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Blinds Or Curtains For Living Room? How To Choose

Blinds Or Curtains For Living Room

When you are going to choose a window treatment for decorating your living room. The first two solutions that come into your mind will be curtains and blinds because they are the most commonly used window treatments.

It becomes hard when you have to decide between selecting the best one from blinds and curtains. There are different factors involved in selecting the best window covering for your home.

If you have enough budget to afford anyone between blinds or curtains, then it would depend on which one would fulfill your needs and requirements completely. Choosing between the curtains or blinds in living room depends on your needs, budget, desired style, cleaning habits, functionality, etc.

Many people are confused about deciding which window treatment would be the best for you. That’s why we brought this article to help you in making the right decision. In this article, we will give you the best comparison between blinds and curtains.

Blinds VS Curtains | Let’s Start The Battle

Blinds VS Curtains

We are going to compare the functionalities, purposes, and other factors of using blinds or curtains for living room. So, that you can make a correct decision while choosing one of them for your living room. Let’s look at blinds VS curtains from all perspectives:

Design Choices

Design Choice of Curtains or Blinds For Living Room

The curtains offer a wide range of designs and styles as compared to blinds. They help you give an aesthetic and luxurious look to your room’s interior. They are also less expensive and can be changed by the new ones easily when you want.

Curtains also give great textures with so many interesting colors you can easily match with the walls and furniture of your home. Curtains also help to block out the external light and can reduce the noise coming from outside.

They also come in different sizes, design patterns, and styles that can allow you to apply amazing decoration ideas by using them. You can create outstanding décor for your kitchen & living room by choosing sheer fabric curtains.

When you purchase blinds, it might be the permanent solution for your windows and expensive too. Blinds also come in limited choices of designs and decoration options. Apart from this, blinds help you keep your room clean and give a modern look to the interior of your home. Blinds also add a decent element of charm to any room.

Like installing blinds in a small kitchen window where a lot of natural light filters through the open slats of blinds will create an amazing look. They also help you a lot by blocking out the light and providing more privacy.

Size & Variety

Size & Variety of Curtains or Blinds for living room

Curtains come in different sizes. Whenever you are going to purchase the curtains, you can get them in the standard sizes like 63, 84, 95, 108, and 120 inches. Take the exact measurements of the curtains that can cover the windows perfectly.

You can also customize the curtains according to your needs. You can get the fabric and get it sewed as per the size you require for the windows. You can also order them online by giving the extract requirements for your customized curtains.

Curtain sizes also differ in size from the perspectives of how many pleats are built when the curtains are open or closed. Curtains are also available in different varieties of materials like silk, woven, sheer, and much more.

Blinds can be available in all the sizes you want to get. Vertical and Venetian are the most common types of blinds that are used by most people. Blinds also come in different varieties with different functionalities.

Single-functioning blinds can be controlled wirelessly via remote control for performing the functionality of opening and closing the blinds. You can control other blinds by using the cord or strings and can also get customized blinds as per your requirements by placing an online order. You just have to take the exact measurement of your window frame.

Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison of Blinds or Curtains for living room

It is difficult to give the exact estimated cost comparison between the blinds and curtains because their price varied based on selected material, size, and the number of pieces you required for your home.

For example, a single panel curtain’s cost can vary from $17 to $180, and the single window blind can be available in the range from $14 to $186. You can analyze which type of window treatment you required and what it will cost to get it.

Installation Process

Installation Process of Curtains Or Blinds for living room

The curtains installation requires rods which you can pull into the curtains to hang them. You can hang the curtains by mounting the rods with the brackets by using the screws on the top of your window. You can easily change the curtains according to the weather and decoration demands.

Before installing the blinds, mark the place where you want to mount the blinds. Install the brackets above your Window Sill and then mount the top rail of the blinds and attach it to the brackets. Then you have to cover the rail with a casing for giving a neat look and secure the blinds from falling down.


Maintenance of Blindsor Curtains for living room

There is the only inconvenience you can face whenever you want to clean the curtains. Take off the panels from the rod to wash them otherwise curtains require little effort for maintenance. The maintenance of blinds can vary from which type of blind you are using. The cleaning process of blinds might take an extra effort and time as compared to the curtains.

If you have the blinds with the individual slats, then wiping each slat one by one might be a tedious task for you. But if you have single panel shades, you can easily clean them by using a vacuum cleaner or a dust rag.

Controlling Light

Controlling Light of Curtains or Blinds for living room

Curtains provide less control over the light coming from outside than the blinds. For recovering this flaw, you can lay the curtains with the sheer fabric with the dark and heavier material. This will make you block or allow the sunlight to come into your room.

Blinds provide superb control over blocking out the external light easily. You can tilt the slats by pulling them up or down to open or close them to block or allow the sunlight to come into the room.

Some blinds can’t block the light completely and light can come from the cracks in the slats, but you can also tackle that situation by getting the blackout blinds that block the 100% light coming from outside and give you a restful sleep.


Insulation of Blinds or Curtains for living room

Curtains can be the best choice for providing great insulating functionality. They help you reduce or increase the temperature of the room. You can close the curtains during the hot day of summer to keep your room cold.

In winter, you can open up the curtains to allow the sunlight to come into your room and help in raising the room temperature and save you from the cold weather. They also help you reduce the electricity bills because you don’t need to run the air conditioner or the heater 24/7.

Blinds also provide insulation, but the open slats can let the heat out and cold in during winter. You can get blackout blinds if you want to save the heating or cooling electricity bills.

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Vertical Blinds: The Best Window Treatment


This is all about the blinds vs. curtains, now you can easily decide about which type of window treatment would be best for your home. You can also use both blinds and curtains for the living room together to get more benefits. I hope this guide will be helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this, you can ask by posting a comment.

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