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Do Curtains and Blinds Go Together? Full Guide 2023

Do Curtains and Blinds Go Together

When it is a choice for window dressings, many people choose between curtains and window blinds. Many people want to know, do curtains and blinds go together. The answer is yes; combining both is likely possible as it creates a fantastic look for your places like apartments and office windows.

It is getting increasingly popular to use curtains and blinds together for your windows. Pairing two of them creates a statement approach to your window that looks unique and creative, But you should keep in mind the fabric and colors of curtains and blinds while installing them. As a perfect match, it beautifies the whole interior decorum.

Reasons to Use Curtains and Blinds Together

Do Curtains and Blinds Go Together

You can enhance the functionality and practicality of your place by curtains and blinds together. You can create depth to your room design with the layered look of blinds and curtains. Following are the reasons that you should use curtains and blinds together;

Temperature Regulation

Curtains with blind ideas amazingly regulate the temperature of your space. In winter, installing curtains and blinds together cuts down your heater bills. They prevent the escaping of heat and maintain the warmness of the room despite the lower temperatures outside.

In summer, the combination of blinds and curtains blocks the direct sunlight as it warms the inside temperature and makes the environment warm and hot. It allows you to block the sunlight and cool the room down without making the room dark completely. They provide insulation to your space and regulate temperature in harsh weather conditions, too.

Practical Yet Stylish

Having curtains with blinds adds a practical and stylish look to your place. They can create an elegant window appearance together. Blinds and curtains together also provide a suitable solution for cleaning and maintaining. Shades are easy to clean as they can often be wiped down, and curtains can be tied back using tiebacks to give an elegant and decorative frame around the window.

Blinds are practical as they block out the light to changing degrees and offer an efficient level of privacy. An eye-catching combination of curtains and blinds can be entirely shut down for total darkness and excellent insulation. The abundance of patterns, textures, and fabrics of blinds and curtains can completely transform the appearance of your home. High and finest quality fabric makes them durable and long-lasting for a long life span.

Do Curtains and Blinds Go Together

Complete Privacy

If you live in an industrial area or a busy place, passing people can look into your windows, disturbing your privacy. And it will be a big issue for you to maintain your privacy. You can sort out that issue by pairing curtains and blinds on your windows.

They ensure complete privacy without blocking your natural light, and they will be helpful in your bedrooms and living rooms. If you want to divide a part of your home for some office work and have privacy issues, you can install curtains and blinds together and make a private place for your work.

Blocking Out Light

Most people prefer sleeping in complete darkness. The idea of curtains and blinds together will help them to make a room completely dark and black out. This combination of curtains and blinds will block the daylight from coming in as the sun rises.

This will help you fall asleep with a relaxing touch of darkness. It depends upon the material that either curtains are blocking most of the light or letting most of the light incoming or blinds are providing insulation against daylight. You can block or allow light according to your preferences with blinds and curtains in your places.

Things to Consider While Combining Curtains with Blinds

Following are the points you should consider while matching curtains and blinds together so that they do not mismatch the decor of your place.

Choose the Right Style

Do Curtains and Blinds Go Together

It is wiser to select the style of your blinds before choosing the type and style of your curtains. You can select the following styles of your blinds.

Roller Blinds: Roller blinds come in various fabrics, with only a single piece of fabric that rolls down the window. They are a perfect style of blinds for your bathrooms and living rooms.

Roman Blinds: You can go with the choice of Roman blinds, as they come in large layers. This layered pattern gives an elegant look to your space.

Venetian Shades: These shades come in bold colors like black. They are usually horizontal shades that are made up of aluminum. This bold-colored style will beautify your space with utmost perfection.

Wooden Blinds: If you want an authentic old style and a chic look to your place, you can go with the wooden blinds. Faux wood styles give a natural look to your space.

Vertical Shades: Vertical shades with curtains will be perfect for windows of your bedrooms and living room that go up and down with featured slats.

You can match different types of curtains with these blinds, like pencil pleats and single-panel curtains. Eyelet, silk, and velvet curtains can also go well with pleated styles. This style of curtain enhances the dimensions of your rooms. So it depends on which blind you match with which type of certain for making an adorable sight for your space.

Mix and Match the Prints

You should avoid choosing blinds and curtains together with different prints and colors. Match the curtains and blind prints to give a similar sight when hung in a place. Use a solid or dark color blind with the light-colored printed curtain so that the dark color appears on the curtains. If you want more than one pattern of your blinds with curtain ideas, you can select different prints for different rooms of your space.

Adjust Width and Height

While combining curtains and blinds, you should consider the height and width of both blinds and curtains. You should better measure the widths and lengths of your window space and cut the blinds and curtains according to that height. Don’t cut much shorter and much larger clothes for their fabrics, as incorrect length disturbs the decorum of your space.

To make your room look bigger, raise the curtains and blinds to the same window height. This will make your smaller space look broader and more prominent. You can also elongate your windows by using floor-length curtains and blinds.


The question of do curtains and blinds go together is answered. Now, it’s up to you what style, color, and pattern of the blinds and curtains together you want to match your home theme. Be careful about all the discussed points while matching curtains and blinds together, as they make the whole look of your interior space.

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