets that can insulate heat. This insulation functionality can be applied as the sound absorption technique.

This technique can be achieved by using materials in the blinds that can help to insulate the room temperature. For example, the cellular blinds covered with polyester from each side can provide great insulation functionality.

It means it can create a large air gap and make the blinds soundproof, which can block the noise coming from outside.

Soundproof Curtains

Soundproof Curtains

The major difference between the curtains and blinds is that the curtains can easily be designed by using the STC-rated material that will block the sound completely. You can hang the soundproof curtains inside or outside the window as per your requirements.

Opening and closing the soundproof curtains requires a bit more effort than the normal curtains. The mechanism to open or close the curtains varies from model to model like you have to roll up and down some curtains by hand.

While the other can be slid from left to right by using the track system. You must get the curtains that can get on the track system rather than operating them by hand to pull them up or down.

The soundproof curtains are much heavier because they are loaded with mass vinyl, which is much thicker than other materials

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Ending Note

After discussing all the factors related to soundproof curtains or blinds. Now you want to know, which one would be the best choice for you? As we mentioned above, soundproof blinds are not typically made by STC-rated material. It means they are not truly blocking the 100% sound.

They can reduce any sound coming from outside, but don’t block it out completely. The soundproofing blinds are often used only when you are facing an echo issue in your home. Because the material from which the blinds are made can absorb that sound instead of blocking it. Soundproof curtains would be the best choice for you to solve this problem and want to block the noise completely.

These curtains are made with STC-rated material which guarantees to block the sound. This is all about the soundproof curtains or blinds. I hope you will come to know which one would be the best choice for you after discussing all the facts and figures. If you didn’t understand something or have any queries regarding this you can ask by posting a comment.

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